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L Nov 14, 2018
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I use to be a highly supportive member however the American Legion allows local posts to do whatever they want which includes bullying individuals.The commander Bret Reistad ignored my FB message then blocked me .The legion can pick and choose members as they want and have meetings behind closed doors about members .They have individuals handling the money as officers who have been sued for not being able to handle their own finances .I donated countless hours, raised money was on the color guard to be told I was no longer welcome since I was told that the previous commander Cherie Korn did not like me although the current commander now denies he told me that in a conversation and then attacked me after I filed a complaint .She now is suppose to represent women veterans .I have now joined veterans groups that are very active in the community supporting fellow veterans as well as first responders .I can no longer stand with a group that asks women to show their *** on Veterans Day to support veterans .I was told that I could be part of the women's auxiliary but I am a veteran and until the end of the year a current member .The American Legions membership is declining as current veterans are more interested in being active not drinking /smoking /eating .It is truly sad the It appears the Legion has lost sight of its mission and also attacks fellow veterans on FB .I showed the State office they lied but was told the local posts are allowed to govern themselves and do whatever they want so I will no longer be paying my dues or supporting the legion as I have joined a couple awesome groups that do not judge individuals, accept all individuals and helps them instead of tearing them down .I highly recommend before you join you do your research and so thankful I did not pay lifetime dues as they make so much money by members paying them for life .They do not respond to complaints and they slander their members .Its very sad but this holiday I am focusing on the positive and leaving the legion in my rear view mirror and they do NOT deserve one more second of my time .Unlike them I do not talk behind their backs but if they continue to treat members in this manner they will eventually fail as the majority of their members are much older as as they pass away the have very few new members in their place as most people want to be active .I wish them nothing but the best and meet some truly outstanding individuals that are lifetime friends .The leadership clams to be Christian but they judge who they want and are dishonest .Its truly heartbreaking.

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