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1:06 pm EDT

The MENTOR Network REM Housing for people with disabilities

I would never... never put my child/adult in a REM housing, that is being run by REM, the Mentor Network~

My friends daughter is in one in Southern Minnesota... The only reason she is still there, is cause there is no other place for her to go.

The Staff, has been on her to change her conservatorship/guardianship.. as she is of age. But.. they have no right to do that, cause they want it themselves. Father complains when staff is not doing thier jobs! isn't that his job as a conservator/guardian?

This adult has been ignored, abused, and the family is getting no where.. Even her social worker, does nothing! The family has had meetings and they have gotten into the parents face, and yelling at them, that they can no longer talk to staff? Huh? When the staff have your family, but yet you can not ask questions? When your child calls you... And whispers in fear cause the staff will hear? This house is being paid for 2 staff... Cause all household members are in wheelchairs... But most of the time, there is one... One.. Staff.. For both day and night shifts. Isn't this a type of fraud?

The parents where not told, that from another house, someone was calling her child and was explicitaly telling her what he would do to her sexually if caught her alone. This was not turned into the police, nor where the parents told til way later! These people are Mandated Reporters...24 hours to report~! yet nothing! The parents are fearful to do anything, cause it may end up where they kick out their daughter.

they put her in depends... she knows when she has to go to the bathroom... and will tell staff. but they are lazy and ordered her depends!

They fire staff from one house... and hire them at another house. They hire staff, knowing full well that their religion forbids them to handle men.

They do not clean... The staff wears clothing that is inapprioate for the job!

Male staff when bathing her, has tounched her in places, he should not do.. and with out gloves! So much more... but not enough space.

Where can we get the help for this family?

Desired outcome: This home needs to be investigated! from the top of the line, all the way down...

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5:42 pm EST

The MENTOR Network kim burlock lieing

kim bullock Told curtis scott smart huxley he cant spend after telling curtis grandma vicki friend that he took pizza in room hen he was sawed by mr lance eating pizza from pizza hut in kicthen and curtis stole bread from the kicthen after thinking staff would say no and told vcki friend curtis grandma that curtis did not clean his room but did sweep and mop the day before and thats all

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1:48 am EDT

The MENTOR Network unethical behavior

If your looking for a good job helping out people who can not do it themselves, well, this is not the place for you! This company says it stand by it's ethics and procedures that help it to be a good place to work. I only worked for mentor for only 6 months and during that time, I worked at two site houses overnight. My husband has had two heart attacks, I was involved in an car accident because the house supervisor at my house needed to pick up his kids. So we were without a car for about 2 weeks. Had hardly any kind of training per say. I mean they showed me what to do but as far as actually being shown, no. Procedure # 1, staff is to look into the "mars books" of every client to make sure that everything that is needed was done and initialed. #2, look over the finance books for the clients and make sure they are up to date and current. #3, staff is also to do any clean up that may be needed before that staff members clocks out. #4, staff is to also responsible for any communication between each member of staff (including management) in the communication book at each house site, it's not a [censored] book for employees to talk about other staff members. #5, a staff member should call his/her site supervisor if they have a question or needs help with a situation or even just a question. And if that staff member can not get a hold of their site supervisor, they should be able to call upon any supervisor, to get the help that they need regardless if that supervisor works at another site or not. I was terminated for what my program supervisor's call "poor phone etiquette" because I would call or text other staff (regardless if that staff is off work). Or, call or text my site supervisor (which would take him hours to return call or text) and when he did, he always said he's response in a sarcastic way and sometimes rude. I caught site supervisor and another (regular) employee talking about me in the house office behind closed doors, which is a ethical code violation. I even asked the district supervisor if I may be placed at another location, but that was squashed 2 seconds later. When I had to talk with management about problems I was having, I was "ganged up on", 3 members of management against me. And not one of them gave me the chance to listen to what I had to say. I was disrespected like my thought or knowledge of anything did not mean a damn thing to upper management. They do not want to hear the "he say, she say" stuff, but when your in a room with 3 supervisor's and not one of them really cares about what you have to say on your own behalf, how is an employee like myself suppose to behave or not have an attitude about the job when that employee is made to feel that their supervisor don't care about how you feel your being treated. My supervisor's made me feel like what I had to say was not important, when I tried to speak at a house meeting, I was basically ignored, no attention was made to anything that I said. This company has it's bright side in their views of helping the people they do help, but their employees, they're less to be desired for. They talk about other co-workers like it's the thing to do then smile in front of you. So, i'm trying to get unemployment for the unfair reason for my termination of myself and it seems that I am fighting a "no win" situation. All the employer has to do is mention "code of conduct" violation and your unemployment benefits are denied! And this employer gets away with treating a person, regardless of any mistakes they may have made and the lack of proper training, they get away with it. I will tell everyone not to work for this company in my area and I will make it my new job to make sure that this company here in my town have trouble holding on to any new staff employee's. They say that they do not tolerate retaliation against any employee for speaking up if something is wrong. Well I consider denying someone's unemployment benefits retaliation because the companies supervisor's did not like the fact that you stood up to them. I have had people from the corporate office in my area call and talk with me, "want to hear my side of the situation" but yet "i'm denied unemployment benefits because I called staff when they were off the clock. How flippin' stupid! Management does not like for lesser employees to bother them but shouldn't the supervisor's be"on call"or something? Maybe have the supervisor's alternate doing weekend's being by the phone to answer's question or any concerns a staff member might have. No, they can't do that, they have families they need to spend time with. And for a supervisor not give a call back when his staff member calls him is also very"unethical" but he won't get in trouble for that. But it is ok for my site supervisor to falsify paperwork from our communications book and replacing it with a doctored copy. The photos below are just some of the proof I have on how my house site treated me. The company here in my town needs a total makeover. There is no structure for the employee or the clients, other staff allows some clients to get away with hitting on other employees and if you tell on that client, your moved to a different house site. The supervisor's and all upper management should be trained a lot better because the supervisor that was part of my termination he even said that he did not know a lot of what he is to do. Now that is a scary thought right there. Along with these pictures I also have all the text messages between myself and other staff and supervisor's to back up what I am saying to be true. I do apologize for the use of some of the language and the capped letters, don't know how to be politically correct and especially don't like to beat around the bush. I am a honest person, a hard worker who will go out of her way to help out any co-worker in need.

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Jan 15, 2022 9:45 pm EST


Jan 15, 2022 9:45 pm EST

so very true. not just the lesser staff (dsp) it's also the residents of the houses that get the burnt end of the stick. also have "staff" constantly on their phones, "supervisors" using I have kids as an excuse to not cover a shift. we all get that they have a family/kids, but that doesn't give them the right to use that as an excuse when residents rely on the "supervisprs"

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4:12 pm EDT

The MENTOR Network termination

I was terminated do what my termination paperwork states as "poor phone etiquette". I had a supervisor that would take his time to return phone calls (up to hours). If I could not get ahold of my super, I was told at time of hire, to get ahold of another super to get the help that was needed, when I did, that super told me she couldn't help. Another was another staff an I went to an activity with our clients, unfortunately we were there 2 hours before we were to be there but both I am other staff didn't know the correct time so we both texted an called our super. Snother time is when I could not get ahold of my super, I reverted back to my training an called on another super, but this super was on vacation in florida, which I did not know plus there was no mention in out communication log book of this in case we could not get ahold of our super. Another time they said I was on my phone during my shift, yes I was but my husband has had 2 heart attacks, one in the last part of nov.2018 and the other was in the beginning if dec. 2018, for which he was released on 12/25/2018. So yes I would be in the phone sometimes during my shift but to talk with the hospital or doctors regarding he's medication and my super knew of this as well but i'd now trying to use this against me. This same super has doctored paperwork from the communications log book, has held medication/ documentation error paperwork for weeks then used it against me. This super has also and was caught taking about me to another employee, not management just another employee and when I confronted the two about this, the other employee took control of the conversation and the super has a stupid look on his face. When I was hired, I was told that before I leave my shift, all my duties including housework is to be done before the next shift starts. The next shift is also to go through the mars books to make sure that all meds and docs were done. I did not get that luxury, and now both site super and program director are using that against me. Is this how the mentor network wants their services to handled? If so, I feel very sorry for the people that look toward a company like this for support.

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toni albert
Bridgeton, US
Dec 29, 2022 4:03 pm EST

later that days I SAW STUPID landlord Dominque Rozier said no foods allow upstairs your room but she said to me oh ah that that [censored]ing group home Millville NJ I don't like group home [censored] that a nasty landlord Dominique Rozier said to me you have follow rule, she said to me you not follow the rule and not order now steel desk chair, but I said to Dominique, you can't do that to me , I mental desk chair for me I tell my brother joe from Australia and that group home staffs very mean to me that

12:17 am EST
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The Mentor Network / NeuroRestorative does not investigate Abuse, Neglect and Theft from clients in their care and allows it to continue. Staff that reports it is retaliated against. In one instance, the Program Manager hired her Best Friend and made her a Supervisor. 2 weeks later they hired the Supervisor's Uncle — who also happens to be the Program...

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