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WHY on earth is Conan on at 8:00AM, between Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld? Does TBS realize children are home from school due to Covid-19? The discussion for today, SEX and DRUGS. Sexting, masturbating, phone sex, sex, stalking and then with the next guest it was smoking crack and cocaine during the day. Extremely inappropriate time for this show. Who is in charge of this? Wake up TBS!

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Robert Hardy
, US
Aug 13, 2020 3:14 am EDT

Full frontal is one of the most bias left wing leaning shows on the air. She is offensive and rude. I can not believe she is still on the air. All I ever hear out of her mouth is vulgar and disrespectful. She disrespects the president on a regular basis. On august 12/20 I was even more shocked to see the bias you allowed on your network. I turned the channel within 30 seconds. To support a terrorist group such as antifa/blm is egregious. Show the full video of what is going on so it is not one sided. Police have to protect and serve the American people with force if needed. The videos of rioting are edited to show one side the side of cops fighting the crowds off. I will not be watching tbs again

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