Summer Bay Resorts / Great Vacations Noescam/shady


I purchased a book on TV and was asked if I wanted to hear information about vacations! I reluctlently agreed as I was given a picture of a great package deal for $289 4 days/3 nights in Orlando, 2 nights in Daytona and another 2 night stay anaywhere. I booked it, they charged me $45 every time I book. We get there after a long night of traveling-The Ramada Inn @ Westgate! The most crime ridden area in Kissimmee. It was awful! We get this room with no windows and no pictures! I think Abe Lincoln stayed here, it was that old! Come to realize, they offer nicer 3 star accomindations and say they are fully booked-yeah right-in this economy? Then they tell me where I can stay, we pulled in and I was appaled! Then we do this tour @ a location 1 mile from 'hotel' the guy was selling timeshares- He was cool but Summer Bay sucks! We checked out that night and they wouldn't even credit me with $45 fee even though I did not stay! DOUG, the manager, (right) would only say sorry. That's it! Zero customer service! Discusting, shady people opperating this scam from their homes no doubt! The package they sent me was beautiful! Then they do this?! WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SCAM!

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