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I had Teladoc at a previous employer and I used it once. I had a sinus infection and needed an antibiotic or something made for a sinus infection to remedy the issue. Well, since the first experience almost 3 years ago went well, when I was offered Teladoc again for 6 bucks a month, I decided to go ahead and enroll. Luckily for me, the open enrollment for my employer was the month after I was eligible for benefits to begin, so I will be cancelling my Teladoc service. I have a sinus infection. I've lived in this body for 30 years with the same thing every year. Usually at least twice in each year. My sinuses get infected. No matter what I do. Since this is normal for me, and my insurance recommended, I scheduled a Teladoc appointment. My first appointment with Dr. Ndukwe was cancelled before it even began. I should not have been called until 5:45 and my appointment was cancelled a minute early. No phone call, no message, nothing. I read online that the doctors are only required to call one time. I find this to be astonishing, and not to mention a waste of everyone's time. My doctor didn't even call and claims that I didn't answer. Which is a very easy thing for a doctor to do. I called customer support to find out what went wrong and I'm brushed aside like this is not a serious issue, but luckily was scheduled for another appointment (which was an interruption of my schedule for the day and I had to actually call out from my second job in order to participate in the appointment. On top of that, the doctor, Dr. Alam, was not understandable. She rattled on so fast and wouldn't slow down, then told me to just go to urgent care. I could not understand why as all I have is a sinus infection and need medication for that. I've tested negative for covid, and I'm vaccinated. Which seemed to be the only thing she cared about. It wasn't covid so she didn't want to help. I told this doctor the exact same thing as I've told every other doctor I've gone to for a good 15 years, but this one was so eager to get me off the phone, she ended the call with a quick hang up and told me to go to someone else. Basically I wasn't her problem and she wanted that easy insurance money for "evaluating" me. She was able to remain professional in the ugliest way. A passive aggressive doctor who wont even assist a patient is useless and has led me to the conclusion, my 6 dollars a month isn't worth the "doctor" I was "evaluated" by. She made it abundantly clear that she didn't want to be in the appointment with me and just wanted off the phone. I'll be sure to let everyone I know know about the poor quality of Teladoc. Not to mention a waste of time and money. I had to miss out on my evening job which is a third of my income just to be told "hey, go spend 300 bucks to be prescribed sinus medicine that I could prescribe you but don't want to make any effort." Very disappointed in this service and the quality of doctors you have working for you. If that is the best that can be done, I'll save my 6 bucks.

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