Tata Consultancy Services [TCS]tcs/hr management for losing maternity documents

K Oct 09, 2019

Hi All, this is Kate. This complain is regarding to my lost maternity documents from 2015. I worked in TCS from Oct. 29, 2014 and just recently resigned last June 13, 2019. When I was about to get my final pay and other documents like COE, quitclaim and etc., the HR Representative, Ms. Ma. Concepcion Ramos, tells me that I'm still pending in their system because of my maternity documents. I told her that I already submitted that before to Ms. Jennifer Lobio, the HR Manager that time (see attached picture signed by her) and I also signed to their logbook confirming that they received my documents.

Ms. Ramos tells me that they can't find it and I need to submit it again. However, that's not possible because the doctor that needs to sign my documents is no longer stays in the Philippines.

I need a proper action regarding to their negligence. As I'm already resigned but they're still holding my final pay.


tcs/hr management for losing maternity documents

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