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I am so dissatisfied in youre policies regarding youre warranty for Nike sneakers. I like buying quality clothing. I expect a pair of Nikes to last me 2-3 years. I purchased a pair of 270 Nike 1st November 2018.June month I noticed that im walking uncomfortable not knowing the buble burst. I have been up and down to various stores not getting any help. I was advised to return to the store where I purchased. To my disgrace this one guy told me I can use a bicycle pump and just pump the bubble up back. That being said are you then not 1 of the most quality product stores how the hell can this happen. I am so disgraced and I am going to the papers with this because who the hell tells a customer that. I feel like closeing my account also. I still have a pair of flux that I bought 2016 and is still in a good condition. At the moment my expectation for Nike has dropped as well as Sportscene.

  •'s response · Jul 07, 2019

    Good day Valued Customer

    Please forward us your contact details and the name of the branch you purchased the sneakers at so that we may escalate this matter to the relevant department for urgent assistance.

    You may forward the requested information to [email protected]

    Kind regards
    The TFG Team

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