Tomtop Groupdelivery


I have ordered Zhiyun Smooth Q smart phone gimbal two months before. I haven't got the product yet. The worst part is tomtop customer service. I can understand every thing, I have been waiting since two months. When ever i ask for support the customer support say " the shipment is sometimes like that please understand and wait". But the tracking link shows its in warehouse(or something like that) since Sep 13. I requested the support to enquire about this. They are asking me to go and ask in local post. WTF ?? Okay i gave my patience, i requested to send another package, but the customer care is saying " if the package return to tomtop they will refund me". WTF tomtop ?? There may be people who get the package in time, but few of them who doesnt get what they order and stupidly waiting all the time try to understand how much frustration it will be. If this review doesnt make sense to you, and if your are not going to send me another pacakage with in few days, I am going complain here and let every one know in my company which I am working and near by universities. Please dont ask me to wait any more patiently, its been already 2 months !!!

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