Starz Entertainmentcancel subscription

I have tried to cancel my subscription at least 3 times . I followed the recorded directions when I called your number . It took me to the home page.
Please refund my 8.99 and cancel my subscription.
Catherine Forbes
If I don't see my refund and subs fiction cancelled shortly I will be contacting the BBB
I have tried several times to cancel I only wanted the 3 months at 5 dollars per month for 3 months
So I could watch Outlander which I have to tell you I really enjoyed it. I will be transcribing when season 5 comes out.
I am on a limited income and can't afford the 8.99 a month for shows I will not be watching
I have watched Outlander many times
Please end my subscription and refund my 8.99

Oct 08, 2019

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