Tan Chong Motor Holdingsnissan x trail system problem, back to factory so many times still cannot solve

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before the below date already got same problem
when before the problem happen is about the air condition system, after check at services center, the air condition system got solve or not i also don know after few weeks air condition problem come again & bring more system error

total system error 4 time already
until today air condition system problem still can not solve

nissan x trail system problem, back to factory so many times still cannot solve

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    where the video i upload ???


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    coffeeaddict Jul 21, 2019

    Misdiagnose, Unsatisfied & Bad Service of Syabas Suria Auto Gemilang Sdn Bhd

    Im writing & officially report to your management on the issue that I am still facing with my car from 22.6.2019 till to date.

    Please find attached hereto the chronology of events for your reference and understanding.

    Please be informed that I am very disappointed and frustrated with your authorized dealer Syabas Suria Auto Gemilang Sdn Bhd (SC). For your information, this is my 4th time sending my car to the SC and this is too much! The SC had treated my vehicle Nissan X-trail, like a GUINEA PIG since 22.6.2019. They keep on trying and error to fixed the aircond problem and till to date the issue remain unresolved. They don’t even know and unable to detect what is the problem!

    They can’t detect what is the problem but keep on asking me to send the car back, leave the car for further inspection and keep on recommending parts to be replaced. What kind of dealer is this?? As far as I’m concern and to my knowledge, authorised dealer should have a skilled technician that that detect and fixed any kind of problem faced by their customers.

    We send our car to the SC with the hope to settle and rectify our aircond issues since the SC is the authorised dealer/service centre of Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd. As an authorised dealer, I am really disappointed with this kind of service. SC should have a standard SOP on how to go about on detecting, repairing and rectifying aircond problem.

    SC claimed that they had called and bring the technician from HQ and undergo the QC as well, but the issue remained unresolved!!!

    I believe SC owes me an answer on my unresolved problem with regards to the aircond issue as it has not only been wrongly diagnosed but I was wrongly recommended on what needs to be rectified and this has led me to so many problem and difficulties, unnecessary cost incurred, loss of transportation to work, unnecessary cost incurred to hire a grab car to work.

    When I called SC on 15.7.2019 to inform that the aircond still not cold, they asked me to leave the car for another 4-5 days for further checking. Do you provide a replacement car? No! How long do you need to settle this kind of problem?? This is really too much!

    Please don’t treat us like a guinea pig and keep on trying and error to fix the problem! It does’nt work that way!

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