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I changed propane suppliers and Superior Propane charged me a $200 administration fee for cancelling my account.

I had no contract with them.

I have contacted other propane suppliers that do not charge fees for cancelling propane delivery.


  • St
    steph66 Jun 09, 2009

    Isn't that what they charge to send a certified gas fitter to remove their tank?

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  • Bi
    BigHomer Aug 11, 2009

    Terrible Customer service as well. I purchased a home w/ tanks already there. Phoned and transferred the service for the address into my name. A year later I get a $300 bill for tank rental; $150 for the current year and $150 for the next year.

    No one said a thing about a tank rental fee to me when I signed up! This cost seems exorbitant for a metal cylinder that sits there. To me, it's like if Hydro charged rent on the telephone pole outside my house.

    Today I received a 'general retail agreement' (over 2 years after signing up) that details all the charges. These guys have their heads up their butts.

    Stay clear from Superior (if possible)!

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  • By
    Bye Bye Superior Aug 31, 2009

    Superior Propane is a joke. I live in a community of 100 houses which
    use propane. After receiving an invoice for my tank rental (2 tanks) at
    $1550.00/year, I started to talk to my neighbours and found out Superior
    charges different tank rental fees to different customers, different
    propane charges to different people and some customers are charged a
    delivery fee and hazardous material handling fee, while others are not.

    All these people live on the same street. I have switched to a local company that
    doesn't charge tank rental fees and bills customers the same way and at
    the same rate ( with no delivery fee and hazardous material handling fee).

    Superior is also charging me $200.00 for the tank removal.

    Superior (that’s laughable) is truly a Mickey Mouse organization.

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  • Mn
    mneeda Oct 27, 2009

    dealing with superior propane is HELL!!! they really should be taken to court. corrupt, unfair, no service, outrages insane pricing, changing policies, not following up on their own contract, unbelievable.

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  • Di
    Di the pissed off Pit Bull Feb 23, 2010

    Superior Propane SUCKS BIG TIME !!! They don't know anything about service.

    Superior Propane has bad, bad service, high prices, extra fees, and bad accounting procedures, but they area all very polite on the phone. I don't get it, are they spending all of their time on the phone fielding complaints, but then don't have the time to do the actual work? Last year I waited 3 months for a $25.00 credit for a double delivery fee, and now I changed propane companies, and Superior is charging me $99.00 to pick up THEIR tanks. I should have just kept them and sold them to someone!!!

    Today I warned them to waive the $99 pick up fee or else I am sending a registered letter all the way up to the president in Calgary and the head honcho here in Quebec. I am going to charge THEM for all of the time that I have spent on the phone trying to sort out THEIR mess and trying to get some answers. You know what they say, time is money. Well for ME TOO!!! I am like a PIT BULL!!! Wish me luck!

    Diane, Montreal

    p.s. Like the guy above said: STAY AWAY from Superior. You have been warned!!!

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  • Ic
    icegolf Oct 21, 2010

    Bruce, Halifax

    Had over 500.00 dollars worth of credits applied to my account, then they sent me a bill for 200.00. I called them to find out what was going on and they said they are having trouble with their billing system. Offered me a 10.00 credit and when I got upset they offered 25.00 dollar credit. I paid the bill but now regret doing so. They don't seem to know what they are doing. How will I ever get rid of their tank?

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  • Sp
    Spirit5 Oct 28, 2010

    York Region, Ontario

    I have been with SUperior for years and must agree that their customer service really is BAD when it comes to billing. I had them charge me more than once twice and even three times for delivery and harzardous waste on the same propane delivery. Also I have to constantly fight for better propane prices with them every year to compete with the best or average rates out there. I have problem with my billing as well and still after so many calls (just waiting over 30 minutes each time), I gave up and sent an email to Calgary and Customer Service and basically said if my account and problems are not corrected immediately, I will have no choice but to take other action. I have no idea what is going on but I have had enough and starting to look for someone else. If Superior tries to charge me for $200.00 removal fee for two tanks I have, I can reassure you that they will be waiting forever to receive payment from me.

    Concerned Consumer

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  • Di
    Disappointed in Read Mar 08, 2011

    Here are the facts:

    We purchased a house that came with a Superior Propane tank and Superior Propane promptly set up an account for us after the house deal went though. After about a year we decided to check the price per litre from Superior Propane against a couple of local propane companies.

    Our last Superior Propane purchase was $1.0940 / ltr + $ 8.95 Hazmat + $11.00 Delivery + Taxes

    The cost quoted from two local companies was much less at $0.699 and $0.649 / litre with NO additional charges, in fact, one of those companies does not even charge (HST) tax. We decided on the lower price for a savings of 44.5 cents per litre.

    When I called Superior Propane to close our account and have the tank picked up, they then decided they could sell me propane at $0.76 / ltr + Hazmat + Delivery + Tax. The Superior Propane agent offered me several more cents per litre discount ONLY if I would use more propane. Absolutely NO incentive to save my pennies or the environment.

    Needless to say, since I am on a disability pension the savings from the local company would help my heating budget go much further and the decision was made to switch from Superior Propane to a local company.

    It was AFTER I told Superior Propane I was switching to another company they told me of a $111.87 pick up charge on their tank. I even offered to return the tank myself and was told by them it was against the law for me to move the tank (I since found out from an OPP constable there is no such law).

    I did checked with the local propane company and told me they do not charge for tank pick up.

    My immediate savings on my heating budget was instantly lost because of the pick up charge Superior Propane levied against me. Again, this is a charge we had no choice on because the propane tank came with the purchase of the house.

    On a closing note, shortly after moving in to our new house, Superior Propane replace the original ageing tank and did a safety inspection of the existing copper line (tubing). Before going with the new company we upgrade all the propane lines for new gas appliances, the contractor that did the upgrade pointed out to us that Superior Propane should have never passed the main line from the tank along the house as it was copper held in place with steel clamps. He showed us where the corrosion was already eating through the propane line.

    If we had known what we know now, we would have had the Superior Propane tank removed and taken out of the house purchase before we bought our new home.

    We are totally disappointed with Superior Propane and can not recommend them.

    Read Ontario

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  • Og
    Oggie Jun 22, 2011

    They picked up a tank at our cottage and then charged us over $200 six months later. They didn't ever tell us there was a charge. We paid the money but we still receive regular monthy bills with interest even though their own customer service says our account is dead.

    These guys are committing legal fraud!

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  • Wa
    wayneMcD Jul 19, 2011

    Like the rest of you, I tried calling to discuss billing charges, but I couldn't get through. In fact, they acknowledged that there was a billing problem on the automated phone system - this message stayed on the phone system for a year! I asked for copies of all MY payments (on email and on phone), but all they have sent me so far is send me copies of THEIR invoices - they don't seem to track my payments. I am not settling my bill unless I can verify my payments with my records.
    They are the most poorly run service I have ever seen in my life. How can your billing dept. have no clue what is going on for a full year? I am dreading the problems I will have when I switch to a different provider. To everyone who reads this - don't use Superior Propane - I have warned you!!!

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  • Superior Propane are the bullies of the Propane industry.
    I purchased a home which already had a lease agreement with SP. Apparently I took over this lease when I purchased the house. The lease dates from the late 1980s.
    It was only indirectly that I found out that Superior Propane were charging $1.10 per litre PLUS a delivery and hazardous material charge for each delivery (about $26.00), whereas the competition in my region of Eastern Ontario charges $.74 per litre and NO delivery and hazardous material charge. After telling Superior on the phone that I wished them to stop all deliveries, they delivered another load of propane when I was not at home. This I paid for, if reluctantly, but again instructed them that our business relationship had ended. That was in January, 2011. In June they sent me a bill for tank rental. Another phone call telling them I would call them to remove the tank when I had used the propane I had paid for and had no intention of paying for rental of a tank which I didn't want.. In September of 2011, when I was almost down to 35% on that fuel which I had paid for but not requested, they filled the tank again when I was not home.
    Finally, I purchased a reconditioned tank from a local supplier and had it filled (at $.74 per litre) and instructed Superior to come get their now full tank. They have done so today, December 6, 2011. However, they are actually under the illusion that I will pay them to remove this tank.

    Hell will freeze over first.

    Superior Propane is to be avoided at all costs. They will soak you for propane, delivery costs, pickup charges etc., and do not follow your explicit instructions to cease and desist from delivering their product. My next step will be to report them to the Better Business Bureau in my region of Eastern Ontario.

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  • Jh
    jhaeenq Dec 14, 2011

    The reason i am here is i bought a cottage last year and the bills i am getting from Superior for my propanne usage do not add up to my seasonal usage. I have since been doubled billed twice and i am not getting a good feeling and don't have the time to continually monitor my usage and then compare it to my bill. Also there rate is HIGHER when compared to the other local rates ... Time to switch ... Thanks .!!

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  • Co
    Concerned SP Customer Oct 28, 2013

    I had very negative experience with Superior Propane as well for years. The annual rental charge for a small 200 lb propane tank increased from $69 to $99 without any rationale and explanations. I called three propane supplier in the Halifax area this morning to surprisinly find out that I am paying $0.20 more per litre ($0.89/litre vs Superior's rate of $1.09/litre) for propane. While other companies do not charge transportation/delivery fee, Superior charged me $19 for delivery plus other costs. While Irving indicates that they can remove your tank free of charge if you discontinue with their services, Superior charges $99 (plus taxes) for tank removal. In addition to the high rates and unfair charges, its billing practices have been a nightmare for us for years! Scrutinize their bills carefully and call around for better alternatives and deals. I'll call Superior tomorrow to cancel its services!

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  • Al
    AllenS-67 Jan 05, 2014

    Anyone want to sue Superior in a class action for commercial fraud?
    I had no contract for service but had a rental and was paying $0.50/liter more than other providers. They wanted $150 rental for their tank so I cancelled the service and asked that they pick up their tank. They missed the first scheduled pickup and only picked it up a month later. I already had the tank removed and it sat in the driveway. They wanted over $250 for the tank pick up.
    I'm going to write a letter of complaint that the costs are to be born by the provider and I will not pay any charge, If they persist I will be sending them an invoice for the disconnection of their equipment.

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  • 61
    61 & 63 May 14, 2014

    Superior Propane screwed us over too. When we recently ordered a delivery, the driver didn't leave the delivery notice so we didn't know what we were being charged. Two weeks later they came back & filled the tank to 100% (we usually only get 75%) saying they had to purge the tank??? When we got the statement they had charged us $1.69/litre for the delivery we requested as well as the one we didn't request . This was more than twice what we were paying just 3 months before to the tune of $1600.00. It was as if they waited to bill us so they could charge a higher fee. No notice of fee increase. Now they are being quite nasty about payment. Anyone doing a class action against this bunch of crooks?

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  • Na
    Namwons Jun 27, 2014

    Super Save is charging $26 per 16 l of propane(80% of 20l capacity). Why not per liter?

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  • Ha
    hate-superioorpropane Oct 04, 2014

    superior propane want to charge me 400$ for tank removal! or keep the tank and pay 170$ per year... i want to bring the tank to them myself to save the 400$ i cannot afford to pay this much to a company that i have paid 170$ for 10 years and never seen no one come here to check test or verify the tank or do wathsoever!!

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  • Mi
    Mike D ' Fat Mule Apr 08, 2015

    You can ask your new supplier to deliver the tank to them for you, as long as they have de credentials to transport hazardous materials they can do it, but also yo need to call the superior propane to let them know about the delivery, in addition write down the date as they tend to lose track of their equipment and more likely may send you a bill for the tank ..

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  • Sw
    Sweigart Jul 22, 2015

    7/15 EVERY TIME I get a bill there is an excess charge from two hazmat fees which they do not disclose when you call for price to pricing unfair. I just got quoted 1, 89 gallon for propane did not matter what size tank we put in and if we owned it or borrowed theirs, it would be the same price, fill for a new install at my hunting camp "the going price", then they filled my home tank that same week for 2.79 for (100 gallon two tanks so 200 )a gallon two tanks two hazmat 9.52 fees and 9.00 prior balance each to an account that is on auto fill, 1 tank took 13 gallon and the other 23, and is on auto pay credit card, which had no balance of course. the propane came to 4.20 per gallon . They insist but do not require it on auto fill so they can get the hazmat fee they do not disclose on every delivery. Whole sale price of propane is about .60 cents a gallon these days to the supplier, come on fair profit is one thing screwing people is another. I just last month filled my oil tank with them and it too is set up for auto pay, they did not charge the card and one month later sent me an unpaid bill with a late fee attached... unreal, this is just the latest in a series of blatant billing atrocities by superior energy in the Williamsport pa area.

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  • Pa
    patricia wilson Feb 04, 2016

    I purchased a 1500 l propane tank from ICG Prone in 1997for just over $1000. In 2001 Superior Propane bought out the company. I used Superior Propane from 2001-2005 and had nothing but problems from them filling up my tank when I told them I didn't want it filled. I didn't use propane again until 2014 when Hydro rates started going through the roof. I checking around and found out that they were charging me 60% more than other propane companies. I had a $2100 credit with them so I decided to use it up and them change companies.
    In Jan 2016 after them charging me 80.7 cents a liter when the going price was 50 cents a liter that I decided to ask for my money back and change suppliers. In Feb 2016 I get a call from Superior saying that THEY owe the tank and I owe them for 19 years of rental plus $200 to pickup MY tank. They said that the only way to prove that I owned the tank was to give them my bill of sale from 1997. They have no signed rental agreement on file but refuse to believe I owe it. These people are thieves and I will not be bullied by them. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS YOU CAN!!! There should be a class action lawsuit taken against them.

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  • Ma
    Marie Puslinch Feb 18, 2016

    I have been a customer of Superior Propane since January 2013. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Most of my deliveries start in October and end in March. I have gone onto their equal payment plan to make it easier for us to pay, we are both Seniors. I was informed that there would NOT be a delivery or a Hazmat charge. For the past 3 deliveries I have been receiving a delivery charge. I have asked all 3 drivers at the time of delivery why this had occurred. Noone seems to know, conveniently, but they do tell me that 'some people get delivery charged but some don't, some get delivery and hazmat charge some don't and that they do not understand it either. They suggest I phone customer service, which is also a joke. I have only ever found ONE person, out of all of them I have spoken with, that could even understand my questions, let alone deal with them. My neighbour does NOT get delivery charges and has the same set up as I do and gets delivery once a month, as I do also. I renewed my auto payments in 2014 with a set cost of 0.648 per litre. I had deliveries each month from oct to march and then got a surprise delivery in June that was NOT needed. This delivery would at the end of that season put me with money owing instead of being up to date. So I had to find the outstanding amount in my bank BEFORE I could renew the contract in Oct 2015. At this time they also charge me a renewal fee of 99.00! Oct 2015 came and they delivered their propane. November they delivered that months propane. Then they sent me a bill for the 2 months owing. I was on automatic payment with my Visa card as I had done since 2013, but the payments had not been withdrawn. Apparently, when I finally got an answer, the customer service rep. had not received my Visa Card #, which by the way they already had. So I managed to get that one sorted out, EVENTUALLY. Then came the month when they showed up to deliver propane when I did not need it. The previous day the customer service had phoned me to see if I needed Propane...I said NO I DID NOT, so they show up the next day to make a delivery. I spoke with the driver and mentioned they had called the previous day and I had declined a delivery. His answer? Oh, that is because the regular person is not on the desk...really. They left without delivering. Then for 2016, on renewal they give me a price of 0.587 per litre, which I was happy with as it was cheaper than the previous year. BUT now they charge me delivery! So I guess you cannot win with these CLOWNS. My advice for someone looking for a propane supplier DO NOT LOOK AT SUPERIOR PROPANE. There is absolutely NOTHING SUPERIOR about there company.

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  • Ja
    Jan Wombwell Oct 21, 2016

    I feel I need to join the chorus of people dissatisfied with Superior.
    Here is my story: I was suspicious that I was paying a lot for Superior, so I did some checking. My Superior tank rental was $155. The other group I called was $59.99, I asked about cost per litre. Superior wanted to charge me $1.05. The other supplier offered me$ .54. So I called Superior, told them what I had learned, indicated that I was not unhappy with their product or service, but that the prices are just too different to ignore. I asked if there was any flex they could offer me regarding their pricing. I was told a manager would call me back within an hour. Finally, at the end of the day I called them back. Unable to match the price, I elected to cancel the service. That is when it got difficult! $250 to remove the tank plus a $25 restocking fee. Unbelievable. After 11 years as a model customer, that's how they treat you. I asked for documentation that confirmed that $250 was the customary fee. They were unable to provide this. I asked for a copy of a contract that I had signed indicating that I was aware of the policy. I was told it likely could not be found. Then I was told "regardless, you will pay this fee. We have a good legal department". Wow!!!

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  • Ka
    kartybrett Oct 30, 2017

    If I have a contract with superior propane, can they take me to court for refusing to pay a tank rental fee which is suddenly 4 times as much this year, & can they litigate for the almost certain tank removal fee?

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  • As
    Ashamar Jan 23, 2018

    I also received my most recent tank rental bill where the rental is now 4 times more than the annual cost. I was stunned. When I inquired, I was first told that we had been receiving a discount that had come to an end. News to us! When I told them that was not addressed in any contract or correspondence and was an unacceptable response, the next excuse given was because “We need to pay what everyone else is paying”. We are apparently considered “high risk customers” in that we don’t use enough propane so they are charging us more for tank rental. This is honestly what a customer service supervisor told me over the phone. She agreed that the non-consumable, static tanks that do nothing but hold the consumable propane is being increased by 400% because we didn’t use/buy enough propane. Superior knew at the very beginning that propane was not our main source of heat and prescribed the tanks accordingly. So much for being energy efficient or conscientious!! Furthermore, there hasn’t been any notification of cost increase by any means. When questioned about the MySuperior website and its accuracy because it has incorrect information despite our attempts to correct it, the supervisor stated it wasn’t a perfect system and has errors!!

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  • Mi
    Milena_007 Feb 09, 2018

    I bought my home in April 2016 which requires propane for heating. Superior tank was already in place and previous owner was their client. Since it was already there I continued to use their service. I have been a client of Superior Propane for almost two years. I'm on "fixed price" contract. They lock me in for 12 months. As a well known fact price of propane varies from season to season. In winter it is most expensive and in summer it is a cheapest. However, Superior "predicts" the price way ahead of heating season in April and gives me fixed price each April. I was ok with that until it was time to renew again. Since, I'm new to whole propane bussiness I was not aware of any other way of billing and price predictions. So i got a few quotes from other service providers. I decided to switch my providers. I did call Superior 60 days in advance to inform them about Service Agreement Termination. Everything seems to be ok until Superior Customer Care Representative tells me that I have to pay "REMOVAL FEE" $250.00. I did read my contract. It says" Superior shall have the right during the period of this Agreement and after termination to install, connect, replace or remove any Equipment as it deems necessary in its sole discretion and MAY charge Customer standard fees for this service" This is the part of the contract Superior refers to. It is vauge and not clear. It does not say they WILL charge and says they MAY charge. Standard fees were never shown to me. So they come up with $250 removal fee, which i WAS NEVER INFORMED WHEN I SIGNED THIS CONTRACT. IT MEANS THAT I CANT SWITCH PROVIDERS? EVEN IF I GIVE 60 DAY NOTICE? IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? I understand they need to send lisenced tech to remove. KEEP IN MIND the TANK WILL BE EMPTY UPON REMOVAL. It means you dont have to be a licensed tech to remove empty tank. This is a very bad way of doing bussiness. Im very upset with the way they handle their bussiness. I'm not willing to pay REMOVAL FEE for something that was already there when i moved in.

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  • Pa
    patricia wilson Sep 20, 2019

    I paid 59 cent a litre with Budget. You'll save that on the first fill up . Id get rid of their tank . they are thieves

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