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The Pyramid Collection reviews & complaints

The Pyramid Collection complaints 26

The Pyramid Collection - Refund never received

I purchased the Wenches Ensemble for $140.00 (K5859160) for a Renaissance Wedding that never took place. I returned the dress on September 23, 2021. Along with the dress I included a note stating...

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The Pyramid Collection - Order and shipping

Order K7123037 - site states shipping in 3 - 5 days, so I thought I could order an item as a Christmas present. Going by reviews FOR that item, I knew it would need altering. If the shipping was correct, that should NOT be a major problem, but timing would be tight. After over a week, item not shipped, nor any response to emails to the company. It looks as though I'm out $125 and I STILL need to find a Christmas present .

Desired outcome: REFUND

Just give me back my money!

The Pyramid Collection - Refund/replacement policy

If you need to return an item for an exchange, what this company does is charge your debit/credit card again for the same amount of the original purchase. And then they issue a credit, which, in their words, will take up - 5 to 7 days.

My purchase was $120.00 and change. What if I only had, say, $150.00 in my account? That means I have $30.00 left for a week. Not exactly sure that I can feed my family on that $30.00 and wait on Pymamid to issue that credit.

This practice should be illegal. Or, at least, they should make it abundantly clear on their return/refund practices.

To add proverbial insult to injury, they are taking advantage of Covid19 to explain away their lousy customer service. Shame on them!


The Pyramid Collection - lack of communication

I can not find out if my returns was ever received as I can not get through on the phones lines. It is almost as they are not working. Does not matter the time of day.

I use the return label they provided, but the trouble is after it left the post office who knows where it is. This is the last post for the package that was sent out on March 25th

"Your item was picked up by the shipping agent at 4:22 am on March 26, 2019 in CARMICHAEL, CA 95608."

Here it is April 22 and I still can not find out if they have the package or not.


The Pyramid Collection - delivery and customer service

My item never arrived. I called customer service and was first asked if I had checked my mailbox for it.

I wanted to tell him, "No, I checked my oven." I was then told to wait another day even though Fed Ex, USPS, and Pyramid emailed delivery receipts. Then I was told to check with the shipper. I told them I paid for customer service, so it was their job. I was put on hold and then rushed off the phone.

The gentleman wouldn't even let me speak. He promised to have an answer for me the next day. End of the next day, I called back and was told to give it 2-3 more days. I said no.

I asked for a replacement or a refund. Today, I was charged for the replacement! I immediately called back to cancel everything and was told the order was in the warehouse and to just wait for it. I insisted and was told they would ship it and I could return it for a credit.

That is three phone calls and a double charge on a blouse I never received. I'll never shop here again.

The experience was so lacking that even if the item showed up now, I could never enjoy wearing it.

Nov 11, 2018

The Pyramid Collection - terrible customer service

My elderly mother wanted something from their catalog. Tried to order an item (over a hundred dollars) via telephone and had found some promo codes online. Refused to accept promo codes so I then asked about any offers they did have - perhaps for free shipping? No, nothing - but join their $14.99 per month "club" and I might get some emailed offers. Really? Asked for supervisor. No difference, so asked to have my mother removed from catalog mailing list - thought that might wake them up to save a customer of many years. But no - the supervisor cheerfully removed my mother's name and address and appeared to not give one s*!t about it!!! Fine. I hung up, ripped up the catalog and my mother agreed! Will never buy anything from them again. She told her friends about her experience and I have done the same, including the online sites like this one. DON'T do business with this company - they don't care one crap about their customers or having repeat customers.

Update by n. lee
Nov 11, 2018

No update - still lousy customer service.

The Pyramid Collection - catalog

I ordered a skirt from Pyramid and I just received a catalog in the mail. To my SHOCK it had pages of sex toys! I have granddaughters here who would have picked that catalog up if it was just laying...

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The Pyramid Collection - mailing their catalog despite me not being subscribed

This company started mailing their catalog to my home address despite me having never subscribed to it. I checked their website and requested they stop, but they're still sending their catalog to my home address. I have no idea how they received my information and address in the first place, but I have no interest in their products, and would appreciate if they would stop.

Nov 01, 2017

The Pyramid Collection - too little too late

I regret I ordered Halloween costumes from your website. I didn't get them on time. Even though I ordered it in the beginning of October. I think it's enough for shipping and delivery, plus I live...

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Jan 03, 2017

The Pyramid Collection - super tiny pants

Pyramidcollection is a very bad company, please do not buy anything from them. Their sizes are ridiculous!! I bought a pair of pants from them and I assure you that was my size. I ordered following the size chart and I'm 100% sure I ordered the correct size! Anyway when I received my pants I was shocked with how skinny they were. They were at least two times thinner than my leg. I'm not fat or something, just a regular M size person. But those pants seemed like they were XS even thought it was M size. Terrible experience. And the worst part was when they refused to accept them back. Never again!

Nov 15, 2016

The Pyramid Collection - not to be trusted!

I have ordered a dress and a pair of shoes from Pyramidcollection back in September and received nothing yet! It so now over two months and my order is still missing. Customer service is absolutely...

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The Pyramid Collection - order placed on july 2.. today is july 22

This is by far...The world's worst attempt at a company. I have never been so mislead in my life. On July 2 I ordered a blouse. By July 11..I had not received it. This is what started a barrage of...

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Jul 19, 2016

The Pyramid Collection - this site is nothing but scam!

I have ordered two items from and they wanted to charge me for shipping. Shipping was way to expensive so I decided to cancel my order and buy from somewhere else. I...

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Jan 28, 2016

The Pyramid Collection - customer service

I received an unsolicited catalogue from this company and called to have my name removed from their mailing list. There were 8, EIGHT, different prompts, with messages at each prompt to have to listen to before I got to the 'remove my name' prompt. Then, IT WAS FULL. Seriously. I called back, and managed to get an order taker and told her that I wanted my name removed from the mailing list but she said she couldn't do that, she'd transfer me to customer service. I said, no, that I couldn't do that because THEIR MAILBOX WAS FULL, and asked to talk with her supervisor. A gentleman came on, said that he'd get me to a customer service supervisor, and it would be a person, not a machine. He put the order taker back on and SHE STARTED TO GIVE ME A SPIEL ABOUT SOME SPECIAL OFFERS. Seriously. I interrupted her, said I wasn't interested and she responded, 'But you haven't heard the best part.'. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? Finally she transferred me to customer service, a recording came on, I pressed "O" like the supervisor told me to do and I WAS IN THEIR NEVER ENDING VOICE MAIL LOOP AGAIN. I wouldn't order from this company if they were giving away their merchandise.

Oct 28, 2014

The Pyramid Collection - wrong size and dresses didn't look the same as on the website

Don’t order from the website I bought two dresses from them, but the seller failed to deliver them on time. I sent emails and messages through the website, but this guy replied really rarely. When the order finally arrived, I was surprised, ‘coz the dresses were completely different and the size was wrong .I returned them back, but the seller again ignored me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

The Pyramid Collection - nasty customer service

I placed an order for a ring (99.95) and a top (49.95) plus shipping and handling (16.95). I sent them a check for $166.85. When I saw that they didn't have the size I needed on the ring and the top...

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The Pyramid Collection - customer service

I always loved Pyramid Collections clothes and would request them as gifts from family members. I received two items from my mother-in-law last Christmas but did not care for them. I contacted Pyramid Collection numerous times concerning exchanging these items but was told the refund would go back on my MIL's credit card. I did not want this as I did not want her to know that I did not like her gifts but they would not budge. Finally, a cust svc rep suggested I send the items to 'Charlene' and advise her of the situation and that I did not want my MIL notified in any way. I wrote in large letters at the top 'GIFT EXCHANGE' and pleaded in the body of the letter for my MIL not to be contacted. I listed items for an EVEN exchange and provided my credit card number for any shipping charges. I just called to check on the status of the exchange and was advised that they CREDITED MY MIL's CREDIT CARD!!! I am soooo angry, I told them to remove my name from their database. For Pyramid Collection and all other companies they own (North Style). There are plenty of other places to shop.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Pyramid Collection - total scam & misrepresentation

Ordered items 7/17/2011 Popup encouraged me to CLICK for $20 OFF today's order. I signed up for Pyramid Collection's trial offer and gave my CC info. No $20 OFF was applied to my order. I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Pyramid Collection - don't buy from them!

If you expect to get the product when you order it. Don't If you expect it delivered to a physical address, don't If you expect it to be in stock, don't. If you have any expectation so of thi...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Pyramid Collection - unreliable and shady

Been looking a the purple Crocheted Back Dress since April. Wanted to order it. The website said the dress was always out of stock but due in on certain dates. When that date came, there was a new...

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