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8:39 pm
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This company will SPAM by finding a way to automate entry into a site's wordpress form. They then "sign you up" for their SPAM and offer a fake "opt-out" link.

They are clearly spammers & scammers and should be immediately shut down for harassing honest business owners.

Additionally, if you go on to their site to get the phone number and then phone, they simply hang up on you. This has been going on for months now and I have been continually harassed by someone there who claims to be "Randy".

Please shut down this dishonest company.

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Oct 01, 2019 1:53 am
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This is a world-class LEGAL scam. I cancelled my account within the proper amount of time, they never cancelled it and said I never did it, which is an absolute lie. Then they proceeded to charge me month after month, while still harrassing me saying that "this month's payment was declined" every month, harrassing phone calls and emails. I had to block their number on my phone, they literally call me every single day... I know this because even though their number is blocked, they can still leave me a voicemail which still shows up in my voicemail... and they do it EVERY SINGLE DAY... even though my card gets charged EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I also had to mark them as spam so I would not get their BARRAGE of emails saying "payment declined, payment declined, payment declined". Yet THERE IS THE CHARGE ON MY STATEMENT... EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I have disputed the transactions with my bank and LOST the disputes, because this [censored] "talkwithlead" had convinced them that I never cancelled my account, WHICH I DID. And NOW to cancel my account, I have to log in and add ANOTHER credit card number in order to cancel it! They really have me by the BALLS here, and there is NOTHING i can do about it! Today I looked at my statement and I have FOUR charges from them! All that happened simultaneously today. One of them was for DOUBLE the amount! So really its technically five charges... so I've now been charged NINE times for a monthly service that I signed up with for FIVE months ago. This is a REAL royal crock of garbage... DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE AND GIVE THEM YOUR CARD NUMBER, WHATEVER YOU DO!

Feb 06, 2019 11:38 pm

Utterly disgusting business practices. Trying to sign me up to make sure I answer my customersws/leads quickly and they dont even bother to call! They just spam you via your website with an insulting message, dont answer when you try to contact their management o lodge a complaint and then tell you they signed you up as a VIP. Disreputable and untrustworthy in every way.

If you have control of this on your website, block the IP of the spam message or they will just keep spamming you over and over.


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