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Tampa ElectricWrongful charges

My Teco bill has increased by almost $300 in the past 4 months, I now have electric bills for $455 a month, but first let me say I am hardly home, and I have been keeping my a/c at 78. My due date on the bills are the 15th of each month. For some reason Teco disconnects my power on the 16th, ( I also get a final notice sent out around the 6th, before my bill is even due.) They wont even let me be a day late. I have tried to set up payment arrangement, but the reps tell me that my account does not qualify for it. I just got off the phone with teco, and they are charging me fees for a tech that came out and "spoke" to me or left a door hanger. This never happened, I never spoke to or received a hanger on my door from a field tech. I do not understand how this company is allowed to continue to rip people off. Hillsborough county residents have no other options but to use teco as their electric providers. This is disgusting, I am completely sickened by they way they treat their customers. They claim that they do not bill for any charges that were not used, but yet every month my bill has around $200 in misc. charges, which can not be explained by teco. Something needs to be done. I know a lot of customers who have had an issue like mine with teco, and have made complaints, but nothing is ever handled, so is it pointless to even make a complaint? I'm thinking so. Teco will continue to charge hundreds of dollars for fees they are making up, and nothing will come out of this. Someone should seriously do an investigation on them.


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    Joe Electric Jan 31, 2012

    over the summer my bill went up and I was in a tight spot, I was allowed to get behind and as long as I paid the most current month I was not shut off. I missed the payment of the 3rd month by one day and the sent me a final notice for the full month's I was behind including the most recent month. I called and they told me that they could not take anything but the 600+ dollars and I would be disconnected if payment was not made. They shut my power off, I paid the 600.+ owed (3 month's). Teco came back out and reconnected my power and charged me a 50. fee that was added to my future bill. So I spent every penny I had and then some to pay the full amount, so I think I am out of the woods but I receive a final notice in the mail a week and a half later for a bill I had not received yet! AT THIS POINT I AM CURRENT AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REGULAR BILL IN THE MAIL? I called and they stated that that the final notice had to be paid or I would be disco'd again and I explained that I had just paid 600' (3months) a week ago and this is 1 month bill that I have not even received in the mail yet? They offered no explanation other that if I do not pay it I will be disco'd. By the way the cool weather had kicked in and I had been turning my water heater off when not using so my bill had came down from the normal 250.ish to 70. they allowed me to keep my power on with no disconnect for over a year being basically 3 month's behind but now they are going to shut me off for 70. that isn't even due yet and keep in mind the previous year the asked for a 600. deposit out of the blue after having the same account at the same address for over 19 years without interruption! Needless to say that I could not pay the bill after dishing out 600. the week before so it was disco'd again until I was paid 2 days later and I had it reconnected for another 50. reconnect fee! Now I wish this was the end but it's not! A week and a half later I get another final notice for the most current bill 78.$ but again have not received a regular bill in the mail yet . At this point the reconnect fee's are 100. and more than the bill thats should not even be due yet!!! Same deal...called they would not offer any assistance or explanation, They told me it was up to the tech that handles the disconnect on weather he gives me any further time (needed 3 days). I asked to talk to a manager regarding this up to the tech in the field policy and he confirmed that they can not give me any time on the final notice but it was at the the tech's discretion weather I was shut off or not. When the tech came out to disco me for the 3rd time in lest than 2 month's I went out and asked him if he could give me 3 days and they had a 600. deposit, that I have been a customer over 19 years at this address etc and he said it was not up to him. I explained what I was told and he got irate stating thats a lie and if someone told you that they will be fired and decided he would take the opportunist to belittle me over my one month bill that was not even due yet. I had enough and told him to just do what he came to do and get off my property at which time he stated I will cut you off from now on soon as I get the work order you will be 1st on my list. I told that the company he works for is a bunch of greedy thieves and You already do anyway so bye. 3 days later I paid the amount due and another 50. was tacked on for reconnect. A week and a half passed and there it is final notice and again still no regular bill(it comes a week after my final notice lol), This time i paid it 100. of reconnects +70 dollar current bill. I am hoping at this point that it is something in their computer system that sees that theirs a reconnect fee owed and automatically generates a final notice as soon as the tech reads my meter. I had my fingers crossed that I would not receive a final notice again in 2 weeks but I checked my mail today and guess what final notice for 115. no regular bill so I don't have a clue what my electric use for last month was or how they came to the final notice amount?! THIS GOES FAR BEYOND FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES AND IS JUST GREEDY, RUTHLESS, HEARTLESS AND IS HARASSMENT OF INDIVIDUALS BY A MONOPOLY. I AM A SINGLE FATHER WHO HAS PAID TECO A TOTAL OF 1200. IN A 2 MONTH PERIOD AND HAVE PAYED MY BILLS TO THEM FOR 19 YEARS! THEY KNOW MY ELECTRIC USE WAS REDUCED BY MORE THAN HALF AND NOW THEY FIGURE THEY WILL JUST KEEP THEIR PROFITS UP BY STRONG ARMING PEOPLE TO GET THERE 50. RECONNECT FEE A MONTH WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

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