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I do not think it's appropriate or right to be making fun of the President of the United States of America at all or even call yourself an American I find it 100% disrespectful and rude and to even allow this on air for people to watch is wrong Samantha is a [censored] idiot for doing so and should be Black listed I mean look what happened to the Dixie Chicks comments about Bush and they were black listed I vote to cancel her show because I find it offensive that TBS would allow such slang against President Trump I understand not all like him but he is still our president

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Spring Branch, US
Oct 18, 2022 5:05 pm EDT

Why not, he is s person out of touch with reality, he is just a puppets. Hopefully he will leave the office and take Pelosi snd Kamala with him, most caring wife’s would do her best to not allow her husband embarrass her husband like Biden is. Jill always wsnted to be in the white. house. She is also an embarrassment. I mentioned wife’s a few sentences back, when i said wife’s I did not mention Buttijeg, he has a man wife. The whole Biden regime is a joke, ted wave coming.