Swarovskiworst experience

Worst customer service, worst treatment, worst quality, and worst company to deal with. I bought a necklace from them and 3 months later the white diamonds turned green!! I took good care of it and never got it in contact with water, but of course they blamed it on me for not taking good care of it or that this happened because of humid!! But since I have a warranty they agreed to exchange it with the same piece, but I wanted the same piece in black diamonds instead of white so I won't face this problem again. It's clearly stated on their website that I can replace it with another item with the same price, but they said this is not how it works in Malaysia. The Swarovski website is global and the warranty policies are international. So how come they have different policies?!! The person that works at the store told me that even if I took the black one I should be careful so it won't change color. So what does that tell you about the quality of their diamonds? Never going to purchase from them again.


Oct 05, 2019

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