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Sep 24, 2019

After two years of absolutely no results from EIGHT spells, multiple recast boosts and upgrades I have officially cut ties with Ashra. She's a narcissistic scam artist who only cares about making money. Never have I seen proof of any spells she's cast. You always have to email her to get... / unethical behavior

Sep 20, 2019

Ashra is a fraud. I am not a competitor and I have, all of my emails plus pay pal receipts to prove it. Stop playing with people's lives. I got no results and started harnessing my own power. People buy books and study the craft. Buy your own materials instead of wasting money on fake... / love spell

Jun 25, 2019

I work with Ashra for almost two years and never got results actually everything got worse. I also purchased two reading and nothing on those reading come true or make any sense to be true. It sad that this woman gives people hope the money I don't care about but time and illusion, when... / spells

Jun 08, 2019

I'm 100% sure ashra is a scam artist. I purchased over 5 spells with no help. She only updated me to purchase more spells. She would give me false reading and hopes. She is not the real deal. Save your money. I have all the evidence to prove her nonsense. People are brain washed. This i... / passion panacea spell for infertility

Oct 26, 2018

Purchased a Fertility spell in June, still no luck. I questioned ashra and she sent me an email with links to videos and other spells that I could purchase. So I created a new email and "enquired" about her spells and She sent me the same exact E-mails as before... "are you okay?" I wa... / ashra koehn scam 2018

Sep 22, 2018"Ashra Koehn" is an 'online spell caster/ Ashra spellcaster" who sells spells to people who want a quick fix, who believe that magic is real. I was dumb enough, and I know there have been others, who wanted to believe, but deep down we knew it was a scam. I sept $1500 on these 'so called'... / scammer - read

Jun 08, 2018

Scam! Email reports are all templates with names changed. Tries to pass herself off as having competitors that will try to discredit her. Will send emails every 2 weeks like clockwork suggesting you buy another spell. When asking PayPal for a refund, she will dupe them into saying you...

Ashra Spells Reviews / scam please read

May 24, 2018

Before you order her spells read this!!! Ashra is a fake spell caster that has been operating under a false name you can find several reports with proof of purchase about her real name Emily J. Cole and she lives in Colorado and not Australia. Read here... / spells to obtain a job

May 11, 2017

I contacted Ashra a few months ago regarding casting a spell to help me obtain a job. Additionally, a friend contacted her at the same time regarding a love situation. Ashra sent the same generic boiler plate email to my friend, and the same to me. She changed the names. She sent a note a... / spells to obtain a job

May 09, 2017

I contacted Ashra a month ago regarding casting a spell to help me get a job. Additionally, a friend contacted her at the same time regarding a love situation. Ashra sent the same "generic boiler plate" email to her, and the same to me as well. She sent a note a 48-hours after l contacted... / ashra koehn aka emily j. cole

May 09, 2017

I contacted Ashra a few months ago regarding casting a spell to help me get a job. Additionally, a friend contacted her at the same time regarding a love situation. Ashra sent the same generic boiler plate to her, and the same to me. She changed the names. She sent a note a few days after... / spells

Dec 18, 2015

Very convincing and I'm a fool but I was so down about a lost love I bought into her talking me into one spell after the other. Nothing worked nothing will ever work and I'm out of the money. She has pictures of both of us I was a fool to send pictures to a stranger, I did this over a...

Ahsra Spells / fraud


HI, Ashra is a fraud, she cast one spell for me and guaranteed that within a week it would all fall into place and that she had a positive light bounce back etc etc, little old excited me had a good week waiting a week turned into a month then 2 only to find a email the very next day...

Ashra Spell Enchantments - Denver Colorado / emily cole, I sure hope you are real


Emily, if you are reading this then please respond. People are calling you a scam and I'm not sure what to believe. You know my situation and how much I love my husband. I gave you my money in trust! I also sent you an email today. I hope I hear back from you Emily. To everyone...

Ashra Spell Enchantments / you will sit in a chair, place you hands lightly on the arms. make sure it is comfortable like a lazy boy. candle spells require over 1 hour of your


Finally Ogun can help you! Voodoo Spiritualist Dr. Ogun will set you free. Everyone else is Fake! Fake! fake! I cast for you immediately. Guaranteed satisfaction! Contact Dr Ogun: [protected] via this phone number +234(080)[protected]. Trust nothing but the best. Your life depends on it!

Ashra Love Spells / no results


I had ashra do a love spell for me last year and the only results I have gotten from it have been negative. Not only did it not work, the man moved in with and married another woman. I did everything she said to do and I got nothing in return but being $69 poorer and frustration. I have...

Ashra / fraud


I bought 2 spells from them and they don't work. I want a refund because they promised 100% guarantee, but it was lies. They don't answer my emails.

Emily Cole (Ashra Spells) Denver Colorado / scammed by emily cole through western union - ashra spells


Emily Cole (Ashra Spells) Denver ColoradoI feel like an Idiot! I sent Emily Cole money through Western Union. My husband was having an affair with a much younger woman. I trusted ashra because her site was very convincing and she said that she would have no problems putting a stop to his affair and restoring my marriage with...

Ashra Spells, a.k.a Emily Cole / ashra has been exposed: emily cole


Ashra Spells, a.k.a Emily ColeAshra's real name is EMILY J. COLE!!! Ashra your days are done!!! Your spell didn't work! My husband NEVER came back! Let me reveal who you really are! Her phone number is [protected]. When you call this number her voice matches that of Ashra in the video above. Her phone...

Ashra Spells / she is a faux


i spent over 300.00 for 2 spells and needlees to say the wishes never happened it does sound crazy however, when u pay for something that gives you 100% guarantee you feel like there is nothing to loose.Ashra spells should be taken off the web she made a hell of alot of money karma is a bithch!!

Ashra Spells and Free spells / lies/rip off


Ashra is a rip off, when I asked for my money back. She said have to wait one year, then she only will follow another spell casters who are registered. So, I found one and still she will not refund my money. This is not only lies, but theft of services! Don't order anything from this one!

Ashra Love Spells / scam


I used ashra love spells. I bought 1 spell and she would update me weekly and let me know how it was going and to offer more spells to add "power" to the first one. She would say that it was manifesting and that my lover was thinking of me and that we would be reunited soon. That was march...

Ashra Spell Enchantments / fraud


Please do not think about purchasing anything from her. She is a fraud and someone who feeds off of people who are feeling down. Trust me I have been there. She lies and is nothing that she claims to be. If your struggling with something the shortest solution to your problem is the... / psychic fraud


I went to her several months back, bought 8 spells. My friend did buy a couple also. The replies back from her was the same as my friends, but with different guys name in the reply. I was completely shocked that all her messages are pre saved and pre written. I have no results neither doe...

Spells, Magick, Ashra Spells / ripp off, scam


I am sick Of waiting for answers from Ashra! Over 6 months ago I have paid Ashra approx. 350$ for a money spell and untill today i still haven;t seen ANY results, after multiple attempts to contact Ashra I have decided to write this complaint! This woman took my money and promised a outcome... / reply


Sorry but i am not affiliated with any person named Ryan Pearson or any other company that may have also posted a complaint here on this website.In fact my name is Mike and i am a regular civilian who registered this complaint in conjunction with directions from authorities handling my...

Ashra Spells / fraud


I would like to post that i have been a victim of fraud by this company and recieving scam mail with my personla info since they recieved it. Please help