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Why is all y'all's commercials black husband and white wife? That's racist and I'll tell you why. Where are the black Wife and white husband? That's not interracial that's racist when you only show one side. Not all white women are with black men. I got white male friends that are married to black women. But every commercial y'all show is black husband and white wife. Not just one commercial, it's back to back to back. If y'all want to be fair you will show compassion towards White people. I got nothing against black and white people being married but y'all obviously do because y'all don't do it but one way not the other that's racist. I might be one person and I might not matter but I will stop watching TBS and I watch TBS from 6am to 5pm Monday though Friday

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Sick of anti white rhetoric
Boston, US
Aug 24, 2022 10:53 am EDT

I am done with tbs and their anti white everything black tv network . You now have a black culture Friday night ! Where is the white culture night ? Reminder they were 64% of the population ! I will boycott all sponsees who advertise during Friday nights ! I have a wide network of family and friends and will tell everyone about your anti white station ! My goal is to see your network collapse ! Keep pushing blacks and see how well your sponsors are supported ! F your network and your pro black rhetoric! Never again will I watch you black network !