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As a woman, I am disgusted and deeply offended that TBS clearly advocates for the use of the C-word to describe women. The fact that a woman said the word against another woman, is even worse. We have blocked the channel from all of our home televisions and contacted our service provider that we will be cancelling our contract unless they drop TBS or TBS fires all of the parties involved. We also contacted TBS. The C-word is the most offensive word to a woman. It is unforgiveable - particularly, when it was previously approved by a network and producers.

TBS - you are a disgrace. Samantha Bee - I never heard of you until I was forced to see your equally offensive commercials that made me switch the channel on TBS. Since when is being offensive funny? Clearly you program for sub-humans.

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John E. Barrett
, US
Jan 28, 2021 7:56 pm EST

I'm not a woman but I too find her offensive and I also switch channels any time I see Samantha Bee period.