Beatrice Marot Complaints & Reviews

Beatrice Marot / Racist - Homophobe - Stalker


Beatrice MarotOver a decade ago, when I began my work as a professional psychic and medium, I worked for a telephone psychic hotline called One of the other psychics who worked for Keen was a woman named Beatrice Marot, who lives in California and calls herself “The High Priestess of...

Beatrice Marot / is a documented animal abuser, cyber bully, cyber stalker, internet fraud and psychic

Beatrice MarotThis consumer report is to chronicle proof of Beatrice Marot's more than twenty year history of burning innocent, vulnerable people who think she's a real psychic, to prove she's nothing but a mentally deranged cyber bully and cyber stalker, victimizing any one she has a...

Beatrice Marot / No complaint this lady is GREAT!


No Complaints about Beatrice Marot. She and a pal of mine have been friends for years. She really helped him through a lot of struggles. I want to post this because Beatrice is not a racists or a homophobe or anything else but a great person. If you need a great psychic reading I would...