Tomtop GroupI am complaining about the time its taking for my product to arrive


I bought a Retro console
It was meant to arrive 2 days ago, the 28/11/2017 and still haven't got it l. I checked with the tracking number and it says that my order is still processing and I don't know what to do, I didn't receive any emails or anything . Also, the website doesn't provide any contact emails or numbers. If someone knows how to help my email is


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    Shisco Dec 02, 2017

    I have also ordered goods from Tomtop - Xiaomi electric scooter, to be precise. I made the order on 9th November and today is 2nd December and tracking still says "Order processed - ready for UPS" and hasn't changed since then!
    I opened a dispute on Paypal and Tomtop reacted by sending a second tracking number, along with some of their stupid useless points as a supposed apology, while the second number has also been sitting on "Order processed - ready for UPS".
    By this day, that [censor] scooter should have long been here in the Netherlands, and not in Tomtop's warehouse gods know where, UPS not even picking it up yet.
    Paypal has a deadline of 16th December until I can escalate the dispute, and if the tracking message doesn't change until then, I'll have a refund.

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