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The Mentor Network / NeuroRestorative does not investigate Abuse, Neglect and Theft from clients in their care and allows it to continue. Staff that reports it is retaliated against. In one instance, the Program Manager hired her Best Friend and made her a Supervisor. 2 weeks later they hired the Supervisor's Uncle — who also happens to be the Program Manager's neighbor. A number of Staff — AND CLIENTS — reported this man was inappropriately touching clients/a Molester. In response to these allegations, the Program Manager began allowing him to take our least functioning client TO HIS HOME and called them "One-on-One" outings and ordered the Staff "Not to Report" on this man. Staff that continued to voice concerns was retaliated against. There are many instances like this including the Program Manager allowing certain Staff to smoke marijuana and watch pornography at the group home/CBRF. THE MENTOR NETWORK CORPORATE OFFICE DID NOTHING!

Also, the Program Manager stole from a client. The Mentor Network Corporate Office refuses to address that — and other — issues and is trying to cover everything up.

There have been State and Department of Justice investigations. DoJ findings are not yet available, but the State had 23 PAGES of findings against this company and 7 violations... including the Program Manager stealing from the client. Despite these findings, The Mentor Network Corporate Office refuses to do anything and continues to 'protect' the Program Manager.

I made 2 videos with legal Open Record State investigation findings. I don't know if I can post the links, but if you google "The Mentor Network (or NeuroRestorative) State Complaint" it will come up. The videos are on youtube.

Here is a link to one video. The other video is on the same page/channel.

Update by VoiceofTruth318
Aug 25, 2012 11:26 am EDT

I am sharing this person's complaint as well. If you read the comments, you will see that The Mentor Network/Neurorestorative is embroiled in a $356 MILLION DOLLAR Sex Abuse Law Suit pertaining to the sexual abuse of children at one of their facilities.

Update by VoiceofTruth318
Mar 19, 2012 5:33 pm EDT

It is the same all across the country, isn't it?

I can be contacted at: [email protected]

Please contact me if you have information you'd like to share.

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Aug 10, 2022 3:10 pm EDT

today is 8/9/2022 later that day staff nasty to me I don't like it program manager Dominique Rozier not order no desk. I need [censored]ed steel desk now I don't like [censored]ed [censored]ty group home they are too bossy and nasty, bully and they hurt my feeling and my heart the staff upset me staff jail lady Johnson is 24 years old know better than that she brings my birthday package and scab clothe is for me.I am very upset. I don't like group home staff treating me badly. another staff member tells me stay away from TB and staff says to me that patient TB, she will you again. that program manager Dominique Rozier is not nice to me. my brother joe albert from Australia my brother joe said to me you need single pedestal steel desk size 45"w in my room I want my desk now! I want it now! That my money that mine now!

Aug 03, 2022 2:05 pm EDT

later that day Dominique Rozier stared again says to me you don't put recycle in my white bin in grange Dominique Rozier says to me I'm not order no desk i don't like talk to me like that. I put mixed recyclable in earth tach recycling gray bin for. I don't like Dominique Rozier she is very mean to me again I don't like her in her way she acts. I need 45"w steel pedestal single desk. But Doninique Rozier steals my money in my bank. I tell my brother joe from Australia. went he call I will tell him, what Dominique Rozier said to me like that she is very nasty, bossy mean but that Dominique Rozier is druggy. She hurt patient in Millville NJ. She will get fired from job. Dominique Rozier hit me last time. I don't like her.

Jul 31, 2022 2:24 pm EDT

staff and patients go to zoo animal show today and that TB stared get into fight on Lunch time and I eat my wawa salads and norge TB . she is troublemaker. staff on van but staff says be in group home. I no don't wand live in [censored]ty group home that not nice staff treated badly they stared that thing again today I don't like that [censored].they came home staff Tuesday cook say did you touch her in SJ's room, me no i don't that a lie that not true another staff make up story I never touch her i never been SJ's room, that SJ and me come MD in her room and SJ talk about her sister in new York. SJ talk to me about her sister, but her sister is nice SJ friend MD talk to me nicely but SJ talk about all the time she drives me nut.the staff that mean to me and the staff says getup stair and you stay in room and i crying a lot that my feeling and hurt my heart that is painful I don't like hurting people 's feeling don't this happing again staff says to me in van at house in Millville NJ IM stay in my i watch the tv about new York in 20 years ago i remember that I been new boyfriend use to he take me out i was younger that my age.

Jul 31, 2022 8:34 am EDT

that group home staff are bully, and nasty mean the hurt people that is not nice i want to move out [censored]ty. group home they are too bossy i want to get my own apartment my own and i getting a job make more and buy my own stuff .

Jul 31, 2022 8:26 am EDT

in this morning the i come down stair i take my mads and vitamin in kitchen staff start that again in morning and staff says to me out trash. you don't tell what to do you don't recyclable in trash you don't do that .it against the law. you must put in recyclable in recycle in recycling in gray bin. also, staff tells Dominique Rozier. staff telling her that tat tail. i don't like that. that is cause trouble. staff are bossy very mean to me. staff. says to me you get upstairs 'you don't tell what to do I don't like it that hurtful that hurt my feeling that made me cry that not nice.

Jul 30, 2022 10:55 pm EDT

the staff in van and staff hits me in van and give me middle finger at me at wawa store Millville NJ and staff yelling at me in van and staff yells at me in kitchen and staff cuss at me in kitchen .

Jul 30, 2022 10:49 pm EDT

the staffs go to movie today to watch disrespectful movie staff tells me what to-do and she says whether off I say I'm not walk off it I don't do that for it. staff put her hand on me and my stuff. i says ever put staff's hand on again also in van in wawa store Millville NJ the black staff give me a middle finger at me in a van at wawa store staff cussing at me in van and staff threat me home. I need salads my dinner at eats out at texos food resturasrt in Vinland NJ .at the staffs start again pick on at me she tells me get up stair and go to room and leave girls lone I need talk to. staff pick on me staff me she tells me that staffs call SJ's sister on me staff says to me you been SJ's room. the staff are lair I never been SJ's room, but SJ came to MD's room and i come to MD and talk to my friend and SJ talk to me about her sister in New York. staffs in kitchen and staff didn't give me cholesterol lowing med. i have taken cholesterol lowing med and the doctor give because my cholesterol high. i don't want to have stoke but that people die from stoke. i don't like bossy staff at me that cause trouble i TakeCare myself my own. I don't like group home is bossy and nasty abuse neglect the hurt my feeling i was cry a lot in van'

Jul 29, 2022 12:33 pm EDT

this morning later that day I'm in van the staff went to Walmart today she on talking on phone in the van staff says to me she calls me fates that hurt my feeling she tell me you take my foods took form me she says. Staff threated call a cop, she you going to jails. I said no but jails are dirty that make me sick .I don't like jails .it Fulls bugs. i don't want those dirty bugs walk on me.,staff tells me shuts up she says to me tell Staff me like that .i don't like staff pick iton me.that hurt my feeling. That not nice at all, Saff tells Dominique Rozier. But that Dominique Rozier will hurt me. i don't like Dominique Rozier. she is not not nice to me .i need steel single pedestal desk size 45w" for sewing machine on it.

Jul 22, 2022 8:25 pm EDT

the staffs very mean to me in Millville Nj they tell me what to do .she tell me go to your room in upstairs yell at me that Dominique Rozier sand to me you move the recycling bin away from my house because bring animal in house they have rule you dumpster lid close up u stay out med's room and Sj's room first all you stay out med's and Sj's bathroom md in shower also dumpster lid that aminol can't get in you stay out my dumpster ,you bring stuff from dumpster supervised Dominique Rozier is a liar. Dominique Rozier order no steel desk, she say to me you have rule to follow, Dominique Rozier is a liar. I don't like Dominique Rozier she doesn't care about me Dominique Rozier calls me [censored] and cussing at me she calls me [censored]in [censored] she throws my stuff in trash, that my stuff out but turn radio down. Dominique Rozier is very mean to me she says to me i will hit you. Dominique Rozier is always yelled at all the time, she says to me no foods upstairs room that my room i want i take care myself. i want to get my own apartments myself, i don't like group home. But that group home is nasty very mean.they are nasty.

Jul 17, 2022 2:57 pm EDT

Blacksburg VA neuro-restoritive can be added to the list. I'm an ex participant so I have personal insight and knowledge. I was having trouble with the wife so I watched them while they said they were professional and also once you leave without there guidance they will harass your locations. How do I know? I wasn't suppose to go there but chose to. I'm and honorable Veteran of OEF and saying they were like basic training is putting it nicely but there now considerd neuro-hell and I managed to escape.

Jan 26, 2022 9:15 pm EST

I work for the Mentor Network in Northwest Indiana. Employees in the group home were horrible. They would verbally abuse the individuals in the home calling them stupid retarded and cursing at them all day. There was even med mix ups and they hid it and got the other employees to cover for each other and falsify med sheets. Alot of the employees would even go home for hours and leave 1 person there.

Dec 19, 2017 4:39 pm EST
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As of today the abuses staff Amanda VanMeter is still working at Wanda Jones and Kim Arbuckle house still abusing the clients. And was send back to work at the client's house by Felicia Tillotson P.C this abuse of the clients must stop or I will be calling the newspapers next time this evil woman walk back in the clients house to abuse them. Harassment and bullying the clients by Amanda VanMeter must stop..

Nov 26, 2017 1:02 pm EST
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One of your client name is Wanda Jones And Kim Arbuckle of Lafayette Indiana complaints of staff cusing at them in abusing them and Indiana Mentor let this abuses staff keep working with them. Staff name is Amanda VanMeter and this was reported to Felicia Tillotson P.C, Program Director Lisa Ortiz and Gina Alston Area Director. Nothing have been done is abuser is still abusing the clients.

Sep 20, 2016 7:12 pm EDT
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So after my family member reported emotional and sexual abuse to the case manager of NeuroRestorative that was happening at the Mentor's home, my family member was removed that day! Case manager and nurse went to the Mentor's home and packed a bag of my family member's belongings but many things were left behind. My family member was placed a new Mentor's home that evening, has only been there a month and now they are discharging my family member from the program! There is an open investigation on the abuse but, I have asked for a meeting with NeuroRestorive's care team to discuss the discharge that so conveniently is happening now after the abuse was reported. I have asked that the queries that we were told had been done on everyone that lived in that Mentor's home, be provided to my family member. Also, asked for a copy of the report they said they filed with the Abuse and Neglect of a disabled person. My family member and I were told on two separate occasions when we brought up safety issues or concerns about this Mentor's home, yet we were told, "They are one of the best Mentors we have and I promise you, your family member is safe!" Yet, that was not the case! Now, they say they can't reveal any documents to my family member because not even the care team has seen a querie check only the director sees them! How is this possible? How do we know they really did the things they said they did, if they can't even show us proof! Yet, we trust their word and then such a traumatic experience happened to my family member! Now they are going to discharge my family member with TBI to a nursing home at a young age (only in early forties)! Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this? Does anyone have any advice on what questions I should ask at the meeting regarding the discharge to a nursing home? I need some feedback :( There is not much online to go on :(

Aug 17, 2016 2:47 pm EDT

I worked at the Columbia, SC Mentor Network it is horrible. I say we do some sort of lawsuit. email me if anyone is interested.
[email protected]

Aug 07, 2016 9:17 pm EDT

Please, I am attempting to build up a network of individuals who are interested in putting an end to the neglect and abuse at Neurorestorative. I am looking for employees/ex-employees and family members particularly, but everyone is encouraged. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected]
Thank you, AnonymousCareGiver

Aug 17, 2019 5:29 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Chey Reign

I wanting to help i was a former employee but was let o cause if wanted to say something my email is [email protected] i am wanting to put a end to the mistreatment and the neglect that goes on. My heart is broke for these people.

Aug 03, 2016 5:05 pm EDT
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I believe my relative is being sexually abused at a home that this relative was placed in! I was just told by this relative that things are happening that just break my heart :( I have spoken to the case mnger, director, nurse and so on regarding some other issues that I felt were not feeling so right at this home that my relative was placed in. They decided to do a "Team meeting" to address these concerns! Yet, it just seemed that they did not give a second thought to the "Mentor" ever doing anything wrong! I need help! I can't find anything online but this site regarding any complaints filed against this Mentor or people living in the Mentor's home. I am at a loss on what to do! I feel like if I say anything to the "Team" at Neuro they will just support the Mentor and the family members of the Mentor! I need help! Can someone reach out to me and help direct me on what I should do or if you have had or know anyone who has had issues while being in these "Mentor" homes, please let me know. Thank you... broken hearted family member

Jan 15, 2022 9:35 pm EST

I know exactly where you are with your predicament. I have that same issue. where I'm at no one can go anywhere unless emergency or appointment. I get that there are many covid positive houses, but that doesn't mean that the covid negative houses should suffer

Jan 13, 2016 11:38 am EST
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NeuroRestorative is a great rehab, but has the wrong people working, especially in Augusta the staff look unprofessional dress like the just left a night club. The manager has the staff using company van picking up her child taking him home. They have lost very good worker because of how she treat staff and patients. They talk to patient very rudely. Manager uses the vans for her and her family personal uses and the director has let it went on for along time. Every time I see a past patient they always say I way glad to leave there, they don't know how to treat patients with a caring heart. They also hope that a better facility for TBI patients would open with professional people and hope that insurance companies will find better facilities to pay for the care of their insured ones. It appears the CEO don't care.

Aug 01, 2015 9:35 pm EDT

Run from this far and fast. Horrible...terrible conditions for staff and consumers

Jul 15, 2014 2:29 pm EDT

The mentor network only looks out for itself, not the clients or mentor parents. The mentor network gives these clients no freedom and if they do give them a little there are many restrictions. If a mentor parent has a problem with a client being totally out of control the mentor program wants you to lie about it and just deal with the problems your having with the client yourself. The mentor program doesn't care if the client tries to kill you or rape you. You report it they close your house down. They see these clients as income that's all!

Jul 23, 2021 1:29 pm EDT

I work at a neurorestorative in the Northeast and I was beaten severely four separate times by the same individual who also runs around and terrorizes the neighbors and the community and its had to be brought back several times by State Police with search dogs helicopters and water rescue at Great expense to the taxpayers. He is incredibly volatile and can be triggered by anything or nothing and he just simply attacks. The last time he attacked me I ended up in the emergency room with bite marks all over my face. They will not put him in a more secure facility and it's just a matter of time before he kills somebody. Instead I was moved out to a different house. And I fought for them not to take my team lead position and pay from me that I had earned with my own hard work and so I was allowed to keep that. Throughout the pandemic the way they treated our clients was horrendous. Locked up locked down in their rooms anytime someone tested positive. Not allowed to even have their family members wave at them through the window or come near the house. They were denied visits even when family members like parents were dying. They were treated as though they were on death row for the entire duration. Never once did their case managers visit them even by Zoom call or the managers upstairs for the program director. They acted as though they didn't even exist. The only reason that I stayed at all is because I am close to retirement and I want to be able to at least give them another year of my very best. It's not my first experience in healthcare. I worked for 12 years as a licensed CNA and med-tech before moving out to this area. I was horrified at the lack of protocol and training that the staff receives to take care of these fragile people, training that I had to pay for and get licensed to practice in Rhode Island. Management is terrible in this facility.

Jan 15, 2022 9:31 pm EST

SO VERY TRUE! they don't care too much about anything except for making themselves look good

Feb 23, 2013 4:45 pm EST

The NeuroRestorative located in Southern Illinois is pretty much the same way. There is a lot of favoritism that goes around and the training in my opinion was horrible. The person they have train my told me of accidents where he came to work drunk, showed me the ways he cut corners when it came to cleaning and occasionally taking planned naps. The over night team lead seems oblivious to all off this. The case management team also listens to nothing the life skills trainers tells them about the participants and what we think would be more effective.

Jan 17, 2013 7:56 pm EST

NeuroRestoratives Egg Harbor NJ is just as bad. There are residential staff members that steal from the clients, nothing gets done about it. The staff at the day program have degree's but not one of them is qualified or knowledgeable of neurological or brain damage.
The program director Christine is a liar. One late afternoon I asked her the same question several times just to be certain, Christine provided me with the same answer. Three days later I received a letter she had typed earlier that day with the complete opposite of what she said. In between the days she typed the letter & mailed it I spoke with Christine each time I asked she assured me of her original answer. Makes me wonder what else Christine lied about or falsified.
This company should be shut down. I learned a lesson the hard way. Upon admittance, a few patients warned me about NeuroRestorative, I took it lightly. Well, I should have heeded their warning. Over the course of time I have not found one patient who was the least bit happy or even content with the program. There isn't sufficient activity to occupy their boredom. Which I have said time & time again.
NeuroRestoratives does not care about their clients, all they see is dollar signs & the opportunity to take advantage of the disabled & their families.

Jul 13, 2012 7:03 pm EDT

This company has been bilking the medicaid TBI programs for years. They have a reputation among state medicaid programs and others in the TBI/ABI rehab business as being only in the business for a cash grab. The folks running this company generally see the patients as revenue. They routinely keep patients way too long and provide little to no meaningful rehab in the process. This company is a nuisance to the cities they are in by housing pedophiles, sex offenders and the criminally violent with alleged "brain injuries" while providing little supervision over these people. God help the VA folks who get stuck in this place...shameful that someone who served are country should be put through this.

Mar 11, 2012 3:32 am EDT

Corrupt they are, the Arizona Casa Grande office recently suspended 4 employees, 2 resigned, one was told if she didn't reply by returning their call in five minutes they would assume she resigned, none of these were told why they were suspended, and have no idea what went wrong, I have received information, the Program Director was hiring family members as well as her friends, one former employee stated the PD came in to their facility high and she recognized this, 3 days later she was suspended, the PD brags about about getting high daily as well as other staff' and partying with others, of course those are staff that aren't required to pull weeds, mow the lawns, nothing is fair there. Mentors is just a storage facility for mentally ill people, with no means to a way out, they rarely recover, rarely allowed to attend programs or socialize in the community with other peers. Mentors is about money, money and more money.
So please consider other residential programs before Mentors they are all about a whole lot of nothing most of the people just sleep all day, and that makes a good day for the staff to get high. The Office of Human Rights has been involved with issues several times, Cenpatico no longer contracts with them, so Magellan wake there is better care for these people elsewhere, or at least monitor these Casa Grande employees and their homes.

Mar 03, 2012 7:58 am EST

This company is corrupt from the top down which is why unethical behavior and practices don't just occur in Wisconsin. Incidents and complaints of unethical behavior within the company are not properly dealt with and safety risks are not appropriately managed. Additionally, there is undue pressure put on service providers to give certain clients preferential treatment over others based on the high profile nature of their case and or the need to impress 3rd party payers. Marketers for these programs make false promises to clients regarding services they will receive. 


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