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J Jul 08, 2019

I started the South Beach Gold Plan: Womens, Chef's Picks. For $378 I received a month's worth of frozen and dry food. I did this for 2 months. And I lost 10 lbs. But I really didn't like the food that much and the cost versus the amount of weight just wasn't for me. So I tried to cancel the membership on line using my online SBD account. I was only given the option to delay the membership. So I delayed it for 3 months...
3 months later On June 27, I received an email
Hello Jennifer,

Your next order will arrive in 4-10 business days. We'll send you a separate email confirmation with your tracking number once it's shipped."
So I immediately went online again to delay the order. On June 28 8:30 am I received an email confirmation stating my
"We've received your request to update your ship date for South Beach Gold Plan: Womens, Chef's Picks. Your next order will begin to process on 09/23/2019."

So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from SBD on July 2nd:

Great news—your South Beach Diet® order is on its way! If you'd like to keep an eye on your order as it makes its way to your door, simply visit our delivery partner's "...

I checked the website. My delay request was still in place. So I called. And I was told it was too late to cancel the order as of that day (July 2nd). So I am spending my 4rth of July vacation out of town debating with SBD customer service about an order I never placed, tried to cancel, and am being charged $388.97 for.
I explained that I requested a delay online as soon as I was aware the order existed and received an email confirmation stating my delay request was received.
I was told the delay was for the July order. "The June order is still in place. And will be arriving on Saturday July 6"
What JUNE ORDER?!?! What JULY ORDER??!! Besides it's July right now...isn't it? I said I will refuse the order. And was told they do not accept returns(?!)
And of course, on July 3rd while we are still out of town on vacation, the order we did not place, the order we requested delayed/cancelled online and via phone, the same order we were told would be arriving on Saturday July 6, and the order we paid $388.97 ...was placed on our porch on July 3 with outside temps in the upper 80's. We weren't home on July 4rth either. And it was even hotter the next day. We're not happy at all.

  • Hello Jennifer,

    We are very sorry to hear about your experience when trying to cancel the program. Please reach out to us at [protected] and we would be happy to take a look at your account.

    In the email please include full name, email and phone number on your account. We look forward to helping!

    -The South Beach Diet Consumer Experience Team

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