Southwest KiaService crooks


Purchased two cars from this dealership and had all recommended maintenance done by them. However, no more! My wife's Sorento needed a throttle position sensor (TPS). Rather than paying 150 at the dealer, I picked one up from Napa for 55. Dropped it and the car off and was later told the Napa part did not work. So I purchased the dealer TPS. I was charged for another 120 to put the unit on and calibrate it. A $55 sensor cost me 270 dollars. My daughters car needed an air pressure sensor in the wheel. I picked on up from Napa for 99 rather than the 135 dealer part. Delivered it for service and was contacted later and told the Mapa part would not work. I have them mount the dealer part and pick the car up. They charged me for installation and calibration of the napa unit AND the dealer unit. The manager said because they had to put it on then take it off again.. I returned the part to Napa and had the guy closely examine it. The Mapa part was BRAND NEW and had NEVER even been installed! Just today my wife called about having her rear end inspected due to a lound clunk when shifting into drive.. they want to charge us $160!! We contacted another dealer from a recommendationcand they only charge $60. This dealership service department is not ethical and are cheats! They will not get another penny of my money!

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