Teco Tampa Electric And Peoples Gaselectric bill

T Sep 16, 2018

Tampa electric company charges multiple charges on your electric bill. There's is basic service charge just to have the electic in your home for $16.00
There is an additional use tax of approximately $16-$17. Plus $9 franchise fee charge. My actual usage came up to $32. Yet I'm paying almost $80.00 for 320. Sq ft Studio condo, with a wall unit AC. No central air.
This is targeting the lower income people. When I resided in a more affluent area I did not have this many fees and taxes on my electric bill.
Their reconnection fee is also rediculous. They disconnected my electricity on the same day I called to inform them that I had made an online payment but I didn't get confirmation number, so I wasn't sure if payment was accepted. I spoke to rep, who assured me that I had no disconnect order. On the very evening my electricity became disconnected. I paid my bill in full then my payment was credited to their gas company instead of the electric then turned around and billed me again for the same Month. When you call they have reps trained to reinforce and offer zero solution is their solution.

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