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I am filing a complaint against one of your disrespectful representatives, who presumptuously assumed me to be "slow" and began speaking to me as though I had a mental disability.

I don't know where that stupid Representative received her information from regarding me, as I do not have any type of mental disability, but I am filing a complaint against her. I made it clear to her to speak to me at a normal pace, as I am neither deaf nor slow. Yet, she continued in her foolishness.

If this is how your representatives treat people like me, then this is a terrible institution. I want that woman terminated. Immediately.

  • Updated by OladebA, Sep 10, 2019

    The name of that Representative is Sylvie

Sep 10, 2019
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  •   Sep 10, 2019

    So much to enjoy in this absurd complaint.

    So how do you know that she was assuming you were "slow" as you so aptly put it? And, she is a stupid representative, is she?

    Tell you what, idiot. I don't think you have a mental disability. I know you do. She probably explained a policy to you that you did not like and you illogically railed against it. As such, she explained it again more slowly in the hopes that some bit of logic and reason would seep into your thick skull. It does not appear she was successful. But, as we consider the scope and enormity of how dumb you are, it appears that her effort should be commended nonetheless. You demand she be terminated? I actually did laugh out loud at this one. You have absolutely zero voice in that. I would recommend Sylvie for a promotion just for having to put up with you. Do business elsewhere, please. This company does not deserve to have to talk to you again. Especially since they'll have to do it slowly.

    (It's due to your mental disability).

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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