TJX / T.J. Maxxrude cashier

Y Oct 13, 2019

I shopped here on Sunday Oct 13th at 12:30pm. I Had cashier # 3 named Kiera. Apparently I didn't hear her offer me a bag so when I asked for a bag she became upset and said " that's what I asked you! I responded saying " I didn't hear you. I gave her a quarter for my bag and she proceeded to throw my change on the counter and a coin bounced and fell in a hole. When I pointed out that a coin fell in the hole she was again rude and said " that's why I gave you another one!" Why is this rudeness to customers allowed? I can tell from her demeanor that this is just how she treats all customers. There was no greeting when I walked to her register, not even a smile. What happened to customer service here? Perhaps she would do better without a customer contact role.

TJX / T.J. Maxx

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