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D Mar 30, 2019 Review updated:

I chose the nearest retailer for a cutoff switch on the 16th of march, and expected the switch in about 2 or 3 days. Today is the 30 of march and still no switch. If I knew I was buying it from Singapore we would not be having this conversation. They don't want to understand English when it comes to refunds, they play stupid, which I now attach to anyone being Chinese. Crooks, plain and simple


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      May 05, 2019

    I too have had a problem with TomTop. I purchased a JJRC blue crab drone from them and it doesn't fly properly. This was not my first drone and I checked all the obvious points, motor rotation, wifi connection, thorough reviews of the instructions. When I requested a replacement or refund, they asked for photos of certain items from the packaging and a video of what was occurring with the quad. I no longer had the packaging, so I sent them a video of what happens when trying to fly the quad. Upon pushing the takeoff icon, it went straight up (with no throttle control) until it hit the ceiling and then crept along the ceiling until it hit a wall and then fell to the floor. I explained this to TomTop and they wanted another video showing the problem which was totally unnecessary and was their attempt to make me jump through hoops to receive a solution. If I didn't send them a second video, they couldn't resolve the issue...BS. I'll not buy from TomTop again.

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