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5:04 pm EST
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The Psychic Shop Scam - completely inaccurate reading for steep price of $60.

First, let me say that I frequent metaphysical shops and psychic services. You might say I am a connoisseur of karma... An afterlife aficionado, if you will. Regardless, I know when a psychic service is quality and when it is an absolute abomination. My experience at the psychic shop aligns with the latter as if the two phrases were interchangeable. Now before, proceeding, please bear in mind, I do not often make a fuss and, in fact, I created a yelp account for the sole purpose of airing my feelings about my experience at this company. It was that horrid.

I stopped by the psychic shop to receive a palm reading from sabrina. No amount of prefacing of "it is impossible to give a 100% accurate reading" could justify the incredibly vague and totally inaccurate waste of time and money that I received. To begin, it was $60 for a 15 minute reading. I did not receive 15 minutes of service. In fact, my servicer seemed to have run out of ideas to throw out after about 5 minutes so she began recycling the same ideas in slightly different wording. As for the reading itself, I could have received more insight about my life from the back of a cereal box - with little to no exaggeration.

You may notice commonalities between readings of reviewers. That's because they're virtually the same generic lines that that this company uses to prey on those who are naïve enough to believe that they are the real deal. My reading is as follows: you will live a long life and have a couple of children. You will have good news in march, april, or may. I was asked if twins run in my family. Nope. I was asked about my husband. No husband. I asked about what the good news would be in those months... "positive energy." I truly believe that I paid $60 for a fortune cookie. Not to mention, I was being given a palm reading and she didn't look at my palms.

To close, I was told that I should not tell anyone about this reading for the next few days or it may not be as accurate. Given that not a single thing was accurate, I am hoping that me airing all of this out about 30 minutes after receiving this reading will cancel out the bad juju like pemdas and something positive might come out of this dumpster fire. And here's the kicker... My brother got a reading too! We were both told not to speak of our readings... And you know why? Because they were the same.

To conclude, this is a scam. I would love to be refunded for the collective $120 that my brother and I spent at this establishment.

Thanks :-)

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10:47 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

The Psychic Shop get a real psychic today/ dm 1 free question/ shaman/spells/candle magic

Hello, to all. I want to remain anonymous
I am a female, age 29years old, current place, Miami, FL.

Let me say it like this, this gifted, strong intutive, shamanic pyschic, knows what to do and how to do it. She is experiencd pyschic, she will not help you with anything.

Back on March 28, 2019. A strong, Pyschic, had requested to follow me, on Instagram, and I followed back becus, she is also a Shaman. I, had called her, using the phone of another lady, and this pyschic had told me, that my life is going to change. She had promised me the world. She talks clear, she is sharp, and she is not slow. She knows what she is doing. She was even trained in, New Mexico, Hawaii, as well as India, by other practiconers, for her to use her gifts, to meditate, and do witchcrafts spells, like get love, get a job, and do cleansings and the whole nine yards.

I, decided to trust her, to me she knows what she is doing. She did not help me as she promised. After, I had paid her $50.00 via her pay pal. I have gotten into agruements with 5 people. Then i had paid her $150.00 on April 13, 2019, and the guy that she said she was going to have me get with, with a total of $250.00, had told me on facebook to stop [censored]ing calling, on April 14, 2019, at 1:00a.m. She said that I was going to be with a man and have a job, with a total to pay. $250.00. It did not happen.

Now with the $150.00. Frist, I paid it on cashapp. And she refunded me, becus she states, that her cashapp app brooke. And had me do payment of the $150.00 to her friends account, who is also a Pyschic. Then, she had another charge pending of another $150.00 via my pay pal, and I got bank credit for that.

Do, not get service from Daniella Song. She will not help you, she will just promise the world, and mess everything up for you. She is a pyschic that, like I said, knowa what she is doing. She has made my friends not talk to me anymore.

Instagram: Mystic Advisor
It will say, try a reading today.

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Update by Craving4creativity
Oct 15, 2019 11:33 pm EDT

So, once again, do not, talk to this, Shamanic Pyschic, Deniella Song, it will truly be a waste of your time. This is for free advise, do not talk to her. Or buy anything from her. She will make it what it doesn't seem.

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The Psychic Shop reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 15, 2019. The latest review Scam - completely inaccurate reading for steep price of $60. was posted on Nov 24, 2020. The Psychic Shop has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 2 reviews. The Psychic Shop has resolved 0 complaints.
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