The Book Depositoryunethical behaviour

I bought a book and put a message to receive shipping track number (if possible). A impolite person named Jamie J (Customer Advisor) send and received a couple of emails to me and later told me that since my email is different the one I used in website, he cannot give me the shipping track.

Then he asked me 6 personal questions: address, other emails, bank payments that I used, ... and I answered all of them, giving him all my previous addresses, email addresses, Billing address, ...

The impolite and unprofessional guy, after receiving all my data told me to send him an email from my old email!

I am complaining that if he is not able to help, he should not send more emails to me and ask a lot of questions. This is the last time I buy from this unprofessional book seller. They are not able to send track number and they just have a fool sit there answering emails

Oct 10, 2019

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