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Complaints & Reviews

General customer help — No one will respond to my simple question

No one will respond to my simple question! I need to know-now!

Please just answer the simple question you need to train your people to simply do their job in the service department

I own and bought from you Jimny 2020 license plate BSP069. The car is fantastic! Best small suv!!!

For example: I need to know about the taillights today:

Which Jimny color wire is for left indicator?

Which Jimny color wire is for right indicator?

Which color cable (s) of the Jimny is for right brakes?

What color cable (s) from the Jimny is for left brakes?

What color Jimny wire is for ground?

Which color (s) of the Jimny (s) activates the red earnest light when all lights are on at night?

Your response should be easy.

Do not transfer me anywhere do you not tell me what number I can call do not offer me any other Avenue just simply answer these questions please please please!

All I want to do is hook a utility trailer to my chimney and I need to know the color operations for each light on the rear lights this is simple very simple

No one will respond to my simple question

south africa

I purchased a used Suzuki dzire automatic for R178000 and was told Suzuki can easily get parts, it won car of the year, IT IS A PIECE OF TRASH. The dzire is now worth half its value because apparently the car has no market value. No wants it.

All the dealership would say was why didn't I shop around before I bought the car. Obviously Suzuki cannot be trusted.

I was lied to by the dealership. Parts are not easy to find. The car began swaying on the highway. I found out later it was an Uber car. The car was in a car accident not disclosed time of the accident

south africa

engine block crack

I have a 2010 grand vitara and I replaced an engine with a cracked engine block, on 9/2019, the importer back than told me then that there is no warranty, though evident for a serial casting failure. Now I saw that you do have a warranty for that cracked block and the importer still dismisses me because I replaced that engine. What is your policy on that?

very poor after sales services for car repair, and customer misinformation

627356 I am writing today to complain about the very poor services that i have recieved from your company. Last november 2019, i visited Suzuki Auto Servce Center Ormoc City Branch, for...

regarding suzuki wagon r stingray car 2018

627356 I have brought a wagon r stingray car 2018 model one in October 2018 & it was brand new even though it categorized as recondition (it's odometer just had 0 km when i...

suzuki sx-4 hatchback 2012

I bought a new Suzuki swift gl in 1994. I drove this car for 14 years without any big motor problem, after that some parts were change, but this was acceptable and drove 4 years more. I was recommending everybody about Suzuki. In the end of 2011 I have bought new Suzuki Sx-4 hatchback year 2012 . Since the car was 6 years old it starts with some problem like; master-cylinder break leakage, motor supporters, front and back shock absorber, cv joints inner board and now is the water pump.
I know that every manufacturer is fabricating for less durability, as the economy can continue and grow, but this is not the way.
Besides your parts are very very expensive.
I am considering not to buy Suzuki anymore and I dis recommend every one. I have heard that the auto dealer in Curacao sold some car that were taking out of circulation or refurbished, and sell them as new. My chassis-number is: JS2YA21S1C6301850.
Emailadress: [protected]

suzuki sx-4 hatchback 2012
suzuki sx-4 hatchback 2012

suzuki sx4 is so unreliable.

I am William Chik and my vehicle Suzuki SX4 2013 Japan made donning 36 km is so unreliable that each time I put into service there were too many faulty parts e.g. oil pressure...

Suzuki suzuki grand vitara did not open

2 weeks ago a grand vitara suzuki automobile fell in to a valley but none of the airbags released. This accident happened in Tehran, Iran. The car got damaged in front, by sides in addition of roof. I request you to investigate this matter and send your experts to get results and investigate The reason of not releasing airbags.
In case there is no reaction to this review, we reserve our rights to communicate this matter to universal social media. We hope to receive reasonable and practical response from your side.

suzuki grand vitara did not open
suzuki grand vitara did not open
suzuki grand vitara did not open
suzuki grand vitara did not open

my new car

A few months ago I put a deposit down on a Suzuki swift turbo glx . I have changed the colour from silver to black, I was told it would be a 10 week wait. I am yet to receive my car, and have been told it will not arrive until after Xmas, my 2019 car will be here in 2020 how does that work, it is not Suzuki Australia's fault or my local dealer in Rockingham, apparently you have inspection issues in Japan, and this is causing a hold up on my new car. I cannot believe that you advertise this car, but cannot supply it, I would call that falsely advertised. Please a reply or explanation to what is going on with this would be greatly appreciated.

warranty repair of sun visor

We have a Suzuki Swift GL 1.4 5 speed hatch purchased from Suzuki Wangara in Perth Western Australia on 12/12/2014. Rego number: 1EQV 196 Vehicle ID: JSAFZC82S00312487 Owner...

faulty gears & losing 2 year extended warranty

To whom It May Concern,

I purchased my Suzuki Swift sport in April 2018, not only have I been having issues with my car since day one which i have brought up multiple times to the service centres the first time being on the 1000km service in regards to the gears and it struggling to go into gear properly whilst driving, having it crunch in reverse despite the reverse camera being on. The first time at the 1000km service they drove it & said nothing was wrong with it . This issue continued to happen and I brought it up again on my next service to a different service centre, they also said the same thing and stated that they were unable to pull the gear box apart or check the clutch and check for any issue under warranty without Suzuki Australia's permission, so once again nothing was done about it. About a month or two ago I spoke with Suzuki Australia about this and was told that they do not require permission however if they find nothing then i would have to pay for the cost of the labour and it wouldn't be covered under warranty. It also turns out that the dealership I purchased my car from had in fact registered my vehicle with Suzuki almost 6 months prior to me purchasing it and didn't bother to mention this, which means that by the time my first proper service was due It had been more than 6 months and I lost my 2 year extra warranty, I find this to be highly dishonest, unethical and unfair to myself as a customer who has purchased a new Suzuki, and to top it all off Ive had nothing but issues with the vehicle since I purchased it and no one is willing to assist me properly without wanting to charge me extra. My vehicle is due for another service ASAP however I do not wish to book this in without some confirmation that my car will be looked at properly, nor do I believe I should be charged extra due to the ordeal i have been through with it as well as unfairly losing my extra warranty due to the dishonesty of the dealership I purchased it from, the extra warranty was one of the reasons I purchased the car in the first place.

I would greatly appreciate if Suzuki Australia or head office can assist me by writing an email or letter approving that the gear box & clutch can be looked at under warranty with no added cost to myself.

I have attached both documents from both service centres stating the request to check the gears FYI

2018 suzuki vitara

November 2019 Hrvatska (Croatia)
Re: Suzuki Vitara Elegance model year 2018
Suzuki apparently and responsibly needs to do European (possibly a worldwide) RECALL on the RADAR system of the 2016 to 2018 Vitaras that have the installed Radar Braking Assisted System. Personally, the system is extremely weak and dangerously only works about 90% of the time-- before failing and is automatically shutdown (by the vehicle) on every drive (here in Croatia/HR/EU).
It is more than obvious, that Suzuki corrected this problem with their modest 2019 Vitara redesign while relocating the radar from the upper from grill to the lower section of the nose.
However, to leave the masses (many of which like ourselves with factory warranty still valid) yet out to dry on what is clearly a manufacturer's fault and design/safety failure-- is not only irresponsible, but practically negligent (at this point) for the personal safety of the passengers and the surroundings of the vehicle while it is being driven.
Suzuki should stop stalling and recall the models affected, in order not only to save face, but moreover to insure the broader safety of its customers and the communities where they are bought, sold, and driven.
Suzuki! Come on you can do better that this!
Get with it... and correct this problem and restore confidence and safety in your Vitaras!!! No more time to waste!
Please contact your auto salons and get this done, in turn by contacting your customers with a quality solution and a very permanent fix!
Signed, waiting for the RADAR!
November 11, 2019, Zagreb, Croatia.

car dealerships including main office

I have a Suzuki Vitara GLX plus car 2018. The operating manual is provided. However, the section about the radio, aka infotainment system is not correct. It refers to an old out of date radio. There is no new manual to operate the 10 inch touch screen system.
Nobody Suzuki in the Philippines can supply this operating manual.

I am very frustrated and request your help to get this manual.
Thank you

suzuki vitara 2017 general problems

To whom it may concern Re: numerous ongoing defects with my suzuki vitara, reg. no jcb873 chassis no tsmlyd21s00414585- purchased in 22/11/2017 from malta, europe. I write thi...

vitara, 1.4 s fuel consumption

I bought suzuki vitara 1, 4s on 30septeber 2016 at eurosummer Belgrade dealership. Tsmlyea1soo282387. Latly fuel consaption went high on board comuter it was showing 10l/100km...

sale off-market product

627356 I bought one suzuki gsxr 1000a new in Portugal in 2019/10/03 and the store delivery to me a motorcycle produced in the beginning of 2017 without saying anything about it. When I...

problem in local assembly pakistan (suzuki wagon r model)

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am a user of Suzuki product (Suzuki Wagon R - Pakistan assembled model) since last 4 years. Now a couple of weeks ago, I have faced an un-usual problem which caused me mental disturbance and financial loss as well.

Brief facts:
In this model of Suzuki Wagon R, a device called ECM (Engine Control Module) is installed beside car engine (on the left inside bonnet) which is not a safe place for such an expensive auto part. This devise can easily be removed by simply un-plugging 2 wire connectors and by opening just one screw. This kind of device is usually installed dashboard of car that cannot easily be reached by thieves.

I have been through this situation when my car was parked on road side and after my return back one or two hours later, this device called ECM was stolen by some professional thief who knew how to open bonnet without key.

My complaint to Suzuki Japan is against local assemblers regarding this severe quality issues in their products assembly because this expensive auto part (as stated above) should have been installed in a safer place in car instead of it's bonnet which is usually more vulnerable to be opened. This part cost PKR 95, 000 from Pak Suzuki Motors. As I have faced this loss due to local assembler's negligence and poor quality of assembling, soon I am going to file a complaint in local consumer court for this loss.
My request to Suzuki Japan Motors is to take action against local assembler to avoid such things which are bringing a bad repute to the name of Suzuki Japan motors.

problem in local assembly pakistan (suzuki wagon r model)

access 125

Hi Suzuki team,

Problem statement: Poor mileage on Suzuki (Model 125) for Chassis No. MB8DP11AMJ8A81364, Engine No. AF2160355559. current mileage is 38-40kmpl vs 64 kmpl as claimed by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

My name is Logesh Chokkalingam, Brother of Sudhakar who currently owns Suzuki Access. As mentioned above, my brother owned Suzuki scooter do not give mileage as expected and advertised. I have reached out to Amman Agencies service manager and the dealer several times about this issue, but they don't give a proper response.

Initially, bike was just giving about 25 kmpl and during my service, I had requested them to investigate on this. Upon the service, the bike was able to give only 38-40kmpl. I have been using economy mode while driving through the nicely paved roads in Vellore.

I request the concern to find the root cause and address, this issue without any delay as this is bothering him personally and he was totally upset when he spoke to me.

Please reach out to me by email as i reside in the United States ( Boston EST timings) or my brother @ [protected]

Based on the above complaint, today ( 16Oct19) my brother took Vehicle based on the request from Amman Suzuki for test drive and they ended meeting with an accident. Both service manager and my brother was hurt. I would request Suzuki team to consider this request and understand the customer complaints. Also i would like to understand what kind of fuel efficiency test was done at the time of service and assembling the vehicle. How did this pass ?

Thank you,


access 125

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited — defective brand new suzuki swift 2019

652838 Date of Incident: 02 October 2019 Customer Name: Muhammad Yousaf Suri Dealer Name and Code: SKI-0357 - Nadeem International Car Invoice No. VI - [protected] Invoice Date: 24...

I am complaining about radar break support (rbs) of suzuki vitara allgrip december 2018

Dear Sir, My name is Salih Bülent Alten (one of Suzuki Customer)
Good day. I bought e Suzuki Vitara All Grip in a year of 2018, December 31th in Ankara, Turkey from Tecimeroglu Co.
I have no problem with Tecimeroglu Co. but I have still suffered from RBS system of the car. The RBS system has been damaged approximately 5 months ago. During driving in the city, it is completely or frequently out of order, and when driving in inter cities road it does not work time to time. We were in the car in September 15th, 2019 in Mediterranean coast of Turkey in single (one way road). I tried to pass the car which was in front of me when the car connected cruise control system as you know it is connected with RBS system. Then The RBS system has suddenly disabled, then cruise control system has suddenly disabled, we were in big trouble with the car which was coming to us. We lucky ride out an accident.
I several time visited the company to change the system with new one. But unfortunately I am still waiting for new RBS system for 5 months. Why? Suzuki is very big global company and The company could not solve my problem even though there was five months. I am not happy. I hope you will answer me asap with solution.
Thank you

gear box

Dear Sirs,

I bought a SUZUKI CELERIO in June 2018 in Tunisia ( Plat number 205 Tunis 7124)(
chassis number: MA3KFC42S00509044) . Shortly after starting using the car, I noticed a queer, unnatural sound in the gear box . When taking the car for services at the dealer's, I made claims three times but in vain. I can still hear the queer, strange sound from the gear box and even an automotive expert was surprised and confirmed that there is a problem with the gear box which needs to be replaced . Feeling deeply upset and dissatisfied with the after sales service in Tunisia and fearing for your cars' reputation, I firmly believe that you will take my complaint into consideration and see to it that the dealer replaces the faulty part in the car.

textile business

627356 Our Company (M/S World Export Pvt Ltd) haved bought new Suzuki Cultus car on 29th March, 2019 from Nadeem International Karachi showroom leased from bank Al Habib Zamzama Branch...

gsx-s 1000 f

I use to ride Suzuki motorbikes since more than 20 years. The problem I have with my GSX-S is new to me but is well known by lots of GSX-S owner.
The problem occurs when i use very slight throttle, maybe 5% when there is trafic for example. My motorbike is giving jerks.
It occurs mainly beetween 2000 et 4000 rpm on any gear. The way the motor runs don't give me any feeling. If the road is dented, it's very difficult to stay stable on the throttle.
I bought this motorbike last mars. it was a 0 kilometer model but vintage 2016.
French Suzuki headquater is explaining me that the warranty ended.
What can I do??
Any help or suggestion are much appreciated.
I can be reached on my phone number +[protected] or on email : [protected]

50,000 km service

627356 I have alto 800cc - 2008, the kilometers on the car is approximately 50, 000 km, and I went to modern motors on [protected] to make my regular service like changing the brake pad...

misleading and poor financial advice on purchase

Agreement Number [protected] Mrs Patricia Matthews 190 Longfield Road BoltonBL3 3SN Dear Sir, Three weeks ago on the 3.9.2019 I purchased a Suzuki Celerio sZ3Dualjet Reg: PA 19...

gps old version on brand new car

I have now 3 Suzuki's: 2 swifts and one scross.

The new car was equipped with built-in GPS.
Unfortunately, the GPS had an old version of mapping.
The local distributor was informed, but claimed more than 300 euro to update the software.
For me, this is unacceptable. A new car should have an up to dated GPS software.

Please confirm that this is the Suzuki policy and not a misunderstanding.

Kind regards.

Luc De Mulder
Mobile: +32 [protected]

ignis hybrid

Good evening
I feel I must complain about our experience when we purchased out brand new ignis hybrid today from suzuki stoneacre peterborough...
Let me start with a little background information..
We purchased from the same dealer ship just under 4 years ago a new suzuki swift and the say the experience was not a good one would be an understatement... New car no petrol so broke down on the forecourt, then the battery was flat an I had to jump start it with my own car... Not good experience but we loved the car...
Today the saleman arthr james, knowning the issues from before went out of his way to make sure that every thing went well... Sadly he was let down by back room boys..
Firstly the number plate at the rear that the service department fitted was clearly smudged but they carried on fitting it.
When we pointed this out it was reprinted but we had to ask!!!
The inner front door panel was damaged... We pointed this out we viewed the car on saturday 21st... This was reported again to workshop but again on handover they where happy to give us the car damaged...
Again the salesman arthur was great and said it would be sorted... We agreed to get the door panel and also a chip in the paintwork on the edge of the front driver side at another time as we didn't have all day to wait around...
On driving the car away with in 400 meters away a warning light came on the dash, tyre pressure!!! So we turned around back to garage..
The service department reset it all in about 15 mins and said all good now... Again saleman arthur was great,,,
Off we went again this time about 2 minutes away low tyre pressure warning and a flashing warning light!!! Getting cross know... Back we go again..
We agreed on a loan car and left it with them to sort all issues fully, paint chip, door card, tyre pressure issue...
We get a phone call about 4.30pm all done come and get it!!! We live aprox 35min drive away...
Bearing in mind of your company mission statement

1. Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer
2. Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork
3. Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement

The "mission statement" established in 1962 which indicates the corporate policy of suzuki.

What should have happened to meet your above stead me having to once again drive back to the dealership, a simple offer... Your car is done can we return it you???..
No offer came forward yet the customer was expected to drop everything and drive back to collect the car... An hour round trip!!!
No offer came forward in the way of a goodwill gesture and the fact that they know that the first car buying customer journey was so bad, now the second one was even worse... The only saving grace was the arthur james... Well done that man!!!
Knowning how focused that suzuki is on the customer journey...
A goodwill gesture like a service plan would e I say be the least that you can do..
We love your products but not sure we would buy another as nearly 4 years past between purchases yet the buying journey has been so flawed on both occaisions...
Look forward to your thoughts
Carl nightingale and julie argent
Please contact on [protected] [protected] or [protected]

wagonr fz 2017

My car is brought brand new and now been using for one year and nine months. It has a adjuster issue as I found out by reading. This has been happend due to undercarriage washing.
My car has done only 11k km. Doea this mean suzuki cars cannot run 11k without major repairs? Your car's undercarriage cannot be waahed? Is their any recalk or something?

suzuki dzire 2019

I bought a suzuki Dzire 2019 last Oct 2018, since then the accessories that should come along with it are seat cover and floor matting. Until today I have not receive any. No news on my insurance as well as I need to have the right doors fix due to car accident.

The dealership always say they will follow up but nothing had happen since last year.

I don't know if this will still be fix or not.

reset tpms on suzuki 2008 grand vitara


I recently had installed 4 new EZ-Sensor OE on 4 tires and the Shop could not reset or relearn or program them so that the ECM is synced to the tire sensors.

I noticed that the Sensor ID numbers are 5 digits rather than the 8 digits originally programed.

I see various relearn instructions on the internet to relearn TPMS sensors.

The instructions below simply do not work!

Instructions for 2008 Grand Vitara Luxury:
Hold door button for 2 seconds, release for 2 seconds, hold for 2 seconds. release for 2 seconds, hold for 5 seconds" process), YOU WILL KNOW ITS TRIGGERED IF THE TPMS LIGHT STARTS BLINKING RAPIDLY.

Do you have a procedures to relearn the senor IDs so the ECU will recognise them?

Please advise,

suzuki swift gl 2015

I do all my revisions on time and in the Suzuki's garage. They always put antigel which cost 40$ as it will avoid the radiator and water pipes from any damage. So, i am surprised that after 4.5 years the shoufage's radiator and the relative pipes were defected. I believe that this is weird especially after 4.5 years only. I contacted the company (bazergi) in lebanon who said that your head office in japan refused to be responsible which i doubt as you are a reputable and wordwide company that cares about its customers and quality of your product. Kindly i am asking my car to be fixed on your liability. Hope to hear soon from you. Thanks in advance.

noise form engine suzuki wagon r fz 2017 chassis no. mhc 555s-100565

627356 I have run over 22000 km in my car but there is a noise coming from the engine. So I asked from the SUZUKI company (Authorized dealer in Kandy)about the problem and they told me...

fraud by paksuzuki booking office fortress lahore

I booked my Suzuki alto VXL AGS on 10th July 2019. I booked it on 1302000 by Rashida ijaz in 5lac advance. I did not go to any dealership or anywhere and I went directly to the...

suzuki baleno 2016 and installation of infotainment system

I am a loyalty customer of Suzuki and it is really hard to understand why I cannot install the Suzuki Infotainment System in my new Baleno GL+. As far as I know, the Suzuki...

no quality at all, total loss of confidence in product and company

I've bought a new top-of-the-line Suzuki S-Cross AllGrip (0 km) on August 9, 2019. The vehicle experienced internal noise and malfunction of the multimedia system just 200 meters after delivery. Since then, several other problems have occurred, some of them intermittent in nature, involving twilight sensors, vehicle braking, cruise control malfunctions, and unexpected gear reductions in traffic-free straight path roads. The car was screeched to the same authorized dealer/workshop after only 290 km of driving and remains there. After 20 years buying Suzuki products (1 Baleno, 2 Grand Vitara, 1 SX4), this is for sure the worst car I ever bought. And also the worst factory customer service I have ever been submitted to, being treated by the Brazilian factory with great insensivity and misconsideration. After so much heartbreak and financial loss, I totally lost confidence in the brand and especially in the product, which will be sold as soon as possible, to never more buy a Suzuki product again, unless a trust built in 20 years and destroyed in just 20 days be quickly restored.

multimedia problems

Dear Suzuki, whom it may concerns

Because of increasing Multimedya problems of Suzuki Vitara in Turkey.

As Suzuki fans Our trust and customer satisfaction start to decrease month by month.

May be Turkey is not an important market for Suzuki. But If you are Japan, I believe that you will solve this problem in short time. because Turkey Suzuki is not enough to solve problem.

Many thanks

suzuki cultus avk310 ags 998 cc. model 2019

I booked the above car on 20th March, 2019.
I got delivery of the car on 18th June, 2019.
As I drove it home, I informed the dealer (Danish motors), that there was something wrong with the automatic transmission and the power steering, both electronic.
I took the car back to the dealer twice, but both times they tried to convince me that there was nothing wrong with it and tried to force me to accept the car as it is.
I approached the higher management of Suzuki in Pakistan ( mr. Sheikh Shafiq) and he told me to wait for further instructions.
Now after making me wait for over a month, he tells me that there is nothing wrong with the car (without further inspection) and to wait further.
The car has done only 264 kilometers to date, (over two months) and I do not feel like driving it.
The problem is that with each gear change in the automatic mode, there is a mild deceleration.
It appears as if somebody taps on the brake before each gear change.
It is more pronounced at lower speeds and is most abnormal.
Also the power steering is hard and very unlike power steerings.
Both problems refer to the electronic system.
I suspect that Suzuki Pakistan are incapable of doing anything about it, and forcing me to accept the car in the present condition.
ENG. NO. PK10K146748. CHASIS NO. NF1AVK31H10046656. Type. AVK310. 308 172
Please help me out here. I am over 70 years old and incapable of running around.
Capt.(retired) Nayyer Nazir
31/1, street 32 A,
Phase 5 extension,
Defense Housing Authority,
Karachi 75500
E-mail :- capt.[protected]
Mobile :- +[protected].

car service / body shop / general repairs

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you referring a very a bad experience received by the Suzuky Universidad (Andrade) in Mexico City, this w/c August20th. Last week a picked up...

suzuki celerio

627356 Hi, I am Sohaib, owning Suzuki Celerio(known as New Cultus in Pakistan) model 2017. During washing my car I observed the luggage compartment spare wheel area where the Drain...

suzuki swift gl car

In February 2015 my son turned 18, and we asked him what small car does he wants for his birthday. Our son has a keen and discerned interest in cars, and took some time to read about each small car at that time in the market. He came back to us, and indicated the Suzuki Swift as an ideal option. Knowing that he will be required to travel to University and require a reliable vehicle, we specifically focused on buying a new and reliable car.

Suzuki assisted us with sourcing a pearl white Suzuki Swift from Durban. With great excitement, we went ahead and purchase this vehicle for my sons 18th birthday. Suzuki Swift 1.2GL Engine nr K12MN1453625 Chassis nr MA3GZC62S00725978, registered in Feb 2015.

Knowing that the vehicle will have to last his whole Varsity term we also opted for an extended warranty on the car, through Suzuki. The vehicle was serviced on the required intervals however in November 2018, with 42 478km used the vehicle's water pipe burst causing the engine to overheat and causing severe damage to the engine. The engine was duly repaired by Suzuki however no reason could be provided or explanation given as to why the water pipe would burst at such low km usage!

At this stage we already became concerned about the durability of the vehicle. We are not in a position to just sell the vehicle and decided to trust that all will be OK. With great sadness in August 2019, at an odometer reading of just over 55 000km, the vehicle made strange mechanical noises and after immediate inspection we realised something serious is wrong. We immediately took the vehicle to Suzuki and after examining the vehicle it was reported that the gearbox bearing became damaged and had to be replaced. Again no clear reason for this to happen could be explained.

The main concern is that the burst water pipe and damaged gearbox bearing are very uncommon damages for vehicles at such low km usage. Our extended warranty will now expire in early 2020 and we are seriously concerned about the quality of the vehicle, its durability and reliability! In fact we have lost faith in the reliability of the vehicle and potentially the brand!

This was a brand new car, with so many problems and issues with very low kilometers. We would like to sell the car immediately, however the vehicle financing outstanding balance (R 88, 820.84) does not allow this option being viable. We totally lost faith in Suzuki, and we now just want to get rid of this car. For years we drove Toyota's and Volkswagen, up to 200 000km with no issues.

We are also of the opinion that your brand should take accountability for a vehicle meeting the requirements of reliability. Especially purchasing a new vehicle and having to trust that it would at least be able to meet the 120 000km mark before these serious mechanical problems, already incurred at just over 40 000km, are experienced.

It seems unreasonable that Suzuki can just shrug its shoulders and not come to the party as a responsible brand taking ownership for this situations. We have lost total trust in this vehicle and would appreciate your help by either one of the following options:

1. Suzuki to unconditionally take the vehicle back at the financing outstanding value of R 88, 820.84.
2. To replace the vehicle with the same/similar model at no additional charges.

We seriously considered lodging a claim under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and claiming our dismay through Social Media, however we would first provide Suzuki opportunity to respond. We are eagerly awaiting a positive and amicable resolution to this matter.