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Well, the title speaks for itself. I actually went through the same thing with JT, and unbeknownst to me, they connived me into their business. Now, their website... wow... whoever created that is at least an awesome web designer. Very misleading though. I studied advertising/communications at Florida State University. It was actually my major...and my first clue that this agency was bogus should have been the fact that nobody there, count it-NOBODY, not even the OWNER, had ever studied advertising or marketing in all it's form. I didn't even see any books in any body's office.

Also, Jared told me there would be no sales involved, and that he himself had no experience in sales. Ok, first of all, advertising is sales, especially if you're a door to door/business to business SALES company SELLING pamphlets and packets that your CLIENTS don't even HIRE you to do. They use big name corporations to reel you into thinking that they are a high profile ad agency. Maybe they need to look up the definition of advertising, and perhaps then study it for a few years.

Most of these people are so brainwashed they don't even realize what they are doing. The girl who took me training, drove me all the way to Fort Lauderdale, and only 'sold' one Disney pamphlet to a poor and gullible worker at target. In addition, we drove to a mall located in a mostly black and his panic area. This is because the girl training me said that they would be more impulse buyers, and they are 'our' best target for selling these stupid things. Basically, we had gone to a few business prior to that, owned and operated by mostly 'white' people, where we had no luck. She explained to me that this is 'because white people know better.' ?

While at the mall, which clearly had a sign that said 'NO SOLICITING', one of the business owners told us to be careful of security, as we could get arrested for soliciting there. I expressed concern to my trainer, as she then replied, 'oh those things never happen. it's just security, they can't arrest us anyway.'

She also approached a business owner and said 'Don't worry, I'm not Jehovah's Witness or anything, I'm not trying to sell you my religion', while the business owner then replied, 'well what if I was? That would be offensive. I'm not interested in anything you have to sell.' I should have known that when I looked up advertising/marketing careers on career, and saw at least 50 openings for 'entry-level, fresh out of college!' positions, under many different pseudonyms, for the SAME COMPANY, that this was a scam.

Poor people...most of them working there haven't gone to college, or are starting to attend, with the possibility of dropping out before they finish because they've found this 'great' opportunity! Beware... they will sell their company until you say yes. And they're not good at sales... neither is the owner... remember? I am more qualified than to have a job that is commission only, and I'm sure you are too... because... yeah, you don't get on salary until AT LEAST 7 months later... that's if you've 'sold' enough 'promotional packets' to consumers. They don't even give you a license to sell these things, just a little home-made badge that says 'JT Advertising.'

At one point, we went into a car sales office, where the owner asked to see our license, and instead my trainer pulled out her 'badge' to which the owner replied, 'I could make that at my computer in my office on Microsoft Works.' They don't even give you business cards! I mean HELLO, if you're going to ACT professional, at least do a better job.

SO, yeah... beware... and don't judge a company by it's website. And if you're in this business, get out while you can. They pay you commission, in cash, under the table, and if you ever plan on having a retirement someday, and you continue working for this company, you can kiss your retirement goodbye because they don't even give you any tax forms to fill out once you accept this job.

They also make you take your own car around to these different neighborhoods selling these stupid things... they say they give you gas money, but yeah right. JT promised me lunch during my training, which I never got, for other miscellaneous problems I had with the company, which is a whole other story.

When I began my quest to JT Advertising, I basically went for an interview at his office where I had applied to on career builder, they called me in, and I ended up interviewing for another promo little dumb office inside of JT Advertising, went on a day of observation with that company, thinking it was JT's all along, found out it wasn't JT's company when a consumer asked for their business card and/or name of the company, to which my trainer replied 'exclusive promotions', asked my trainer to take me back, which she refused, and then when I came back to the office they dropped me off at my car and said I would hear from their boss the next morning on whether I got the job or not.

The next day I called JT and told him that they had not only interviewed me for the wrong company, but for the wrong position also. He informed me that he was sorry and that his company did other business than the one I observed. *cough* yeah right! *cough* He didn't even really explain to me how the mix up happened, I think they just try and recruit people, no matter what subdivisions are inside JT Advertising's office.

I could go on and on... but it's a waste of time. Good luck to those who actually think this is going to get them the business of their dreams. Somebody needs to call the Better Business Bureau on them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 30, 2017 5:30 pm EST
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I worked in a branch in Orlando now known as "Amp Exposure, Inc." owned by Greyson Fesperman. It's such a scam. They did retail sales, not D2D, but otherwise it was the same. There needs to be more regulation to stop companies like this from preying on vulnerable people.

Oct 26, 2016 12:21 am EDT

I know of 5 of my friends that were in smart Circle and they all made manager and got their own office. One of them is in Orlando FL. He is making over half a million a year only after his second year in business. So, before you judge a company for you not getting your shot. Maybe stay in it long enough to find out. It only takes 6-12 months to get your own office, unless you just suck. I've been in it for 5 1/2 months and already received a $10, 000 check from my promoting manager and selected a city and will be moving in the middle of November. So, now you all know someone who has made it in this business.

Jan 06, 2016 2:24 pm EST

I would tell anyone who is even thinking about working for this company...DO NOT DO IT! It is a scam. This is how it are to make 5 install deals a week. You make $115.00 per deal ($575.00). You will be paid $9.00 hourly as long as you are making deals ($360.00). So, if you add those two amounts together, you get $935.00 for the week, BUT, here's the BIG but, your owner will take $440.00 out of your check. Do the math... $935.00-440.00=$495 AND then there are taxes. Wow, what a paycheck! If you were like me and made 6-8 deals a week to make High Roller list, then my owner would reschedule install dates so that I never made actually made High Roller so he didn't have to pay me. On top of that, if you worked three days and rolled "zeros" meaning not making a deal, he would suspend you from work. Now, that is really a great way to run a business. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW MUCH OF A SCAM THIS JOB WAS! DON'T FALL PREY TO IT.

Mar 29, 2015 6:05 pm EDT

McCollum unfortunately I don't believe a word from you! Your not there!

Mar 29, 2015 6:02 pm EDT

All of what's being said is true. I worked for Robert Brown Dynasty Group Hamilton NJ. The work hours are very long and there's no sympathy towards your feelings, they rather dog you about having a weak mentality, they tell you that your officially in a break build business. Now these people didn't get this from companies such P&G, no they made up everything they say to deceive manipulate and program to keep making managers money! Conference calls are the worst, meetings are juvenile designed to keep weak brains plugged in!

Nov 17, 2014 7:03 pm EST

If you go to [redacted] and search for DEVILCORP, you will find a plethora of links to articles, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people operate. No bs, just facts.

Oct 03, 2014 3:21 pm EDT

hahahaha I used to work with the smart circle and it was awesome. I quit cause the hours was too long for me but I've built 3 businesses from the things I've learned from them and had a great owner. Thanks to them my businesses generate an average of over $450, 000 per year by using the 5 steps, territorial management, and impulse factors. I made it to Assistant Manager in Nashville TN before I decided to start my businesses and when you get to that point you make $1000 per week salary. I seen a lot of people come and go but it wasn't the company's fault it was their own for not buying in to the system and following directions. If you haven't figured life out yet then let me give you some valuable knowledge. People are only as successful as they want to be. As far as a college degree laughable how many people graduate after 4 years of BS only to job hunt for 6+ months and then pay off student loans for another 15 years. Most of these people just don't have to will to succeed past mediocrity therefore they find themselves at best at the bottom of middle class America. Oh and this is coming from a guy with a Business Degree.

Jun 20, 2014 11:30 pm EDT

My problem with Smart Circle is from another side of the business. I work for The Home Depot. HD pays Smart Circle Reps to generate kitchen cabinet re-facing leads, about $40 each lead. 99% of the leads are very unqualified and a waste of the HD field reps time. Any qualifying beyond having a kitchen is wishful thinking. And when pressure is put on these SC reps, the quality of the leads get worse. It's a waste of marketing dollars to the store. As many consumers cancel before the set appointment others have forgotten about the appointment as they had no interest in the first place and others state they told the SC Rep they did not want a HD rep to come out.

Nov 12, 2013 8:49 pm EST

I worked for a SmartCircle subsidiary called Concept Group, Inc. in Omaha, NE. This was a horrible experience. I was told I would make 900-1000 dollars bi weekly on average. After 3 weeks I received a check for $238 with $16 reimbursed for gas. On my second check I got $550 with $98 dollars for gas after driving 115 miles daily for over ten days to Sams Clubs. On top of it all they illegally tax the gas reimbursement. Also, I might add these checks were for these small amounts after I had multiple days with sales of $800-$1200. When I confronted the owner, Haley Thomas, she at first refused to even meet with me and said I could get my check from the receptionist and resign via email. Pretty shady huh. Also, I found it hilarious that when I said I had alot I wanted to discuss she asked me what so she can prepare for the meeting? Prepare with what more ### lies? Also, waking up on Saturday to drive across major cities at 8 am to listen to ppl ### each other on conference calls and play scattegories for an hour is absurd. Not only that you work Sunday also, so forget church and football. Also, be prepared to miss college ball on Saturdays. found it odd to everyone in the office was having a major problem with their car too. Not to mention the tottlly ###ed morning brainwashing sessions you must attend. What a ### place to work. I am going to file a report with the Omaha BBB and possibly a police report if I am not compensated for what is owed. Also, if anyone looks at the phony websites for like Clingsweep and Sevan you will see you cannot even buy off their website. They use these websites to post price quotes so they can say 80% off and ### like that in stores. Not to mention the products suck. They work good for like a weekthen break or quit working at all. Now I will say that some things were positive such as setting goals and keeping a positive attitude, but once you start losing money working here that positive attitude disappears fast.

Mar 26, 2012 10:35 am EDT

dp1022, the fact that you lack a grasp of basic grammar and spelling leads me to seriously doubt you passed the boards and got into medical school. I would not trust any doctor that doesn't know the difference between then and than. I suspect that this is a post put up by an entry level Smart Circle employee as a push to discredit the detractors. This is indeed a horrible PR tactic and shows that the company does indeed lack proper marketing skills. Keep lauding the fact that you don't need an education, that's a good technique for goading the less intelligent into doing your bidding. That's the sort of mind control tactic that has been used by cults for years. I've been interviewed by one of the Smart Circle offshoots. Their office had a piece of paper with their name on it. Presentation is key in marketing, a piece of paper taped to the door screams "Amateur!" If you're going to be a shady company, at least have the decency to pay attention to detail and be good at being a shady company.

Mar 25, 2012 5:42 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I've never done sales before, but let me tell you I made $1300 my first week alone. There's already talk of sending me to a leaders convention. I wasn't even making 1000 every 2 weeks in my last job. So what if I don't have a college degree. Entrepreneurs are actually the ones that hire most of the fresh of college graduates who can't find jobs in their long invested education.

Mar 15, 2012 12:24 pm EDT

You people have no clue what Smart Circle is about!, If you are not a owner inside of Smart Circle obviously you dont know how the company works. Smart Circle is a absolutely an amazing job to get into, but HONESTLY ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Smart Circle is focused on promoting and is sales driven and the owners and emploees within Smart Circle are payed alot more money then more people then College degree jobs. they make thousands and thousands of dollars a month Having a college degree doesnt make you not lazy, just because someone is good at promoting a product such as DIRECT TV, doesnt mean their lazy these guys and girls work 49 hours on there feet everyweek. I am a med school student and i can say they still work harder then me. Just because maybe some of you think its a scam or a joke, doesnt mean it is, why dont you actually LEARN YOUR FACTS ! BY THE WAY IT IS A REAL COMPANY, just like how microsoft or redbull are, Smart just has more dominance with advertizing then almost any other company .

Sep 20, 2011 8:32 pm EDT
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Wow, how super intelligent if you to return down a potential job offer in the countries biggest depression in generations. And kudos for judging something you didn't even take the things to investigate. You should be very proud. Just do us all a favor and don't procreate.

Sep 20, 2011 6:01 pm EDT

I just had a phone interview with Caliber Marketing Group. Seemed very suspicious. Like a robot reading off of a script. I asked of their locations, and they said the parent company is the smart circle. I looked up smart circle, and?...i'm proud of myself for turning them down halfway through.

Add "Caliber Marketing Group" to the list of scammers under the smart circle.

Sep 08, 2011 12:08 am EDT

Be aware, ask hard questions during interviews. This is Door to Door, Cold Calling sales. AKA "Soliciting".
This is a division of Smart Circle International, which also oversees Direct TV Sales, Windshield Repair, etc.
You will find some cool folks who are impulsive and who have money to spend, but honestly you need to see around 150-250 people per day to rake in $50 to $150 daily.

Lots of negatives are part and parcel to the position. Be prepared to get tossed out of corporate buildings by security, be told over and over that employees are not allowed to purchase while on the job, be told to come around on payday, etc. Let's not forget hiking along a hot and dusty (or maybe rain soaked and muddy) access road for hours trying to find those sales. If you are a real people person and can deal with the negatives, this might be a job for you. You will learn a lot about personal interaction, direct sales, and what your own strengths and weaknesses are. I saw lots of promotions into "leadership" fizzle and saw nobody open their own office in the 10 months I slogged away at this program. In fact I witnessed a dismaying amount of turnover weekly.

The initial interview is vague (just like the job listing on Craigslist or Monster), and the second interview requires you the spend and entire day in the field with a rep to see if you have the right pace and attitude.
Oh, BTW your day starts at 7:30am and you get back to the office around 6:00, so maybe out the door by & 7 pm. You spend the first two hours training new recruits and practicing the pitches (not being paid mind you!), followed by pep rally speech before hitting the field. Very Jonestown Kool Aid feeling overall! You will work Business to Business Monday through Friday, and be expected to sell door to door Residential every Saturday (to be fair you do get to come in a bit later on Saturday morning...9:00!)

This is a multi level marketing operation w/ the goal for you to eventually build a team and open an office with sponsorship from your owner/manger. Then you will be expected to do the same, just save up a few grand to sponsor the next person and hopefully make residual income.Essentially you are not an employee, but and independent contractor and all the certificates/coupons you try and market are taken out on consignment. Great if you can average on or two pieces per hour, but what you get per unit depends on the costs. Sell a $40.00 Spurs package you'll net $10.00, but sell a $10.00 Papa John's package, you'll get only $4.00 per unit. To be fair, reps get the biggest percentage of the pie. The rest goes to Smart Circle, the Client, and the office you work with. You can write off expenses like vehicle mileage, meals, travel but that may not help with immediate cash flow. You pay for everything yourself in the field, but you do get to take home cash at the end of the day. Just beware declined credit cards or bad checks or you will swallow the cost of the product. Likewise if you lose a piece or if it gets stolen. My advice if you are going to try this: have some financial backup...parental, spousal or just plain hustling whatever...before you embark on this journey'

Now these certificates are legitimate, but include certain terms and conditions which you are obligated to disclose.
The problem is that this company has a very high turnover rate (I must have seen almost 100 people come and go, only 4 long term people stand out ( actually cool folks) and lots of people gloss over these terms just to make a buck which burns customers and makes it all the much harder to sell anything on the next visit. you own a vehicle, beware! You will become a glorified taxi driver expected to shuttle others out to the field and back. If you are lucky those folks will make some money and chip in for vehicle expenses. I worked for several months and continually got screwed gas and the manager kept assigning people I had absolutely no desire to work with into my car daily.

To further make matters more difficult you will be competing against growth in social networking marketing. The Smart Circle coupons can be bought online via their website. Also Smart Circle now has Twitter and Facebook presence (printed on the certificates you sell) which cuts out the sales reps in the long haul, so I guess the company goal is to play catch up with or Living That's where the best deals exist nowadays!

Sep 06, 2011 9:27 pm EDT

You know, I actually like my job. I work for SmartCircle as a DireTV rep and I can tell you that my job is awesome. I get to talk with people, crack jokes with them, and I get recognized for my hard work. I get paid well every week, which certainly beats working at Little Caesar's, which was my previous job. I'm in college, actually, and being able to make $300-$700 a week isn't so bad. It pays the bills and allows me to do some really neat things with my girlfriend. I don't stand in front of a store, trying to badger people, I actually am in the store, just having a good time with the employees and the customers. I understand that not all branches/employees are honest which is a shame because it makes the rest of the legitimate offices look bad. I can assure you that I'm not brainwashed and I'm actually going to be promoted to ownership really soon. My boss nurtures our office and really cracks down on anyone who dares to lie to customers. If a customer is not happy, he'll do all he can to help fix the relationship with them, and will even comp for something if they were promised it. I'm upfront with my customers and they rave about me. Its not just me though, I know there are a lot of other people who do well in this company and many people are satisfied with us, yet there is no website to report something good because, let's be honest, really the only time someone talks about a company is if they had a bad experience. I know I will be called "brainwashed", but it's all good. I wouldn't care when I'm making a healthy salary, where I am able to afford all of my own benefits and still have a ton of money to do what I love.

Also, congratulations to working in a corporate job. I think that's great that you have a job in this tough economy, but please don't give a company that is legitimate a bad name, let alone my work, because I am proud of what I do and how I help customers save money.

Aug 10, 2011 6:00 pm EDT

SmartCircle... a love-hate relationship.
Do they have some of the best deals out there? YES.
Do they treat the people working for them in the entry level position the best? No...
But then again I am sure that is different depending on what office you are working for too. Some are just more legit and established than others.
I worked for SmartCircle in Sacramento for a month and some days. And my experience was, well, both good and bad.
I went through the very shade interview process and knew that I did not really want to do it, but I did not have a job and thought "why not give it a month? Better than nothing." So off I went.
My first days were interesting. I had a great trainer and was actually paid for my training days. As I was off on my own I made $350+ my first week and found the hard work I was putting in to pay off. However as my third week rolls around I was put on lousy campaigns in areas we already had been to... last week! I started to get fed up with everything and decided to only come in part-time. So I had time to look for other jobs. A week later the office closed.
The good? Well, you can technically make as much as you want. You learn how to deal with all kinds of people and the deals are great. Lots of people are excited when you come to offer the good deals. And they thank you for it. You are not restricted by an 8-5 job. Really you could go anywhere and work as many hours as you want a day, it's not like anyone is really telling you what to do.
The bad? It is shady. Really shady. Some of the people I worked with did not get their training money so they quit. During the month I was there the office went through 10+ people. If people are not accepted in to the company during the second interview they are told lies, because no one will ever call them back. And the first interview is a lie to because you do not learn ANYTHING about the job. The manager keeps you in the office by promising promotions, drawings etc. that will never happen.

I advanced to account manager really quick. But I then realized that it would take time to advance to management because everyone that starts quits within a couple of days. And now after a month I really do not want to be a manager of a SmartCircle office anyway. It is too far away from my idea of saving the world.

Did my first month pay for my bills and rent? Yup, sure did.
Was it better than to sit at home hoping for a job? Yup.
Did I learn something? Yes. I learned how to talk to everyone. How to approach people. My interpersonal communication skills were elevated and I found a lot of places I wouldn't have seen before where I now can apply.
And I got to take advantage of some great deals!

All in all I am happy I did it. It has made me stronger as a person. I have pushed my limits and I have some experience to put on my resume other than my very fancy Masters degree.
To the people that complain, it can be bad but there is something to be learned and it's better than to sit at home wasting away. And, if you actually read the deals, it will tell you all the restrictions just as with anything else.
To the people that praise, you might be brainwashed or might see the great opportunities for management. Good for you.

I just wish that the managers would be more upfront, take responsibility to pay training money and treat everyone working there with respect.

Jul 28, 2011 2:01 am EDT

I went on an interview for a company called Maven Marketing Group today. I had done some internet research on the company prior to my interview when I realized how useless and basic their website was. I found other companies with the exact same website but with different company names (they even used the same font style for the logo, which I thought was pretty bad). So at the interview I inquired what the "national" company they were associated with was and I was told Smart circle. I'm glad I read this article . It only confirmed my impressions and first thoughts about this business. I'm definitely staying away from them.

Jul 21, 2011 8:32 pm EDT

The horrible thing is though most people dont know they are working as a subsidary for smart circle becasue of how well the little branch does to cover it all up.

I got offered a job yesterday to start monday. they wanted me to start asap i couldnt tell why they were in such a hurry to get me in and trained they wouldnt even let me have two weeks to put in a notice. I guess because maybe they knew i wasnt a dummy and i figured out in one morning of research thats all i have been doing today is looking up about this company how big of a sham it really is.

I feel so bad for the people who get suckered into it because i almost quit my job and everything for it. the all day interview yesterday was not fun at all. Ne way I really hope people read this and it helps

Jul 14, 2011 9:38 pm EDT

I worked for a Smart Circle subsidiary (E. Michaels Marketing) out of Birmingham, AL for about 6 weeks in early 2010. The whole thing is a fishy situation, and my trusting nature screwed me over on this one. While I do feel the owner is a good person, and she never outright lied to me, she was still a bit shady. Worse, however, were the managers who worked under her. They wouldn't hesitate to lie to you, belittle you, or start an argument if you had a different opinion than them.

I was lucky to meet one of the best friends I have in Alabama while working there though. He worked for them even longer than I did, even temporarily moving out of state to help set up a new office. I wasn't surprised when I got his text a few weeks later saying "I just quit. Call me."

To anyone who is thinking about working for Smart Circle of any of their subsidiary offices, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!

Jul 13, 2011 5:41 pm EDT

The company may not be a scam but is without a doubt a pyramid scheme. They tell you that you beat out this person and that person to get the job. We have "management DNA" was also a popular line that i heard while i was doing it. We sold certs, or commonly known as coupon books business to business for 72 hrs a week to make literally 2-5 dollars off of each card. You pay for your own gas, and if you are lucky to make 300 a week take out food and gas expenses...72 hrs a week for 200? No thanks. Second to that they send you on "road trips" to other expanding offices where you move from a different hotel each night and basically just solicit in different areas of the country and they call them "business trips". The expanding owner i was working for dropped out of h.s and failed out of community school. No knock intended to those who didn't finish school but come on your "owning" your own business with zero background on any matter? I will admit i fell victim to this...23 years old out of college looking for a job that they hype up to you...they sell you on the business and play law of averages with you just as they do with everything else. Its a joke. Don t get sucked in...Hi Fidelity in New Jersey is ###! Trying to tell me that in 3 months of selling coupons you run your own business? Don t be foolish. Hope this helps.

Jul 13, 2011 8:46 am EDT


Jul 13, 2011 12:54 am EDT

Ok, you may have had issues with JT advertising, but there is no need to take down smart circle in the process. I currently work with one of the top producers in the country and started a month ago, they don't make me pay any start up fees, I look at it as more of an internship for advertising because, yes I am in school, but I get paid a rediculous commission rate and more than I got paid working at a bank or high class restaurant. You need to get with the right office, but I have only had a great experience so far, and I don't feel like I'm working. All of my events are paid for by my boss, any road trips are paid for as well. I don't agree with how they recruit people, as you did, they got my resume off of careerbuilder as well. I didn't really figure it out until my day of observation, but that is something that is right up my ally and I have no problem with doing. Yes, it is commission based, but a high commission! My first full week paycheck was $514, take home. Making over $2, 000 a month take home to start is pretty good. It is a direct marketing business, with sales involved. I choose to be more honest with my customers and the people I tell about it, so they don't feel deceived if any of my friends do decide to work with me. The advancement is fast with hard work. One of my friends just got promoted to an office manager after a yr and a half of working, and he will be making very good money. My manager makes about $450, 000 a year and he started with the door to door marketing 4 yrs ago, he is 27 now and went to booking events to market the product, provides his associates uniforms and demo materials. Nothing comes out of their pocket. $150 a day is very good money for a new college graduate, especially with no experience. If the office is that large you should be able to find someone that will take the time to teach you, if they can't teach they aren't suppose to be able to be moved into management because they would fail on their own. I'm sorry you got screwed with an office that wasn't professional but blame that office, not smart circle.

Jun 13, 2011 2:05 pm EDT

I am quitting this company today. As a recent college grad I was more than impressed with the fact that I could one day make my own hours, and make over $100k by sitting around. It is so funny reading all of these comments because everyone went through everything that I am going through now. We walk around a "home improvement store" all day asking homeowners to sign up for free in-home designers. We don't have to SELL anything, but little do you know that when the "designers" get to your house, they are just older salesmen who try and get you to remodel your entire house.
After being there for over a month I DID gain some experience. I learned that I have to work hard, and how to talk to strangers a little better. I made decent money, but not nearly enough as I should have because you only get paid for customers who keep their appointments. So if you schedules like 5 a day, be prepared for 3 to cancel and your check to suck. There also is no way for you to check who did or did not cancel which tipped me off to this being a SCAM.
I believe that there are positives and negatives of this company, but if you have a college degree, you are young, and smart, get out now.
JUICE (just kidding!)

May 27, 2011 8:10 pm EDT

I worked for 3 different divisions of smart circle, all marketing direct tv. After my first mgr got fired for trying to cover up the co's shady business practices, I was without leadership or a sales team for nearly a month making FAR less than min wage, pulling 50-60 hour weeks until a new mgmt team arrived. For the last month every ck I have gotten has been either late or dramatically short of what was promised or owed to me... Sometimes both. No one ever takes responsibility for these issues, they never get fixed. They lie about commissions and advancement opportunity and they make sure only the youngest, most gullible employees have any shot at advancement because they don't know any better and when you are a crooked co that steals from its employees and exploits them unfairly you need those ignorant young ppl to put a happy face on it all. Bottom line, I just recieved a paycheck in the amt of $210 for a 50 hour workweek. Can you say "scam?"

Mar 28, 2011 9:29 pm EDT
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Phoenix In- Store concepts is a part of Smart circle, and they do the directv sales in best buy and sams. Its a pretty good con job when it comes to hiring you. They make like there's a third interview, and then chase after you at the end of the second interview (which youll get unless youre an idiot) and give you the job. They promise $100k a year in 4months. But its total [censor]. You just sell directv until the company is done raping the market in your city and they move to the next. My city has had 4 of these companies in the past 3 years. You never make manager. If you can sell directv you can make money with them, but for a short time

Mar 27, 2011 7:38 am EDT

People don't understand. Anyone who is pro-Smart Circle has many spelling and grammatical errors in THERE posts. My all capital letters in THERE, what should be THEIR, is common the pro- Smart Circle posts. Smart Circle doesn't even own these "companies." So, each "manager" will have their own take on the pyramid scheme. However, they are all pathetic. You can get these deals, and they are good deals, online via the Smart Circle website. I still buy stuff from there today! But look for a real job. They're just using you. That's all.
Notice I used they're, there, and their all in proper form. Smart Circle "employees" don't on this site. I say "employees" because no one is truly an employee of Smart Circle on this site. This is parallel to the fact that there is no base salary. But that's another story.

Mar 27, 2011 2:26 am EDT

I was in a branch called Chicago Retail solutions which just opened up 5 weeks ago in oakbrook terrace. I quit after just 2 days. I was supposed to be selling direct t.v. but all I was really doing was soliciting HUNDREDS of people with the same exact approach everytime. I have never hated myself or a job so ever. I couldnt stand it. I was really working about 9 hour days and was getting paid minimum wage to do so for only 8 of those hours. HORRIBLE JOB!

Mar 05, 2011 1:26 am EST
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teacher101, you are a freaking idiot! i hope that company goes to hell. SmartCircle and Divine Edge and any other company afficilated with it are bunch of losers. When i was there for my 2nd interview I saw idiots walking out of the office with no success under their shoes. Im going to get the word out about Divine Edge Inc. and warn people who are offered the interview for the company. I bet ill make more money doing that then wasting my time with these companies. I had a training today but im so glad i didnt go. I didnt even start working but i realized that people who work for the company are [censor]s. They got no college education or probably high school drop outs. Oh and the guy who showed me what he does could not make a damn sale! its a simple thing to sell. All you know is what "direct marketing" and "indirect marketing" was but other then that these people have no clue how much they are a waste of life. If i worked for this company for over a year i would [censored]. Id rather go travel to africa and live in the desert for a year then do this crap. *strongly agree to all the comments* Hope they lose ALL the people who trust them.

Mar 05, 2011 1:20 am EST
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[censor] SMART CIRCLE. I hope someone file drastic actions against these companies and they lose all their business. People who hire others for this "opportunity" are all idiots and probably homeless

Mar 01, 2011 2:16 am EST



Im currently working for "Smart Circle". Interoffice politics have been catching up with the business and affecting output. Yes we do the whole Juice thing. Yes we 'pose' as workers for home depot. But Home Depot knows who we are. we pay taxes and have Smart Circle/Home Depot Badges. When the market you are selling in dries up the owner is supposed to open up a campaign thats fresh to counter act that. As much of a pyramid scheme as it may have seemed years ago, with all the expanding that this company is doing/gonna be doing, take it for what it really is. Marketing and training.
From day one the owner to my office has been open to what this is. A recruiting company. You start of by learning the product/client/customers then when you show that you are able to do what the client asks consistently, you get moved up to 'leader' and teach the new recruits. Get 3 recruits to fully learn the product/client/customer and teach it to others and youll work your way up the ladder. Get them to do the same and you will move up to a base salary as opposed to fully commisioned wage. And so on and so on.
I have seen people move up to Assistant Manager but not make it to owner yet but ive been in the business only a handful of weeks.With 50% conversion rate on my appointments I have made on average $300 a week signing 8-12 people weekly. I have seen them do payroll and its no mystery. They look at the Ownerville program/website that has each Smart Circle Office's Programs/campaign and what they did. From there the lead sheets are looked through and the pay is set up.
As much of a pyramid scheme as it may have been, this company is huge and with 5 new campaigns rolling out soon through BJ's/Lowe's/Costco/Sam's Club/Best Buy this company will be here to stay.

Feb 07, 2011 4:23 pm EST

Today was suppose to be my third day at a Smart Circle sub-business in New York. I have just recently graduated ECU with a major in communication and a minor in business marketing. I was excited because this was one of the first places I applied to and they made me feel like I was the guy they were looking for based on my education and experience, when it more seems they wanted me because I was another young body. I started noticing some red flags but my own excitement of avoiding being one of those classic 'fresh out of college, can't find a job' stories. Then my trainer texted me last night and told me to "look up smart circle international and write down ten of their clients." Well, I Googled smart circle and this complaint board was the first result, followed by another complaint board, THEN followed by the company's actual website. After reading a handful of these stories it was so eerie to see the EXACT same thing I experienced from all over the country. From the 'atmosphere' room where you practice your pitch for an hour to the "JUICE" chants, it was too much. Then I got to spend my entire day walking around Home Depot pitching kitchen refacing. The guy training me was now wearing a Home Depot shirt and it felt like we were pretty much posing as employees. I then learned my trainer was not only 2 years younger then me ( I just turned 24 2 weeks ago), but also he had NO college experience. Granted he was pretty professional and put together well, something about me graduating college with a major and a minor being trained by somebody who had no experience outside this position. Then after reading more posts I started noticing even more cookie cutter similarities, such as since I have gotten the job I have not heard anybody ONCE use the actual name of the company, I have not seen ONE business card, and have not heard ANYBODY mention a college degree. I even expressed concern about this being a pyramid scheme and he tried explaining it as a 'reverse pyramid scheme' and how this i'll be on the fast track to being an owner in less than year. I understand hard work is important but let's be serious, I want a job in a Marketing/PR/Advertising agency, if I wanted a job at The Home Depot, I would of filled out an application at The Home Depot. If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Jan 04, 2011 1:39 pm EST

The entire ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth... invested 10 - 12 hours per day, 6 days a week usually for less than $300.00 / week. Invested, on average $15.00 / day in gasoline. No way to independantly verify my installed sales - just have to take Jonathan's word for it. Watched 20 people come and go during my 5 week tenure... many did not return after their first day! Definately would recommend against wasting your time and resources here. Look for a real job... with a reputable employer... one with a reasonable training program and at least, actual pay during your training period.

Dec 31, 2010 6:29 pm EST

I worked for Epic Management for about 2 months and was fired for telling a rep from another office the truth about the daily activities that take place in our office. My "owner" wore the exact same pants and jacket every single day of that 2 months. A lot of lying and deception take place in these "businesses". And its all about getting rich quick. Yet everyone who I met that was an owner or higher looked and acted like they make about $500 a week. My office had no furniture, we received only one shirt to wear on our 6 workday week, had to drive our own vehicles, and use or own cell phones. I was being forced to drive over 80 miles each way to a store where sales were minimal at best with no gas compensation. As well as had an owner who was 21 years old and acted like a child. Yeah she sounded real professional until you realized she was just reciting the "script". You are lied to when hired. I was told it was a base salary plus commission. I assure you that this is a waste of time. Some people may get rich quick and if you do...RUN away fast. This pyramid scheme will be short lived because eventually your area is going to go dry.

Dec 31, 2010 11:49 am EST

I knew what I was getting into when I did it. I was in a Smart Circle business for a couple of months and was aware of this website about two weeks into the job. People, it's a job. I thought I could muscle my way through it and get ahead fast. I did too. After a few weeks I had my team and was going on trips, making friends, and believing in "the business." However, there is too much deceit in it for me. Managers, upper level people, and leaders, are just trying to get you to stick with it long enough to promote themselves. They don't care what it costs you. I looked in the mirror, like many people on this site, and decided I couldn't lie to people. These days of observation would, send awful applications and have no education or experience, come in expecting a job opportunity. It would kill me to have to beat around the bush and misguide them into believing that there was a real position trying to be filled. In reality, these businesses are going to accept anyone and everyone regardless of ability or qualification so long as they can make the business a few bucks.
But as I said before, I knew what it was after just a couple weeks. IF AND ONLY IF you can weather the worst job in the company, lie, and live with yourself, then this could be an opportunity for you. But make no mistake, the toll it can take on you both mentally and physically could be detrimental to you. I've been away from this thing for nearly three months and couldn't be happier. There are better opportunities around the conner. Oh and one more thing, don't listen to that crap that people say that if you don't take this "opportunity" you have to have the "man" telling you what to do, what you're worth, or what you are. That's how the real world works!

Dec 24, 2010 10:47 pm EST

I work for the smart circle and DO have three college degrees, one in Marketing. I DO make six figures and I DO provide a valuable service for my clients. Most people are not used to having to work for a living and are OK with going to a job and being told exactly what to do all of their life and are OK with also being told what they are worth, salary wise all of their life. Not me and neither are those of us who are successful in this company. Unorthodox, yes we are but that's what makes us work and that's why we have clients waiting in line to work with us. We deliver results, plain and simple... There are a lot of people out there that bash the company because they are angry that it did not work out for them, but it's not for every one and not every one can cut it. Most people need to be sheep/pencil pushers.

Nov 14, 2010 5:08 am EST

i work for a smart circle affiliated office in NJ and i promise you that not every owner runs a joke buisness like the one described in florida. Our office does direct marketing for home depot, power windows and siding, and direct tv. I am a mid level salesman not amazing but not the worst and i clear between $800-1200 a week. I have a Home Depot Home Services badge that i received after submitting to both a backround check and training. This job is for people that are hard workers and by the way my 24 year old boss less then a year out of college is pulling down 8-12 grand a week. Whatever pamphlet selling scam you are talking about is obviously not a proper representation of the smart circle group. I am a lead generator for home depot home services, i participate in direct in store markets for their cabinet refacing service. All i do is walk through home depot locations and offer free in home consultations on cabinet refacing. For every confirmed consultation appointment i book i receive $50 pre TAX. Yes i said TAX. I filled out all the proper tax documents for a commision based sales job. i have personally seen multiple people promoted to an ownership position in less then a year of work in our office and these individuals are now pulling down 5 grand a week minimum in their own offices. Don't be so quick to judge a corporation by one idiotic office. Smart Circle turned a $20 million a year division of home depot in a $180 million giant in less then three years and have had similar effects on both direct tv, power windows and siding and as mentioned befpre promotions for MLB NFL NBA and NHL teams. As far as the company going under in two years, blah what a joke, this company is highly sought after for direct marketing since the DO NOT CALL LIST was put into effect and cold calling was essentially dead. The company has been growing expidentially because they provide the measurable monetary growth required to increase profit margins, customer base, and it all leads to satisfied clients and continued use of the smart circle group in many different fields.

Oct 23, 2010 6:54 am EDT

Alright, everyone I right now work for one of these companies that you all are talking about, selling Direct TV, i am still very skeptical, today was my fourth day i have been doing my research since last week, I find a lot of conflicting reports. I sell in Best Buy complete legitimate vendor's license, I signed an I-9 and a 1099, everything seems to be in legal order. I have seen the contracts that Smart Circle has, or is "supposed to have" with Best Buy and Sam's Club. We have a call center and are actually fast out selling the Direct TV website in New customer accounts. Everything seems Legal, but from what i see on here and on other places where people post it seems like they will not pay me what they promised, we will see on Thursday, i want to stick out till then. The hours aren't hard, it just seems like people are complaining because they can't be on their feet for so long honestly. I totally understand some of you guys getting screwed over when it comes to the coupons and crap, but all i ave heard from people both from talking to the Vice president of the company, and the owner where i work it all seems in order. Any company that has a call center and all of the documentation on everything and is fast out selling the Website . This very well maybe a scam and if so I will put my considerable force behind taking down this company, I have a powerful lawyer and several state and National Congress members who are aware of everything i am doing and so the full force of this weight will be thrown at this company. But untill i see a pay check i will still be skeptical.
This just a job, i don't put faith all in this job i have. I have seen nothing illegal and have run everything by my mentors and am so thankful for this chance i have with the backing i have behind me.

Oct 18, 2010 9:26 pm EDT

The bottom line is yes you could make a six figure income within two years but during those two years you'll be working 70+ hours and 6 days a week. NO LIFE...Family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, and hobbies GOOD BYE.

There is no affirmation that you will ever get to owner and if you do get to owner very few make it.

Oh and no insurance benefits so if you ever get very ill, here comes the 50, 000 bill in your mail box for not having insurance.

Yes some people get rich off this but its the people on top of the pyramid not you little offices "owner" don't believe do your research or study the history of these types of Business you have a life span of about 2 to 6 years. So if your making 100k for three years its great, yes you bought a home and a new car but once it all goes to [censor] in 2 to 6 years you have noting to fall back on, your [censor]ed. No pension, insurance, or union and you wasted 6 years of you life.

This is wrong but yet people are fool by the media, by making you think you would be rich that easy.


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