Tepperman'scouch delivery/customer care team

C Jan 26, 2018

I bought a couch in full a month before my delivery date. No one told me that I had to be home the entire day to receive my delivery. I had it lined up where I got rid of my old couch a day before my delivery to get the new one in time for company I had coming over the following day. The delivery day came and they called me first thing in the morning for the delivery and I wasn't able to be there in that time so I said it would have to be later that day, I then called back within a minute bc I could have someone there to let them in. No answer for 45 minutes which lead to them dropping off my couch back at the warehouse in that time. By the time I got a hold of them the delivery team was extremely rude and not helpful at all. I said I needed my couch for this weekend bc I had company coming over and the lady was rude and didnt care about my concern. This is at the Wharncliffe location in London Ontario. If I have any reccomendations for any one buying anything from this place set up your own delivery bc the delivery staff here are bottom of the barrel garbage. Embarrassing.

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