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Rochester, United Kingdom Review updated:

Just make sure you read the complaints about supaglazing on this and other sites, these are not written by people out of spite. I would suggest if they could proven wrong they would be removed! And people would risk legal action against them.
I will keep this short, I am almost a year into legal action with this company and have now had to raise a second case. The first case was settled out of court at their request was all written and agreed in early dec 2018. Now into 2019 they had still not honoured that agreement. We provided bank details for bank transfer as requested, sent registered letters and e mails and still nothing. We allowed well over a month and had no option than start a second legal action and informed them in advance, all at our expense!. Once that had been started and we were now down over £3000 they decided to pay. Had they paid what was agreed (on their terms) they would have paid back around £1600 and I would have lost £1200 which sounds ridiculous but believe me, we settled to end all the stress and hard work and worry. They would not even honour their own agreement so forced me into more expense (all mine) of this latest case. Now it is underway they paid it into my account after I had told them I would not accept it as they had incurred me even more costs so if they did pay, "it would be held on account". I will update this on the final outcome but at present I can guarantee anyone, if you have an issue they will lie to you, make promises they won't keep, and push everything to the last straw. They have a lot of experience at it believe me. Certainly read the reviews! These are people that got what they paid for as indeed everyone should nothing more nothing less. But also read complaint sites and cases against, these are the ones that matter!! From people who do not get what they wanted, agreed to, were promised, paid for and were entitled reality there should be none that can be justified, the fact they are still on the web and have not been removed indicates they are probably true.
In my case I know its true, and have photos, all communications, letters, e mails, written agreements all that prove we have been more than fair and patient. Initially willing to loose £1200, pay to correct a h&s gas fault caused by them, losing my initial court costs, tolerate their building materials left on site for almost a year on my driveway. They will grind you down to that and probably beyond, so "please, please be warned" these are not easy people to deal with. I can not, will not, recommend them to anyone and would strongly advise against using them.

  • Updated by Glen Cordner, Feb 24, 2019

    Just read a couple more complaints!! It is unbelievable (but obviously true) the methods they use and I have experienced are so similar.

Feb 24, 2019
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      Mar 12, 2019

    Hi Glenn

    Call the Trading Standards - 01634 333019.
    Ask to speak to Ian Gilmore and report honestly the experience you faced to date.

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