A Sep 07, 2018

i have placed an order with them around a week now and was suppose to get my shipment today by the latest i have received a call on Wednesday from a delivery guy who was rude and disrespectful to hurry me outside to take the package then when i went outside he was not there and when i called him back he said that he would be coming back tomorrow which is Thursday and just hung up without anymore explanation then on thursday i got a call from an agent at the courier center who was very rude to me stating that i would not be getting my package anytime soon and that they would deliver it next week when i asked to speak to a manager she said there wasnt one available when i kept on insisting she said he would call me within an hour when i refused to hang up and said that my right as a costumer is to have my packaged arrived on the promised day and to be talked to respectfully she said there is nothing she can do to help me i hung up then and called them back again asking to talk to a manager the guy who replied left me on the line then i decided to hang up and talk to a women replied and told me that i should get my package today and that she sent a message out to them and that i am not the first one to complain about the service of the delivery i hung up at the thought i would be getting my package friday then i got a call from the couriers manager he told me that they would try to deliver my package on friday bs they might not and i should expect next week when i told them that it was no my fault that you keep promising me to get my package everyday the next day and that i should be getting my package on friday he kept saying there is nothing he could do and if i dont like it i should cancel my order and then call and ask them for a refund i have never had a manager so simply say then cancel your order and get a refund i then hung up and called the guy who answered to me that he would write a complaint and that i should my order on friday i hung again with the thought i would get my package on friday on friday i called the courier to see what time would i be getting my package today he informed me that i wouldnt be getting it today but i would getting it tomorrow i have been told i would be getting tomorrow since Wednesday and i still haven't received anything other than the worst service ever and now i am frustrated with this service and would just like to cancel my order but is closed today. There is a whole website with bad reviews on costumer service if i had done my research i would have not ordered because none of the reviews are good i just saw it was owned by amazon and expected to get the same service they offer in america which is the best i have talked to my friends and they have had the same service and they stopped ordering from and as i will too my problem has not be resolved at all or anyone tried to solve it they just say they can do anything and that if i like it that is great if not i should cancel my order and i should have done that yesterday when the manager offered that solution to me. I dont think this service is acceptable of any company let alone one owned by amazon.

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