StackSocialrefusal to acknowledge or reciprocate refund request


On November 30th, I clicked on an ad for 85% off StackSocial online courses. Upon purchasing the course I did NOT receive the 85% off. Automatically my credit card was charged $199 for a Python course (Python 2 & 3).

I could NOT find anything on their site to contact them, i.e. phone number or e-mail. I left a message on their help. They didn't get back to me until a few days later. Although I gave them the order number they lied and said they have NO record of purchase.

After I immediately replied to them, they did not get back to me until a few more days. I responded another time immediately and even attached a screenshot of the purchase acknowledgment e-mail. That was almost a week ago.

I want my full refund of $199. StackSocial is a very bad business. They have virtually NO customer service. I am advising everyone to NOT get hooked in by them.

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