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I Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

The ups store # 22. Lost my package, they don't want even want to talk to me. Any way they can check the video camera to realize I did send the package, I have the feeling they are doing something with the packages. Look their reviews? This white, black long hair took my package. When I went to ask for probe of the package being scanned, she was rude, and defensive. She was screaming at me in front of clients, when I asked to please be polite because I am the client who is loosing money, she even told me 'she doesnt believe in customer service'
I need someone to please contact me asap


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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    many are franchises
    as for your package you will need to file a claim with ups on that
    I would file a complaint with the better business bureau

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