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H Jul 31, 2018

You know what? Sucuri is a scam.
One of my websites was attacked by malware. The plugin I used was useless, so I was advised to try sucuri. I bought the 12hr plan ($199.99), it scanned everything and said the malware was removed, however, it appeared again, the plugin didn't see it and my website went down. I contacted customer service, they were nice but absolutely clueless, so I had to solve this problem by myself.
Judging by their ads, they promise a refund within one month if the plugin didn't help you. It didn't, so I wanted my money back and I told them about it. Unfortunately, it was not all as easy as it sounds now.
Haha they were very interested in not giving me my money back, so they called me the same day. I explained the situation and said that this plugin was useless to me, I didn't like the way it worked, how it allegedly removed malware that appeared again and so on. They replied that I once used it, the plugin did its job, so they didn't understand what I wanted.
I said: hey it didn't removed the same malware when it hit back again, it scanned and said everything was ok, but it wasn't and I had to waste my time to remove malware instead of doing something more interesting. Why would I have to use something useless that cost me 200 dollars? And it's stupid. Yes, I tried your plugin, I was disappointed, so I wanted to get a refund. Or how someone is supposed to try it without using, huh? Where's the logic?
However, they said that I had to read their ToS and hung up on me. Wonderful.
That's how you treat your customers, that's how you lie to them, that's how you don't give a crap about us. Awful.

  • Sucuri Security Customer Care's Response · Aug 06, 2018

    Hi Hank,

    I am sorry the plugin didnt help. Our paid service is not a plugin but malware removal and protection. I see the removal did work and I would be happy with assisting you with setting up the firewall for protection if you have not done so yet.

    Keep in mind that the firewall will only protect from outside attacks. if you have multiple sites on one server cross site contamination can still be a risk.

    If your site is still infected let us know we will happily clean it again at no extra charge like we do with all our paid plans

    Please reach out to me so we can get this resolved. [protected]

    Joshua Hammer
    Sales Operations Manager

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