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A Aug 16, 2018

Costumer Service does not reply and my time is 2 months late.

A real nightmare. This is the worst experience I ever had buying online.
I bought a phone and despite it was supposed to arrive within 2 weeks, it took over 2 months to arrive to my country, and is now waiting in the customs for more docments. I don't know if I will ever receive it.
After 1 month I wrote to the costumer service and nobody replied. Just after several days, when I wrote a bad review for my situation, someone replied.
When the item arrived and was stopped at the customs I wrote again, and again none replied. It has been already a week and I have very limited time to send all the documents.
In the 2 months I was (and am) waitnig for the phone, I had borrowed a friend's phone thinking it would take a short time, as written in the website. In 2 months I had the time for damaging his phone, having to buy him a new one. My phone is now at the customs: it was inspected and now I have to send to the customs all sort of documents, including commerical invoice from the sender that TomTop should now provide me, but I am very scared of the possibility of Tomtop not replying again and my phone lost forever, I might even be hold responsible to pay for the customs anyway.
All in all, this all operation costed me over 200€ more than just buying the phone in a normal shop. Plus, costimer service doesn't reply and doesn't assist.
What else can be said? This is a nightmare that I don't wish to anyone. I am writing this review because I hope to save other people from the same situation. Please be careful, Tomtop is fine if everything goes fine, but as soon as there is a problema, they don't care and it is your problem. For the same price or a little more, choose a more reliable company. I will never ever buy anything again from them.

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