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The Book DepositoryRefund for returned book

I purchased a book online on 28 Nov 2018 using a CommBank credit card, and returned it (to the NSW, Australia address) in January 2019 as an unwanted gift, and requested a refund.
In Dec 2019, I cancelled my credit card with CommBank, and I haven't taken out a new credit card with that bank.
In Sep 2020, Book Depository ("BD") emailed to say they were processing the refund to my credit card. I replied noting that they were well beyond the 14 day period for processing my refund, and that I no longer held that credit card nor any credit card with that payment provider. I asked them to issue a cheque instead, and gave my mailing address. BD insisted that they couldn't do that, citing credit card regulations, and insisted that I needed to contact my bank.
I spoke to the bank who advised that the refund payment would have been rejected because more than 6 months had elapsed since I had held a credit card with them.
I have emailed BD today asking, again, that they issue a refund to me either by cheque or direct deposit. I am filing this complaint now because (1) going on my previous emails with BD this issue is unlikely to be resolved without me having escalated it to an independent org and (2) in any event it is really substandard service that BD failed to issue a refund for almost 2 years, without apology for their failure, and that they're not being even slightly proactive and helpful to make this process smooth and make up for their failings

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    Oct 23, 2020

    The Book Depository — Incorrect book sent in an a tatty condition

    I placed an order for a book, received a horrible version of the book that I ordered with a completely...

    Book DepositoryOrder not received

    On 28/06/2020 and 02/07/2020 I made two orders on book depository and it has been three months and I still have not received it. I have gotten in touch with the site and they have no information. I have requested a tracking number for my order and they have not given one, instead they just say I have to trust their word, that they have sent it. I would not recommend this site for anyone. They charge for your order but have no guarantee that it will be delivered.

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      Jul 30, 2020

      The Book Depository — Unsuccessful for refund, poor customer service and delayed delivery

      I have ordered Cambridge IELTS academic 15 book on July 8, 2020 through book depository. The order number...

      The Book DepositoryReference: bdm-699-[protected]

      I ordered a book in February, it is now July and I haven't received the order.

      I'm very upset and angry because I paid for something and I didn't receive it!

      After multiple emails, no one from book depository is able to help. They keep blaming the delivery company, however, I didn't purchase from the delivery company. My agreement is with book depository. They won't refund either.

      Suzanne Emily Naicker

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        The Book DepositoryMy book

        Notice of legal action

        i want to notify you book depository that i will take up legal action against you for copyrights theft; i realised you have been printing ans selling my book without my knowledge as the author.
        Over the weeks i have been complaining about this and you choose to ignore me

        the title of my book is the secret agenda
        by felicia c williams

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          Apr 28, 2020

          The Book Depository — No items delivered yet

          Below are my details of an order I processed on the 4th March 2020 Name: Miss Tracy Ritson Customer...

          The Book DepositorySelling my book with the wrong book cover

          My name is Felicia C Williams. I am the author of the book titled the secret agenda
          I have contacted you several times notifying you of advertising and selling my book with the wrong book cover which is an outdated cover I had discarded since last year.
          You have to contact nielson book data to get the current book cover
          You must not sell my book with the green book cover or else the printer will be in bridge of copyrights
          Thank you

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            • Updated by 22ete · Apr 25, 2020

              i have written to book depository several times about displaying the wrong book cover of my book.
              book depository must stop advertising my book with the wrong book cover or take off my book from their book site.
              Who authorised book depository to display my book? Also book depository declared on its site that my book is available; who is the printer? and even emailed me that my book is availble; how and why?
              So far i have never authorised any printer to print my book with that book cover, so book depository has some questions to answer.
              Inorder to avoid any conflict of interest i am thereby asking book depository to visit nielsen title editor and use the current book cover on display and on Amazon etc or remove the advertisement of my book from its site.i need this issue urgently rectified. see below email
              Felicia C Williams
              Author; THE SECRET AGENDA

              "THE SECRET AGENDA" (Paperback) back in stock at
              Free delivery worldwide
              Bargain Shop New Releases Children's Books
              The book you're looking for is now in stock
              On 15th March you asked us to let you know when "THE SECRET AGENDA" is back in stock, and we're happy to let you know that this title is now available.
              "THE SECRET AGENDA": A FEMALE PRISON BREAK STORY (Paperback) By (author) Felicia Williams

            The Book DepositoryBook hasn't arrived in over a month, customer service is vague & unhelpful

            I ordered a book on the 6th of March and the email update said it was dispatched on the 11th of March, but still no sign of the book as of today. I have sent them multiple emails asking for their help but all they give me are apologies and the advice to check with my local post office. But my post office can't look something up for me because they have a big warehouse and need at least a tracking number, of which I have none due to website policy. They also said to wait 5-7 more days (with no results). So as you can imagine we are going in circles. Normally I get the books I order with no problems but this time everything seems to be in disarray because of the global pandemic, still I have changed my mind about the book and requested a refund from them, but so far they have ignored my emails. Beware when you make an order from this site!

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              Mar 30, 2020

              The Book Depository — Order not received, difficulties to get it refunded

              I had multiple emails with many customer advisors. Each one of them inaccurately answered my emails, they all...

              The Book DepositoryBook failed to turn up

              order number BDU-311-[protected]

              The Return of Sproutzilla! (Paperback)
              By (author) Tom Jamieson, Illustrated by Mike Byrne
              Available - dispatched from the UK in 3 business days 1 £5.76 £5.76
              Shipping address:
              Helena Rathbone
              48 Euroka St
              Australia Billing address:
              Rosemary Rathbone
              38, Hermiston Avenue
              United Kingdom

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                Dec 24, 2019

                The Book Depository — Purchase of book titled : 1) moleskine limited edition chinese new year notebook and 2) moleskine limited edition chinese new year notebook

                1) Cannot fulfill the order, just keep giving stupid excuses and try to get away. Hoping the next Customer...

                Book DepositoryBook depository refuses to accept my change of e-mail address

                I placed a good sized order with the BD and at the same time registered a change of my e-mail address. My order, unfortunately, was accepted under my old e-mail address and the order confirmation (and presumably all subsequent updates) was sent to the old e-mail which has been disconnected. When I realised this, I contacted the BD, explained this to them and asked that they update my e-mail. Thus began an exchange of messages (on my new e-mail) which has become ludicrous. The BD refuses to accept my new e-mail for this order and refuses to give me the name and contact details of a more senior manager to whom I can appeal. It has become a real Monty Python situation. I cannot believe a company of this size and sophistication can be so utterly pig-headed. Their call centre staff are the most narrow minded bureaucrats that you could ever encounter.

                I hope they register this complaint and do something about it. Heaven knows, I have been perfectly friendly and patient up till now, but that forebearance has now run out.

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                  Nov 21, 2019

                  The Book Depository — Book not arrived - customer service unable to provide satisfactory outcome via email

                  Email address: [protected] Order No: BDU-304-[protected] Book title: Magnetic Resonance Imaging...

                  The Book DepositoryProduct not sent

                  I ordered 7 kumon books from book depository as it is not available here in Malaysia on 30th September 19.

                  On the 22nd October 2019 I received 4 out of the 7 books which were packaged in 3 separated parcels. What concerns me was according to my order, all the books were despatched already. I contacted help support and was told to wait until 1st November 2019. I am still haven't got the remainder of the books until now. I contacted customer service again twice and still no response.

                  I am very unhappy with the service as I really need the books. If they can't send the book, just refund so I can get at other bookstore.

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                    The Book DepositoryBook not received from book depository


                    My name is Shoshi Herscu. I ordered the book "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert on July 26, 2019 and haven't received it yet. The order number is:
                    I sent an email about this and informed that I received a copy of "The Ascension Keys" by David Wilcock in bad condition (torn on the side and I had to glue it so I could read it). I checked with the post office here in Israel. Could you please check what can be done? I don't want to pay twice and read it online. I prefer reading a paperback and I think that I'm supposed to receive the copy that I ordered on Book Depository.
                    If you want to send a replacement, please send it to the following address:
                    17/5 Tidhar Street,
                    Haifa 3465601
                    If I'll receive the original copy in the meanwhile, I'll either contact you to pay for the replacement or send you back the extra copy.

                    I'm looking forward to receiving your response.

                    Best regards,

                    Phone: +[protected]

                    Book not received from book depository

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                      The Book Depositoryability to complete order

                      I was trying to order a book but got stuck when trying to enter my address details. Finally apparently, SUCCESS! My correct address came up. Then the let down. A notice came up that "the address details are wrong". So where do I go from there? No alternative but to abandon ship. Since then I have had an email saying there is still something in my basket, come back and complete your order. But I can't. I wish I could. My correct address is not being accepted. I have in the past successfully ordered many books from you, delivered promptly, so what has gone wrong? And why am I not being recognised as a regular customer? Why do I have to enter my details every time? Do you not have a customer database, like, for instance, Amazon?
                      Jacqueline Green [protected] I live in Haverhill, England and my telephone number is [protected]

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                        The Book Depositoryunethical behaviour

                        I bought a book and put a message to receive shipping track number (if possible). A impolite person named Jamie J (Customer Advisor) send and received a couple of emails to me and later told me that since my email is different the one I used in website, he cannot give me the shipping track.

                        Then he asked me 6 personal questions: address, other emails, bank payments that I used, ... and I answered all of them, giving him all my previous addresses, email addresses, Billing address, ...

                        The impolite and unprofessional guy, after receiving all my data told me to send him an email from my old email!

                        I am complaining that if he is not able to help, he should not send more emails to me and ask a lot of questions. This is the last time I buy from this unprofessional book seller. They are not able to send track number and they just have a fool sit there answering emails

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                          The Book Depositorybook not being sent

                          on the 20th September 2019 i ordered two books and was notified on the 23rd that they had been sent. One book was being sent from the Uk and was received on the 8th of October, the other book was being sent from Australia and has not been recieved.

                          I emailed Candice who replied and asked me to check the address. I confirmed the address was correct and asked at my post office, who said they need an article id number (which all parcels have) and then they can track it.

                          I replied to Candice again asking for this, she replied saying another book was being sent which may take a few days to dispatch and 3-5 days further to arrive as they dont expedite deliveries.

                          Again I requested an article id numer so my post office could track it, she asked if I still wanted another book sent, and to just give the post office my name and address to see if its being held.

                          I am dissapointed and upset with the lack of customer service provided, I have found Book depository to be very competively priced and reliable in the past.

                          This service is not acceptable. My husband who is studying has had to have extensions for his assignments due to this book not arriving as stated when being purchased, and now we still have no book and are awaiting another.

                          I feel honest communication is the most important for good quality customer service, if the book was not sent and therefore an article id not able to be provided, it should have been comminicated, apoligised for and rectified in a suitable manner (ie. fast tracking another book).

                          I will no longer use, or recommend this company.

                          Kind Regards Annie Karaberidis
                          email: [protected]

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                            The Book Depositorybdu-607-[protected] - no service

                            So I do an order. Supposedly it has to reach in 4 days and be dispatched pretty soon. Three days have passed, still processing. I contact customer service, no response at all when in 24h I should have a response. Nothing at all. This is strange coming from such a large company.

                            I demand an immediate refund and cancelling of my order. I've already done another one from other page so I will not be needing this one and obviously no need to pay for a product that hasn't even been dispatched.

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