Sunwing Travel Grouptrip to cuba

D Nov 28, 2017

Warning for friends and family...Never book with Snowing!!! I just got a call back from Sunwings "Loyalty Department"...They called just to let me know again there was no possibility of trasfer, voucher or any other options. Only to forfeit the money for no trip. They had already told me this yesterday, so why the call? Very poor business ethics...Doesn't a Loyalty Department normally try to keep customers for the future of a company???

  • Updated by Derick Lavoie · Nov 28, 2017

    So I had a trip booked to Cuba and am devastated to hear that travel advisories from Health Canada have updated their advisory saying pregnant women should NOT travel to Cuba. In the past Sunwing offered a refund for pregnant women in this situation, but today on the phone, since 8am, they are
    only now telling me my trip is totally non-refundable, non transferable with absolutely no options besides spending the money and not going...It's infuriating.

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