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Complaints & Reviews

My passenger side airbag curtain deployed

I took my car into the dealership in Coconut Creek, Florida the week of Thanksgiving 2019, which was the week...

sold damaged, ill repaired vehicle for new.

2015 Subaru Forester, presently 37k kms, purchased new from Cofino Stahl (Cofal Automotriz S.A), Guatemala...


We had to replace our Outback's windshield at the end of September 2019. Our local Suburu dealer...

100.000 km service /swear to me and my family/ assault attempt

Dear Authorized, I would like to inform you about the unfortunate event that i have been exposed to. Last...

poor after sales service, long waiting time, refused to fix daylight on saturday.

Dear Customer care dept, I'm car owner of Subaru Forester, my name is Yong Chin Ying from Malaysia. I...

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I bought a 2019 crosstrek in december 2018 since I bought it the hatch was broke it took 3 weeks to fix my problem since I have nitrogen in my tires I have never heard of that until know I have a inflation problem I called my dealer service department they told me they dont fill nitrogen tires take it back to where I bought it put I bought it there I called my salesman who no longer works there I spoke with a mike he told me he would check with service and get back to me but he never did not a good way to handle a new customer all I want is to solve my problem not fight with you guys please let me know how I can resolve this sincerley michael mc guire

bait and switch

Daniel smith made an oral deal over the phone for a lease price on a subaru forester. Over two days we...

Resolved unethical business practice

My wife has been subjected to a classic "bait and switch" scam by the above business. An offer was made, we...

Resolved bad paint job on my subaru tribeca. subaru representive not cooperating with me, to get this problem resolved.

My 2006 champagne gold tribeca paint job is going bad. It has odd branch looking shadowy faded areas on the hood, roof, back hatch and bits on both sides of the car. It has gotten really bad this last year or so. I got on-line to see if anyone else has had this issue and yes they have and subaru of america has paid to re-paint those cars. It looks like the 2006 champagne gold tribeca's have this problem. I have contacted a subaru of america representative and have been talking to him on off and on since the first part of august. He asked me to have our subaru dealership take pictures of my car and send it to him at subaru of america. The pictures have been sent at least 3 times by my dealership and once by me personally. The subaru of america representative says he has never received them. I feel like I am being jerked around on this issue. I would appreciate any other advice or avenues I can take to get my problem solved.

overly high costs

Parts prices and up selling service has gotten so bad that I plan to never do parts and service at subaru...

body is thiner than pepsi can

Bought a 2012 outback, after one day I noticed that fender when you lean on car, it makes a dent... The sheet...


I have maintained my car there since the beginning of it's lease as I plan on purchasing it and I question their dealership and service dept. On 10/19/10 I went in for my routine oil change and their report stated that I will need a brake job soon and my pads were 4 mm and quoted pads and rotors. Mileage was 38228. On 11/19 I went to another subaru dealership for my routine oil change and their report stated that my brakes were fine and they were 6mm. My heater failed to work and I went to the same subaru dealership and they stated that they inspected and found that the heater control cable was off at the back of the control head - cable had been disconnected at some point and was twisted. They straightened the heat control cable and reattached to correct. They advised that the condition was not warranted due to the cable having been tampered with. (I have the extended warranty) on this 11/29 service my brakes were documented fine. On 12/20 I had a nys inspection at an another dealership and again my brakes were fine as my car passed inspection. Mileage 45308. This has been my 3rd. Subaru and the number of problems and services I have had in 2 years at 5 star have been extremely high. I was told to come in and work it out. I am not in town and simply want the $50.+ that I had to pay on the warranty deductible. At this point I do not care to proceed with all of the other questionable service calls I have made. I feel this dealership should be investigated.

misleading fees

Subaru of america, inc. And chase bank are charging a $327 (includes tax) disposition fee on the termination...

hesitation problem since new

Have had a 2008 subaru tribeca since new. Since I took delivery, I have had a problem with it hesitating when climbing a slight grade or as when passing another vehicle.
I feels as though the engine is misfiring, although I was assured by the technicians that this was not the case. The problem, I was advised, was in the transmission. They have remapped the transmission computer, changed out two torque converters, and performed a myriad of other tests. The technician insists the problem remains, and indeed, I notice it daily. Subaru canada advises that (in spite of the technicians comments to the contrary) the vehicle has no problem, and what I notice cannot be fixed. Basically what they are doing is calling the technician, his boss and me liars.
Subaru customer service will not answer my calls to date. Nor did they answer my emails and registered letters.
Sad. I bought this car because of their reputation. However, now they have lost me as a customer as they have anyone to whom I have expressed my views.

  • Re
    renorover Feb 16, 2015

    I have the exact same problem. I plugged in the scanner and no codes. My opinion is not the transmission. I think it is in the computer or throttle body. I have had the car for 4 years now and always the same. It has not let me down but is very concerning.

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  • Cc
    CClemon Aug 17, 2017

    @renorover Hey I just saw this now I've been having some problems with dealing with my local Subaru dealership. Really Who knows our car more than we do because we drive it daily than for some Tech whos behind Subaru and reads the Computer screen; maybe test drove our car around the block for 4 min puts a checkmark on their sheet. Every Subaru Dealership Service has a *** MASTER TECHNICIAN**** which he's hardcore super knowledgeable comparable to Apple Master Tech Know it All. Somehow I lucked out and met the Master Tech once he gave me the 411 Insights and he said I can asked for him any time; which I did, the Service Dept refused to let me speak to him!!
    Subaru Canada - No Offence!! Don't Waste your time on them I called them regarding a Warranty Help they refused to step in Useless. I have to file a complaint on my Dealership Re: something they said which they denied now of course ... It seems like if you are from Canada. Please file your Subaru Dealership Complaints with AMVIC which is for Alberta. Here is the link for BC: There is one for Ontario.. Do something about it and write it on Google + there's lots more Subaru Drivers now on G+ reading reviews on Dealerships. Warns me to stay away that's for sure!! I get my friend's to fixed my car now

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poor paint quality

I had bought a brand new subaru forrester 2010 model, I drove it approximately 6 times from dec-march. The paint started chipping and looked worn. I took it to an auto body repair shop and they told me that the paint was defective. I contacted the dealer multiple times and subaru of america with no resolvement. I finally contacted the attorney general. Subaru only offered me 1, 500 dollars, I declined and got an attorney.

  • Ma
    MauiAL50 Mar 13, 2012

    Why in the world would you buy another car from them if you had a problem the first time?

    -1 Votes
  • Ba
    bambrah Aug 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Never go to Ganley Subaru bedford, ohio they will rape you. They changed two fuse and charged me $40 !!

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  • Ly
    Lylie Aug 25, 2016

    I financed a Subaru Legacy stwg gt 1999 in Ferry Motors in Everett about two or three years ago and was told that is in good condition and has no problem, and they will give a 30 days money back warranty or change for another car. And like 3 months of having my car the problems started, I have put a new engine, a new transmission not even a year of having the car and I call them and they told me they cannot do nothing about it because the 30 day money back warranty has passed, and before that I bought a Toyota Celica 1997 and the same thing happened I put a new engine after the 30 days passed...Its not fair they selling cars and after the 30 days problems starts I went to them because I have a bad credit and in their website they stated good/bad credit no problem.

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Resolved customer service

Horrible customer service — I purchased a forester and traded my old forester 3 months ago. When I made the...

Resolved what subaru and ganley subaru especially don't want you to know

We write this in hopes of helping other families avoid the expense and aggravation we've experienced thank...

Resolved faulty wheel bearing

Complained of a wheel bearing failure on my 2005 subaru outback. My service ad adviser was named "mike". I was charged $98.95 for the diagnosis and told that "all 4 tires cupped". No other service performed. The noise continue after the tires were replaced.

Located a recall notice on a website, contacted subaru of mckinney and was advised to bring the car in.

Delivered the subaru to subaru of mckinney where the right rear wheel bearing was replaced under warranty.

  • Tr
    Trevor73 Dec 03, 2010

    I had the same issue with the rear wheel bearings failing. In addition, the front axle boots tore and I was told I need to replace them. I have had problems with my 05 Outback on a continuous basis for example, the interior light constantly burns out, I have had to replace the tires so many times I have lost track, today I just lost power steering (I am about to research it), the stereo display went out, I replace headlights at least once a year, the shocks need to be replaced and there are many other little issues with the car. I am thoroughly disappointed with Suburu and I will NEVER invest in any product from this company again. Oh, and my uncle owns a Forester and had to replace the head gasket within the first 2 years of its life.

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Resolved bad customer service

At 3k miles & 7 months old, my 2009 subaru forester had an electrical malfunction. The wire harness spontaneously burnt. Subaru of america (soa) does not want to deal with the problem. Since the incident caused a fire, they referred me to my insurance. After 2.5 months of discussions soa did not accept it was a manufacturing fault and the insurance gave the order to repair it at the dealer. They started repairs in dec 09; 1.5 months later they haven't repaired it. While they were repairing it they had another electrical problem & the airbags deployed.

Subaru engineering should investigate all incidents that may compromise safety.

Leave it to third parties, leaves a lot to be desired from a car company, specially when human lives are at risk.

Soa also considers the lemon law does not apply to this incident.

I have been with out a car for over four months, while at the same time paying my monthly lease payments and going through so much aggravation.

Subaru is not interested in determining what failed, nor they care about safety or customer satisfaction.

Resolved warranty

I went to the yemeni company for subaru and I was willing to buy a impreza wrx sti. But I worried when I found out that the car does not have any warranty at all. Even the engine and the turbo and all the car not a single thing.
But I want the car what can I do to have the warranty. And do I complain, but who???