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Tara Medium Complaints & Reviews

Tara Medium / refund

Shakeemah on Sep 3, 2017
I sent what Tara asked of me which was $79 and didn't receive anything and when I did receive an email 3 days later it wasn't what was promised to me, but for me to send more money. The email also stated that she hadn't received the money which my bank clarified for me that the money wa...

Tara Medium / 8 sessions I had paid $499nzd for...

Kasey Krystal Falwasser on Aug 20, 2017
On regular basis Tara and I kept in touch. I began to grow confidence, patience, faith and hope into this lady. Believing she was the one to change my life, I paid out a large sum of money. This large amount of money to my knowledge, paying for 8 sessions. Still very confident I waited...

Tara Medium / physic

angelwings5 on Aug 7, 2017
I have received many emails for tara medium, wanting to predict my future @ my lucky numbers... She is a scam, thief, @ everything bad... Fortunately, I believe in god @ did not fall for her scam... Lottery numbers to play, I do not even play the lottery, people be wise and know and...

Tara Medium / faulty information/not following refund policy

JGT1991 on Jul 25, 2017
I am being ignored because I am requesting refunds for faulty information given to me by Tara for the express purpose of helping me get a handle on my finanaces! The refund policy is a 100% guaranteed full refund! In my particular case I am due a total of $199.98 for 2 programs supplied by...

Tara Medium / prediction in asteroid medium

Brenda treadaeay on Jul 9, 2017
I signed up and and it was supposed to be three installments totaling 39.99 once I paid it I received a different email for a person that I don't know what what it comes to Sherry M#jyw-630-362335 once I pay the first installment and then when I put two net next it went to a page called...

Tara Medium / reading

Mommalisap on Jun 18, 2017
I received an email from Tara so I googled her and all of this popped up. I didn't use her services but unfortunately many people are getting scammed. I know a lady who is spot on her readings, her name is Janet Rice & she lives in West Virginia. She wrote a book called Appalachian Fortune...

Tara Medium / I don't know what I am paying for

Debra Ritchie on Jun 7, 2017
This person is still taking money from me and not providing any services. She is taking $19.95/mo and destroying me and my account and I can afford to even close the account. I have had no way of contacting directly to ask for this to quit. I s there anything else I can do? I need that...

Tara Medium / my lucky numbers and a reading

donAskee on May 18, 2017
TARA Medium my name is Donald Askee on 4/13/17 you charged my card $10.25 on a satisfaction guarantee i'm not satisfied in fact i'm mad as hell This so called medium is a fake and a fraud she did not comply with any thing that was truth full or correct and after seeing my friends email...

Tara Medium / detailed report of luck and money

Mary e Knee on Apr 12, 2017
I've sent SEVERAL urgent emails requesting a refund, you over drafted my account this morning taking MORE MONEY when u promised to refund me if I wasn't satisfied. In our messages PLEADING ME to get the "detailed" report for luck and money you said that u would tell me what...

Tara Medium / products that was promised to me it will open my door of luck

Angelique Veldtsman on Mar 7, 2017
I have been dealing with Tara for a while now among others such as Alisha medium as well.I was first promised on specific dates of my great winning on lottery games if i accept her help.Soon the dates move to this month i have the bank statements everything.I had a issue with Alisha medium...

Tara Medium / payments-pay in three easy installments

Alex Herd on Mar 5, 2017
I bought two of these services from Tara. I chose the option of 3 instalments. One at the time of purchase and one in thirty day another in 60. I have paid so far 4 instalments of just over £27 for a £79 service. On the other purchase I have paid three just over £49 for a service of around(I...

Tara Medium / great magical intervention

Denise Jowitt on Mar 5, 2017
I think I've been scammed out of £29 I requested this intervention and paid with my credit card and as yet not received anything back By putting me in your address book, you can be sure of receiving my future messages. You have received this e-mail because you asked for a free reading. If...

Tara-medium Psychic / complaint and refund request

michele17 on Jan 8, 2017
Hi I am raising this complaint because i stongly feel this person should be blocked from the website, she is praying on vunerable people including me i have just paid her R5526.00 since september 2017 i want my money back she states she will give a refund, but i have been unsuccessfull in...

Tara Medium / future luck, love life & money, requesting payment by credit card.

Jbower on Nov 14, 2016
I've been getting emails from Diana & Tara from Hong Kong quite regularly, I've asked them many times how they got my DOB, email address & my name without my consent, no answer what so ever just bullcrap about readings from thier tarot cards etc about my future, love...

Tara Medium / frequent, luring and conning to send money, for luck and financial luck

M Hildreth on Sep 26, 2016
I have saved all the many emails this woman has sent me, each contact requesting more money for this assistance, or secret talisman, icons, etc, to gain riches, or security...each with accompanying reports of others she has supposedly helped to financial security beyond their dreams..Over...

Tara Medium / scam

Tania L Barbour on Sep 23, 2016
After reading all the reviews on the net, I believe this b*****d owes me about £316 this person is always asking for money and not doing anything for it, yeah I had the same as all the others promises of lottery wins nothing happened. Iam aware that some screwed up nutter gave me bad karma...

Tara Medium / It is a fake medium???

Hanshika Styles on Sep 2, 2016
I used to receive a lot of emails from Tara medium.Well I could not deny the fact that it was so convincing and so luring that if I had not googled about her I would have spent my money.I think that some of the facts mentioned was true.I don't know how?This was the email sent. Dear Hanshika...

Tara-Medium.com / scam - unethical behavior

kelloggfan on Aug 23, 2016
I was skeptical when i ordered and as soon as i received the completely general information, i immediately requested a refund. They have not refunded my account yet. I remain skeptical with these sites. It is unfortunate that we have these bottom feeders tarnishing the market. This person i...

Tara-Medium / scam alert! don't believe this fake!!

Tom on Jun 13, 2016
Honestly, I still don't understand how would a grown up person living in a 21st century believe in things like mediums! But anyways, if you do believe then that's your problem. I decided to try Tara when my dear mother told me she wanted to get some help from this medium. I paid for...

Tara Medium / psych

Treyanna Brown on May 12, 2016
This website is trash and I refuse to allow someone to feed off looking my information up to get me to spend more money. I would like a full complete refund of all my damn money and please stop emailing me. My super power comes from above from the most high. IF ITS FOR ME ITS FOR ME. Stop scamming people for money and get a real job.

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