The Coca-Cola Company16.9 fl oz coke bottles

M Nov 06, 2019 Review updated:

For the last three times that I have purchased Coke bottles in a six pack and have bought them from Walmart and Food Lion at least one of the bottles out of the six won't open. It appears that the bottle lid was the best I can explain is that it won't break and open. I have used pliers and had other people try and out of the last three purchases it was one bottle out of each pack. I still have the bottles. I know mistakes can happen but we drink Cokes all of the time. My son drinks Vanilla Coke and me regular Coke.
I just hope that in the future that maybe a precaution can be taken to make sure the bottles open.

Melissa Holland


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      Nov 07, 2019

    Have you tried using a strap wrench. I've used strap wrenches to remove the torque to yield bolts on harmonic balancers. If a wrench is able to break loose that bolt it will loosen anything.

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