M Aug 15, 2018

The cashier at Sunoco on Madison ave in Covington ky, had a customer open the door so they could yell out side to say "no [censored]in service without a shirt" I was outside, had my shirt sitting in the car to put on to walk in, I put it on and walked in and said that was inappropriate and asked for her name she said [censored] you and wouldn't give it to me, I called the store and asked to speak to a manager and was refused. My wife and I came back in the evening - because we always use this gas station it's convienant by our house, the same cashier was sitting out side in her car and said oh we have u on camera, I said doing what standing outside? She says and I'm getting your license plate now get out of here good bye, I never complain and maybe she's having a bad day- heard her say a co worker was 3 hrs late. But that's no excuse for behavior like that

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