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The Book Depository Complaints & Reviews

The Book Depository CA / stolen identity

RifleDog on May 14, 2017
Please refer to attached photo. I am Lara Surring. I reside in Drumheller Alberta Canada. I purchased a book from The Book Depository_CA and am still waiting for the book to arrive. Just on a whim I googled my name and this hit came up of a complaint on this complaints board where my name...

Book Depository_CA / Book order - lara surring, drumheller, alberta

Sheila Flavel on Apr 28, 2017
Return Requested for order 702-4408986-6427457 On April 19, I ordered a book form the Book Depository under the link of "George MacDonald: The Complete Fantasy Collection - 8 Novels & 30+ Short Stories and Fairy Tales (Illustrated): The Princess and the Goblin, Lilith, Phantastes." It now...

Book Depository / About 25% of the books I order

Jake Mulligan on Feb 16, 2017
I am tired of getting books arriving damaged from bookdepository.com They are packaged well but when I open the package the books are damaged. The packaging is not damaged but the books are so that means they were sent damaged and this is false advertising. When you send a brand new item it'...

Book Depository / Missing order!!

Krystal on Dec 29, 2016
I bought a book from this online store and was supposed to get it before Christmas but Christmas already passed and still no sign of my book. When I contacted Book Depository customer service and asked about my book they said that I can track my order. But the problem was that I did not...

Book Depository / Awful company

Niki7333 on Nov 14, 2016
I have ordered a book from Book Depository website and did not receive anything. They asked me to be more patient. Three weeks passed and I contacted Book Depository and told them that nothing arrived and I wanted a refund, but they said that they can't give me my money back. Instead of...

Book Depository / Selling items which are not in stock

Luii2 on Oct 10, 2016
I've ordered a book from www.bookdepository.com and received all the confirmations. Later they contacted me and said that book I've ordered was not in stock and offered me to pick something else. I went to their website and it was still said that book was in stock. I refused to pick something else...

Book Depository / Flimsy packaging

Alinagrng on Aug 12, 2016
Received my Book Depository package only to see that the book I purchased had been beaten up due to the flimsy packaging. What makes me suspicious is that while the cardboard packaging my book came in seems to be fine, my book has suffered damage. Does this mean the company sent me a damaged book from their warehouse?

Book Depository / Nothing but headache

MarkOfOmega on Aug 11, 2016
Purchased a book from www.bookdepository.com later I was contacted by someone from the company and told that my order was cancelled. They said that there was some kind of problem with my credit card. That was not a problem, I just found another site and purchased the book there. Several week...

Book Depository / Sent to the wrong address

EmilyHoney on Oct 20, 2014
After being a loyal customer for over 4 years to thebookdepository i now have a large issue with them. On the 11th September 2014 i ordered $100.50 worth of books, being a single mother with little income its a lot of money to me but i try and buy books for myself when i can. 7 of the 10...

Book Depository / Order never showed up

EvanW on Sep 30, 2014
I ordered seven books from Book Depository on Aug 27th 2014. One of the seven was sent out the following day. The rest of the six were "dispatched" four days later. Eight days went by and the first book that was sent out on its own showed up. I waited a few more days for the rest to show...

Book Depository / Books not yet delivered

Joy Pal on Jun 18, 2014
I ordered two books from Book Depository dated 29 April 2014 and 10 May 2014. It has been over two months now and i am still awaiting for me purchases to be delivered to me. Upon enquiry with the help@bookdepository.com, i was advised by a Heba Hamed to check with my local post office if...

Book Depository / Waited 3 months + refund

bookslover on May 13, 2014
NEVER order from ukbookdepository unless you want to risk your money just to save a couple of bucks. I ordered 7 books from the book depository as I wanted to do some reading during the holidays. I made payment ($70+) on the 13th of March, and waited for a month before I made enquiry...

The Book Depository / Appalling customer service

Robert-M on Apr 5, 2014
I am a long-time Book Depository customer, and have spent hundreds if not thousands of EUR in orders over the last 4 years (and my wishlist being over 10 pages long, I intend to spend much more). I have recently purchased books (order BDG-805-51722073894), which were paid for through...

Book Depository / Beware

Barack O on Dec 26, 2013
I recently ordered books from the website www.thebookdepository.com. After they charged my card, I haven’t received any confirmation email or the tracking number of my purchase. So now I have no idea where my order is. I sent them several messages through their website, but no...

The Book Depository / Awful Customer service

AnglyCustomer on Mar 22, 2013
"The Book Depository is awful store . March 20th, morning, I ordered two books but while waiting for showing up order conformation site, something wrong happened ... over 5 minutes I waited but finally my PC was frozen. Later I ordered again. I was afraid that I might order same book...

The Book Depository / Book in wrong language

sulaco on Dec 31, 2012
I ordered several books in Nov/Dec 2012. All arrived on time but one was in German which I cannot read. I reported this to their customer service department and was directed to the full listing for the book which did state that it was in German. Based on that my request for a refund or...

The Book Depository / Bad and rigid customer service

Ann Lim on Dec 4, 2012
This is my on-going saga with them: I had ordered a pre-order release of a book for USD6.74 which I paid for via Paypal. The book was scheduled to be released on 27 Nov 2012 so when 30 Nov rolled around with no news from them, I emailed help@bookdepository.co.uk to enquire on the status of...

The Book Depository / Dispatchment

YianniCart on Jun 25, 2012
I recently ordered four books from them. They give a promise of dispatching the books within 48 hours. I has been five days, and I had to contact them before they told me that there was problems with them receiving the products. So at the moment I am still waiting. Please do something about this, the Book Depository has shafted too many people.

Book Depository / refund not done, lack of communication

G Terroso on Nov 24, 2011
On May 16 I paid for a pre-order (reference BDG-730-3166569027) of a book called"Rheumatology Secrets". I was told on September 16 that the item was out of stock and that I would be given a refund. Since I paid with a virtual credit card I was told that a cheque would be sent to the addre...

The Book Depository / Lost delivery/Poor customer service/Failure to refund

bashbash on Jun 28, 2011
I ordered three books, and only one (the one apparently dispatched four days after the original two) arrived. I emailed them about 10 days later asking where it was and got quite a rude reply about international deliveries taking up to two weeks when i’m pretty sure it was a national...

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