Tiger Brandsingram's tissue oil / cream

T Dec 23, 2019

I called tiger brands on or about the 4 december regarding the damn mould in the product. I can understand that fro time to time things go wrong, but the most upsetting and distressing part is your customer service feed back.
I receive a wifi whatever code to give to the shop for a miserable damn 50 bucks. What do you think 50 rand is going to buy. I bought a big container which I couldnt use because of the mould or fungus or rot and now you treat to shut my mouth with this miserable gesture. The shops charge between r65 and r69 for a tub. And up to r72 at some stores. Keep your voucher... It is an insult to me and my family who use both the tissue oil/cream as well as the camphor product. No more keep your bad mouldy fungus permeated product>
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