Tommy Hilfigerwatch

R Aug 01, 2018

Good day!

I am writing you this email to complain about the watch I bought from your store and have it repaired for thee (3) times already.

The first issue I have encountered with the watch is that the date does not work properly and let your staff fixed it but when it was returned to me, another issue happened, the minute hand was improperly placed that caused the malfunction of the watch. Today, I came to your store to collect the fixed item but found out the Hour Hand Alinment was still improperly placed.

Please note that this watch is only Three Months since I bought and still under warranty. If you cannot solved the issue, I am requesting you to replace it with the new one since it is a factory defect.

Tommy hilfiger
ROF No. 05546RF00411

looking forward for your response.

thank you.

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