The Book Depositorybook not being sent

on the 20th September 2019 i ordered two books and was notified on the 23rd that they had been sent. One book was being sent from the Uk and was received on the 8th of October, the other book was being sent from Australia and has not been recieved.

I emailed Candice who replied and asked me to check the address. I confirmed the address was correct and asked at my post office, who said they need an article id number (which all parcels have) and then they can track it.

I replied to Candice again asking for this, she replied saying another book was being sent which may take a few days to dispatch and 3-5 days further to arrive as they dont expedite deliveries.

Again I requested an article id numer so my post office could track it, she asked if I still wanted another book sent, and to just give the post office my name and address to see if its being held.

I am dissapointed and upset with the lack of customer service provided, I have found Book depository to be very competively priced and reliable in the past.

This service is not acceptable. My husband who is studying has had to have extensions for his assignments due to this book not arriving as stated when being purchased, and now we still have no book and are awaiting another.

I feel honest communication is the most important for good quality customer service, if the book was not sent and therefore an article id not able to be provided, it should have been comminicated, apoligised for and rectified in a suitable manner (ie. fast tracking another book).

I will no longer use, or recommend this company.

Kind Regards Annie Karaberidis
email: [protected]

Oct 08, 2019

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