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Timeshares-by-Ownerfalse advertisement

My husband and I were contacted by Timeshares-by-Owner [protected]) asking us if want to rent our point out and promising $3, 100.00 for 1, 500 point (total for $9, 300), but I would have to pay them 1, 999.00. It sounds like a sweet deal at first, but we told the guy (David) to call us next day to discuss the details. When we had a conversation the next day he stated that he will rent our points within a week and we get a check in the mail. I am working in acquisition/contracting field, so I told him that I would like to see a contract first. He pushed the credit card info to be given first. I give him my credit card info stating that I will dispute any charge that was not authorized by me and I am not authorizing any charges until I see the contract and then sign it. When I read all fine prints of the contract I realized what was stated to us over the phone and what was actually written in the contract are two different things, so I stated to the secretary who want to go over the contract with me (and I had to tell her "no, I will read it on my own, I don't need an assistance on that matter"). I was contacted by David again and he started to tell me that I had to trust him over what is written in the contract. Then, I directly asked him why would I want to do so when I have no idea whom you really are and now that I see that you are dishonest and, moreover, when I went on your company' site, time share do not rent for that amount of money. He hanged up the phone. People PLEASE READ the CONTRACT!!! Take your time and read it slowly, so you can understand what is stated there. Do not listed what they tell you over the phone! Please READ!

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