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Florida Department of Revenue  -  enforcing child support when child lives with me

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In Sept. of 2009 I recieved a statement that Florida was claiming child support from me. My 8 yr old daughter lived with her dad in Hartford AL. In our final judgement of divorce we agreed that no party owed child support this was filed in April of 2007. At the time my ex-husband lived in Alabama recieved Florida benefits all while my daughter was attending school in Alabama; which is illeaga! There was no investigation against him though. I was 8 months pregnant when the child support lawyer told me that I had to pay child support. I lived in Tennessee. Now my daughter lives with me in Tennessee child support garnished $2415 and still claims I owe $3000. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I have been on the phone with the IRS, Child Support Enforcement, and who ever else I can get a hold of. I am planning to write an article to the major news papers about the CSE and seent a copy of the articles to the Florida State Senate. I want to file a lawsuit against the state. This is wrong I have read so many complaints about CSE, if enough evidence is provided as a group something might be done. I know that as an individual I have contacted many sources to get the ball rolling on this If ANYONE has been WRONGED by the CSE let me know. It will be mentioned in my article to the press.
My name is Melissa Sanders My Email is [protected]


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